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Parties that are in the opposition today will become the majority in the Senate come 16 August 2020, ousting the deciding power of the ruling Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) over the past 16 years. The Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) candidates won the majority in the Senate with 18 seats to the six of the PLD, and five of the People’s Force (FP) of former President Leonel Fernández. The Social Christian Reformist Party (PRSC) obtained two seats and two minority parties, Dominicans for Change (DxC) and Social Democrat Institutional Bloc (BIS), gained one seat each.

For the 2020-2024 election, the PRM had reached alliances with the FP, PRSC, DxC and BIS, and it is expected there will be collaboration among these senators in the new Congress to pass important reforms, including that of the Constitution.

The Central Electoral Board has announced the new...


Voter abstention for the 5 July 2020 presidential election was the highest since 1961, when the country was just coming out of a 30-year Trujillo dictatorship. The next highest had been in 1990, when the late President Balaguer ran for a fifth term in office (after 1966). Voters abstention then was 40%. The winner of the 2020 election ousted the ruling Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), in power since 2004.

The first reports on the election indicated there was a large turnout. Probably the determined mood of people on voting day gave that impression. The actual numbers, nevertheless, indicate the abstention was 44.7%.

With 100% of the presidential vote counted, the numbers show that 4,163,275 people voted, or the 44.7%. 7,529,932 were registered to vote.

The final numbers are:Luis Abinader (Modern Revolutionary Party – PRM)...

Vice President Margarita Cedeño was not present for the first official visit of Luis Abinader and Raquel Peña to the Presidential Palace as President-elect and Vice President-elect. N Digital news service commented that the situation was “strange” and contrary to protocol. Cedeño was running for a third term as Vice President on the ruling Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) ticket with Gonzalo Castillo.

On Wednesday, 8 July 2020, the PRM transition commission visited the Presidential Palace accepting an invitation from the Medina administration. Abinader and his commission were met at the Presidential Palace by Presidency Minister Gustavo Montalvo; Administrative Minister José Ramón Peralta, legal advisor to the President Flavio Darío Espinal.

Vice President Margarita Cedeño said she will meet Thursday with Vice President-elect Raquel Peña at 11am at the...

Sports Minister Danilo Díaz had announced indoor athlete training could resume starting 8 July. But on Tuesday, 7 July, the Dominican Olympic Committee (COD) president, Luis Mejía said they are postponing the activities until August due to the increase in the spread of the coronavirus. The country is seeing a spike in cases after the intense interacting of people in the final days of the presidential and congressional election, and the general reopening of the economy starting 20 May.

“The COD is very zealous about the health of our athletes who have qualified for the Olympic Games and those about to qualify,” said Luis Mejía, president of the Dominican Olympic Committee in a press release.

Mejia said that the postponing only applies to indoor individual and team sports, especially those scheduled to attend the Tokyo Olympics.

“We don’t want to put our athletes at...

Six minority parties helped Luis Abinader win in a first round. According to a report in N Digital, the minority parties that allied with the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) contributed the extra 3% that was essential to propel Abinader to a win on 5 July 2020. Polls had forecast he would win in a second round, if he did not making it in the 5 July election.

The PRM alone obtained 1,998,390 votes, for 48.70% of the valid votes cast. To win in the first round, 50% plus one vote is required. The additional 3.81% of the minority parties was equal to the vote of 129,186 votes provided by the Dominicanos por el Cambio (DxC), Frente Amplio, Humanista Dominicano, Revolucionario Social Demócrata, Alianza por la Democracia and País Possible political parties.

DxC contributed the most votes with 31,510 votes, 0.77%; Frente Amplio 27,264 (0.66%), PHD 29,227 (0.71%), PRSD...

President-elect Luis Abinader announced the transfer of command members for the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM). President Danilo Medina announced early this week the naming of a transfer committee. The Medina government ends on 16 August 2020.

The members of the transition committee for the PRM are: businessman Lisandro Macarrulla, senator José Ignacio Paliza, former minister of the Presidency Sonia Guzmán, economists Jochi Vicente and Miguel Ceara, lawyer Dario Castillo and deputy Gloria Reyes.

A second committee was named to coordinate the protocol of the change of government.

Abinader said there is a broad willingness on behalf of himself and President Medina to have an orderly and smooth transition. Upon visiting the Presidential Palace, he said the coronavirus pandemic is the national priority and one the transition committees will be...

