Becoming a legal resident The following information is presented only as an informative guide. There may be differences in the actual requirements at the time the person makes the application.

What are the advantages to getting a residency?
To become a legal resident in the DR, foreigners need to obtain a residence visa, provisional residence card and finally a permanent residence card. The entire process will take over a year and a half. Many persons contract the services of an experienced Dominican migration lawyer because it is a very time-consuming process. Following is the listing of requirements as indicated at the Ministry of Foreign Relations (Residence Visa) and the Department of Migration (Provisional Residence and Permanent Residence). 

A permanent residence can be obtained in a minimum of 18 months. It takes about four to six months to obtain the provisional residence. Provisional residences are granted for a year and only at the expiration of that year can the application for the permanent residence be filed. It takes 2-3 months to obtain the permanent residence after paper work is submitted.  

Residence Visa

Government Department: Ministry of Foreign Relations.