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    Hi there --

    I am traveling to the Melia Caribe Tropical in Punta Cana at end of January. I just read a review from a traveler from Canada who mentioned he would NEVER return and that there was a bad cockroach problem there as well as poor service within the hotel. I have heard much as improved at this resort in the past year -- just wondering if anyone out there has heard anything good or bad.


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    Canadian Bob

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    Ed, roaches are everywhere in the tropics, hotels fumigate regularly. A neat remedy is "catnip". `We put it under the stove, fridg. & in clothes drawers etc. Roaches hate it & move out. Canadian Bob

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    Thks Canadian Bob! Great idea. I will bring some catnip with me -- do you just take little cat toys with you, or actually take the stuff out and spread it around. Might sound dumb of me -- but do you think anyone would think that stuff looks like drugs?

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    One thing about roaches in the caribbean is that they usually fly, so fumigating helps only temporarily.

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    Default Take it in toy form *DC*

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    Ed, I have been to the Melia twice this year and did not have a problem either time with cockroaches. The resort is beautiful and the staff is great. Don't believe too much of what you read. I read a lot of bad reviews on the hotel and almost canceled the first time around. I'm so glad I didn't. Second time was even better!! Have a great time and tell Winston that Lysa from Chicago says "Hi", you will get a great big smile from him.

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    Hi and thks so much for the feedback! I am curious -- what side of the resort were you on and was your room close to the beach? Our travel agent has put in a request for us to be on the Caribe side in one of the bldg's close to the pool and water -- hopefully we will get it. We are a couple in our mid 30's -- my girlfriend has never been to the Caribbean but I have been to Bonaire, Aruba, St. John, Tortola and Cancun. I am hoping that she will really enjoy the beach and pool in the DR. I understand I should use the same precautions I did in Mexico (i.e. no raw veggies, eat only peeled fruit, and drink only bottled water) - which is NOT a big deal to me at all. Did you find the food agreed with you? I am just looking forward to some nice warm weather and a pretty beach and pool -- that is all I need to make me happy! As for cockroaches -- I have encountered a few bugs here and there throughout my travels, but again - in such a warm tropical climate, this is to be expected. Some people will complain about anything! Thks again for your responses everyone. I will be sure to tell Winston that Lysa from Chicago says Hi.

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    Default Try Tiza China or Insecticide Chalk *DC*


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