The Presidency The Executive Branch is exercised by the President of the Republic who is elected by popular vote during presidential elections that are held every four years.

The 1994 Constitution established that 50%+1 of the vote is required in order to win the Presidency during the 16 May election. If this amount of votes is not achieved, a second round runoff election is called for 30 June. The President and the Vice President are elected on the same ticket.

In the last Presidential election (May 2008) Leonel Fernandez of the Partido de la Liberacion Dominicana-PLD was elected President with a majority versus Miguel Vargas of the Partido Revolucionario Dominicano-PRD. Rafael Alburquerque was elected Vice-President.

The President and Vice President are sworn in during a ceremony before the National Assembly (which gathers the Chamber of Deputies and the National Senate) for a term to last from 16 August 2008 to 16 August 2012.

The President of the Republic is the head of government in the Dominican Republic. The Dominican territory is divided into 31 provinces and a National District (Santo Domingo). The President appoints a governor to each city. Each city elects its city officers every four years.

The Dominican Constitution establishes that the President of the Republic is the head of state and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and Police Corps.

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