The Minister of Public Health says that Los Guarícanos and Los Tres Brazos in northern and eastern Santo Domingo are being intervened for spikes in malaria and Covid-19. The targeted interventions are scheduled for Thursday and Friday, 9-10 July.

“We ask all the inhabitants of Los Guarícanos, and equally of Tres Brazos, to cooperate with the visiting brigades for the effectiveness of these interventions,” said the Health Minister Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas when speaking during the daily coronavirus press briefing on Wednesday, 8 July 2020.

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The lowest level of violence marked the 2020 electoral campaign in decades. And then on election day, 56-year old Julio César Pérez was shot to death. He was buried at the Cristo Redentor Cemetery and his family demands justice.

Andy Sánchez Doñé is fugitive, and suspect of having fired the shots that killed Perez. Nevertheless, those close to the deceased accuse the administrator of the Moscoso Puello Public Hospital, Grepi Polanco of the killing that occurred after a heated political debate on the outskirts of the Politécnico Nuestra Señora del Carmen polling station in the Simón Bolívar neighborhood.

At the funeral, his son, Bernardo Pérez said that there was not an exchange of shots, but instead Andy Sánchez Doñé, together with two security of administrative director Gelpi Polanco Gómez blasted their bullets against his father. Others were injured...

Dr. Juan Manuel Canela has invented a ventilator that enables a high flow of oxygen pressure to patients and reduces intubation by 96%. Dr. Canela is an obstetrics gynecologist at the Canela Medical Center, a leading private clinic in La Romana that is part of the Rescue Group network. At another Rescue Group medical center, the Centro Dr. Bournigal in Puerto Plata has become a pioneer in the use of ivermectin to treat hundreds of Covid-19 patients in the Dominican Republic successfully. He explained that the entire group has attended to nearly 2,000 cases of patients with Covid.

Dr. Canela said he created the machine concerned about the high mortality rate in patients that had to be intubated. Interviewed by Listín Diario in his office at Clínica Canela, the specialist says the CPAC gadget used for sleep apnea is adapted so it becomes a hyperoxygenation...

According to Coronavirus Bulletin #111 of the Ministry of Public Health’s Department of Epidemiology, the Dominican Republic has 39,588 confirmed cases, including 1,158 new confirmed cases from 174,751 PCR diagnostic tests. The record high in new cases is the accumulated over the election day weekend. The number of PCR cases for the bulletin is 3,654.

The tally of deaths is now 829, including 8 new registered deaths. The daily average number of deaths for the past 14 days is 9.85.

As of Bulletin #111, 3,884 patients are hospitalized. Of these, 216 patients are in intensive care units. The fatality rate, the number of reported deaths per number of confirmed cases, continues to decline with the increase in testing. It is now at 2.09% per million inhabitants. Positivity rate over the past four weeks has increased to 24.49%.

Previous bulletin results have...

The National Meteorological Office (Onamet) reported on Wednesday, 8 July 2020 that a tropical wave to the east of Puerto Rico has begun to interact with a trough over the Dominican territory. Onamet forecasts moderate rains and thunderstorms for Wednesday and Thursday, affecting the northeast, southeast, northwest, Central Mountain Range and Greater Santo Domingo.

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Labs around the country turned out results for only 1,098 cases in time to make Bulletin #110 that includes results up to Monday, 6 July 2020. Public Health Minister Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas explained in his Tuesday, 7 July 2020 Coronavirus briefing that the staff at the labs took off for voting, and also the labs did not have sufficient kits to complete the testing. This has resulted in a recent record low of 302 confirmed cases for the bulletin. Yet there is a high 17 additional recorded deaths.

Hospitalizations are at 3,823 and 211 persons are in intensive care units, 77.25% of these in Greater Santo Domingo and Santiago, the two main cities.

The main numbers for Bulletin #110 for the Dominican Republic are: Processed PCR tests 171,097; Confirmed cases 38,430; New Cases 302; Accumulated Deaths 821; New deaths for the bulletin, 17.

President Danilo Medina met...

Miguel Ceara Hatton, the national secretary for public policies for the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), says the new government will be giving priority to people’s health. The Luis Abinader administration begins on 16 August 2020.

Speaking on the “Esta Noche con Mariasela” talk show, Ceara Hatton said: “The economy has to adjust itself to the needs of public health.”

He confirmed that the Covid-19 job support and social programs under the Medina administration would continue. “These have to be sustained,” he said. He said public spending will continue even if the fiscal deficit and debt increases.

He said there will not be a reduction in government spending, because this would bring on a recession. He shares international economic forecasts that the global economy will rebound in 2021 with strong growth. Meanwhile, he expects the DR will see a 3% drop in its GDP in...

