Cabinet of the Government of President Leonel Fernandez President: Leonel Fernandez

Vice President: Rafael Alburquerque

Minister of Agriculture: Salvador Jimenez
Minister of the Armed Forces: Pedro Pena Antonio
Minister of Education: Melanio Paredes
Minister of Superior Education: Ligia Amada Melo
Minister of Hacienda: Vicente Bengoa
Minister of Economy, Planning & Development: Juan Temistocles Montas
Minister of Foreign Relations: Carlos Morales Troncoso
Minister of Industry and Commerce: Jose Ramon Fadul
Minister of Interior and Police: Franklin Almeyda
Minister of Labor: Maximiliano Puig
Minister of Public Health: Bautista Rojas Gomez
Minister of Public Works: Victor Diaz Rua
Minister of Sports: Felipe Jay Payano
Minister of Tourism: Francisco Javier Garcia
Minister of Environment: Jaime David Fernandez
Minister of Women: Alejandrina German
Minister of Culture: Jose Rafael Lantigua
Minister of Youth: Franklin Rodriguez

Secretary of the Presidency: Cesar Pina Toribio
Administrative Secretary of the Presidency: Luis Manuel Bonetti
Attorney General: Radhames Jimenez
Governor of the Central Bank: Hector Valdez Albizu