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About Living in Santo Domingo
The DR1 Living section is the third generation of an attempt by the publishers of DR1 to share insight on life in Santo Domingo with readers.Living is an attempt to answer hundreds of questions newcomers and even residents have regarding life in the Dominican Republic.The content which was revised for this online version originally appeared in the 1995 "Living in Santo Domingo" book that quickly became the insider's guide to life in the Dominican Republic. The book, revised in 1998 and nowsold out, was available for sale for many years on this web site.

The Living content was developed taking into consideration that on the list of the most stressful activities for humans, moving your home ranks third, only behind death and divorce. No matter how many times you do it, moving to a new home in a new city is always a difficult situation. You often do not know an area, and what you should expect. Simple things that should take 20 minutes can take hours because you do not know where to go or how to do them. From our experience, knowing these things beforehand makes the adaptation process so much easier and life so much more enjoyable. 

While a lot of the content focuses on the capital city of the Dominican Republic, readers from other areas in the country will find invaluable information relevant to just being in the Dominican Republic. 
With the help of DR1 readers we expect to soon have online sections related to life in other leading cities and towns where foreigners are locating.  

Content in the Living section also hopes to be helpful to long time residents as we all try to discover where to find what, do what or enjoy this and that. 

The DR1 Living section is an ongoing project. We at DR1 continue to ask and answer questions. The answers will be included in the constant updates of the content.

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