Diario Libre reports that only two political parties have reached the 5% of votes at the presidential level to qualify for majority status funding from the JCE. The two political parties are the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), that won the presidential election, and runner up, today ruling Dominican Liberation Party (PLD). The preliminary numbers are PRM with 45.72%, PLD with 29.24%,

Earlier, it had been said that the new political party on which former President Leonel Fernández ran for President, the People’s Force, had reached the cut. Yet the numbers now indicate the Fuerza del Pueblo party only received 4.61% of the vote.

Two other parties that had majority status for the 2016-2020 period, didn’t make it. The Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), a strong ally of the PLD over the past eight years, received 4.07% of the vote. The Reformist Social Christian Party...

Bachata singer and composer Víctor Víctor has been hospitalized since Friday, 3 July 2020 with Covid-19 in a medical center in the National Distric

His wife Sobeida is also in the hospital with the same virus. His son, Ian Victor, confirmed the news and said that his father will be able to soon leave the hospital.

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The security guard of the Santiago Electoral Board, Joel Antonio Duran, reportedly confessed he left work with RD$1.6 million in his backpack. The money was packaged for distribution to voting stations in the province. A police investigation led to Durán. who would be arrested in Monción, Santiago Rodríguez. Others accused in the case are sergeant Juan Carlos Fortuna and corporals Jorge Luis Peña Rossó and Starlin Rosario of the Army. These have denied their participation in the theft.

They were the security for the cash on the evening of the robbery. He said he stole the money because he was pressed to pay several loans. He said he removed the funds in small packages in his lunchbox. The Police found the envelopes with the pay for the election staff and this led to incriminating the security guard’s wife in the robbery.

Earlier it had been reported the...

The international congratulations to the President-elect begin to arrive. The government of Spain has congratulated Luis Abinader on his victory in Sunday’s elections and praised the normal development of the elections in the complex pandemic times.

In a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Spanish government expresses its willingness to “continue promoting close bilateral relations” between the two countries for “well-being and prosperity” within the Iberoamerican community of nations.

Likewise, Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a message of congratulations to President-elect Luis Abinader. He expressed his desire to deepen bilateral relations between the two countries.

The Medina administration initiated formal relations with China on 1 May 2018, in an abrupt decision that surprised many. This ended 77-year old ties with Taiwan.

In November 2018...

Senator-elect Antonio Marte for Santiago Rodríguez says he will end the illicit felling of trees in his province. He made the announcement that the sawmills in the province would be closed, he said in one of his first tweets after winning the election.

He said his province would again be a “green province.” The transport and tourism businessman said he wants his province to be a “green province,” planted so that our rivers can feed off the rain and then return the water to the people.

This was the second time he ran for senator for Santiago Rodríguez. It is his first elected position.

Marte is best known as the president of the National Confederation of Transport Organizations (Conatra), one of the country’s largest transport associations.

Read more in...

News sources all around the world have carried stories on the outcome of the presidential elections in the Dominican Republic in these Covid-19 times.

Read several of the reports here:France RFI Le Figaro Le Monde Ouest France

Canada TVA Nouvelles ...

Incorporating all the modern technological innovations to reduce risk of Covid-19, the Santo Domingo Sheraton proudly announces it has opened as of 6 July. The hotel had closed in March.

The Santo Domingo Sheraton is on the Caribbean Sea-fronting Malecón.

7 July 2020

I am Dolores Vicioso, editor of DR1. To help DR1 readers understand Luis Abinader’s win, here I share my own insights and some background.

First a look at the electoral results:As of 6 July, the results of the presidential elections are:Luis Abinader (PRM) 52.66%: 1,524,215 votesGonzalo Castillo (PLD) 37.52%: 1,085,829 votesLeonel Fernández (FP) 8.74%: 252,984 votesGuillermo Moreno (AlPais) 0.92%: 26,748 votesIsmael Reyes (PDI): 0.08%: 2,299 votesJuan Cohen (PNVC): 0.07%: 2,163 votes

This compares to what happened in the previous 2016 presidential election. Abinader then had received 1,613,222 votes, or 34.98% of the vote. That election was won by today President Danilo Medina with 2,847,438 votes or 61.74% of the vote.

All along President Danilo Medina sought to transfer his popularity to his chosen candidate for the party, Gonzalo Castillo. With the Medina...

