Scuba Diving in the Dominican Republic In the same area, divers can swim inside the wreck of the Hickory, a 144-foot treasure salvage vessel that sunk in 1986. The Hickory is home to diverse marine life, with hundreds of Yellow Tube Sponge clusters covering its surfaces.

La Sirena, a freshwater cavern dive near Boca Chica is one of the top-rated dive sites in the Dominican Republic. Visibility under the water is dazzling. Divers can wind through a series of tunnels and chambers, emerging in air pockets to observe the intricate rock formations on the cave walls and ceilings.

On the north coast of the island, the main destination for divers is the Playa Dorada/Sosua area, east of Puerto Plata. The protected waters of Sosua Bay are the setting for some of the best diving experiences the country has to offer, like an ‘underwater garden’, wall and reef diving and wrecks, all with a diverse array of marine life.

Further to the west, the relatively unexplored beaches between Montecristi and La Isabela also offer interesting diving options.

On the east coast are the Punta Cana – Bavaro resort areas. As already mentioned above, conditions are rougher in this popular resort area, but diving is possible from several locations here as well.

Anchor Reef and Pepe Reef are typical Caribbean reef sites with healthy corals, and generous shoals of colourful tropical fish. There is also a freshwater cavern dive site at Laguna Pepe, located in the middle of a golf course.

For seasoned divers, the best option is to take an excursion to the above-mentioned islands of La Catalina or Saona off the south coast, which are relatively near to the resort areas.

The less touristy Samaná Peninsula is another option for scuba diving. There are over 18 different dive sites off the north coast of the Samana peninsula, a mix of both deep and shallow, with pinnacles, walls, caverns and coral reefs.

One site, off Cabo Cabron, offers wall diving and a spectacle known as “the Tower”, a pinnacle that rises from 150 feet to just six feet below the surface.

Water temperatures in the Dominican Republic vary between the 70s (F) in winter, rising to the mid 80s (F) in summer, ideal for scuba diving. Visibility is usually between 60 to 100 feet. Recompression chambers can be found on both sides of the island: Santo Domingo (south) and Puerto Plata (north).

Dive Centers:

La Romana/Bayahibe:

Canoa Coral by Hilton / Sea Pro Divers (La Romana)

Juan Dolio:

Scubafun, on Calle Principal 28
Phone: (809) 833 0003, Fax: (809) 833 0005

Pirates Cove Dive Center, next to hotel Decameron
Calle Interior #3
Tels. (809) 417 4257 and 001
Pirates cove dive center

Neptuno Dive Center
Hotel Colonia Tropical/Villas del Mar
Phone: (809) 526-2005, Fax: (809) 526-2538
Neptuno Dive

Costa Caribe Coral by Hilton / Sea Pro Diver

Boca Chica:

Sea Pro Divers (based at the Hamaca Hotel).

Treasure Divers at the Don Juan Beach Resort
Phone: 800 820 1631
Phone: 809 523 5320
Fax: 809 523 4819


North Coast Divers
Tel: (809) 571 1028
Fax: (809) 571 3883
Northern Coast Diving

Playa Dorada
Sea Pro Divers
Playa Dorada Plaza
Phone: (809) 320-2607
Fax: (809) 320-2901

Punta Cana:

Scubacaribe, Plaza Progreso, Carretera Arena Gorda
Phone: (809) 552 1435
Fax: (809) 552 1411

Dressel Divers
Iberostar Bavaro, Iberostar Hacienda Dominicus & Iberostar Costa Dorada
Dressel Divers


Samana Scuba Diving Center, Las Terrenas
Dive Samana, Hotel AMHSA Marina, Las Galeras.
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