The preliminary vote numbers for the 5 July presidential and congressional elections indicate that the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) and the Social Christian Reformist Party (PRSC) are likely to lose their majority party status. According to the Electoral Law this status gives access to generous taxpayer funding from the government, but parties need to have garnered at least 5% of the vote in a general election.

As of mid-day of 6 July, the PRD had but 2.41% of the vote (88,147) and the PRSC had 1.78% (65,132 votes).

As reported in Listin Diario, the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) and Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) will be keeping their majority party status. This year, the People’s Force (Fuerza del Pueblo) is likely to be the newcomer to the exclusive club of beneficiaries of taxpayer money. The FP was born after Leonel Fernandez split from the PLD. Now...

The President of the Central Electoral Board (JCE) says the Electoral Law allows for 48 hours to complete the vote count. On the evening of 5 July 2020, the JCE released the first bulletin showing Luis Abinader of the Modern Revolutionary Party with a comfortable lead to win the presidential election level. The JCE also released the numbers for many of the senators for 2020-2024.

As of Monday evening the official results are: Luis Abinader 52%, Gonzalo Castillo 37%, Leonel Fernández 8.72%, Guillermo Moreno 0.9%.

Read more in Spanish:

President Danilo Medina has named a transition commission and called for President-elect Luis Abinader to do the same. Since the declaration of a state of emergency, Abinader had been requesting the government create a joint committee to deal with pressing issues. The Medina administration ignored the request until now.

As per Decree 238-20, on behalf of the Medina administration the members of the transition commission are: Gustavo Montalvo, the Minister of the Presidency, who will chair it; Administrative Minister of the Presidency José Ramón Peralta; Hacienda Minister Donald Guerrero; Economy Minister Juan Ariel Jiménez; Vice Minister of the Presidency Zoraima Cuello; and Legal Advisor to the President Flavio Darío Espinal.

With this decree, ministers and directors of government departments are instructed to have available the required reports and appoint...

In its coverage on the Dominican presidential elections, the BBC, The New York Times and the Washington Post focused on how Dominicans turned out in large numbers, despite the coronavirus, to vote for a change in government. In its coverage, the Washington Post chose an AP story that pointed out how Dominicans had elected a businessman with no previous government experience to oust a party that has ruled consecutively for 16 years.

Read More:

The ruling Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) loses the Presidency, and its majority in Congress. N Digital reports that when the new authorities are sworn in on 16 August 2020, the PLD also loses its majority influence in the makeup of the National Council of the Magistracy that in turn chooses superior court judges.

The Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and President-elect Luis Abinader will chair the CNM as of August. He is scheduled to appoint the Attorney General of the Republic, that has another seat on the CNM. Two other seats are held by the presidents of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies, this time now falling under the PRM that upset the PLD in Congress.

As reported, the first task the CNM will face is to renew the members of the Central Electoral Board (JCE).

The PLD will continue to have considerable influence in the Judicial Branch. In its last...

“On this election day, democracy in the Dominican Republic has been strengthened. We extend our congratulations to the new President-elect Luis Abinader, with whom we have talked and wish him every success,” said the President on his Twitter account.

Medina said that on this election day the country has come out stronger.

Gonzalo Castillo, the official candidate for the Presidency, also recognized the “irreversible win” of the opponent Luis Abinader.

Castillo, of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), said that the triumph of Abinader, of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) was “deserved”.

“The count shows that there is an irreversible trend and that from now on we have an elected president and he will be the president of all Dominicans from Aug. 16,” the pro-government candidate said in statements to journalists at the doors of his campaign headquarters.

Former President...

In his address to his followers and the nation from the 27 de Febrero campaign center, Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) presidential candidate Luis Abinader thanked Dominicans for the vote and called for unity to meet the challenges ahead.

The JCE had not spoken, but the numbers were clear he was the President-elect.

In his first words, the 52-year old politician said:“Today is a special day for all Dominicans. Our country has taken a firm step ahead for its institutions, democracy and development. Dominicans have given a beautiful demonstration of civism. We are citizens of a same nation. This day we defeated fear with hope and doubt with determination. We saved the future, by exercising the role of citizens, by going to vote. We render tribute to the citizens for exercising their democratic right and voting. We will never forget who we owe our...

The head of the Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS) in the country, former President of Chile Eduardo Frei, congratulated the Dominican people for its having complied with the vote, despite the health circumstances due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Frei also recognized the effort of the electoral authorities in the successful organization of the elections. He congratulated President-elect Luis Abinader on his victory and Vice President Raquel Peña, and the congressional authorities that have been elected.

Frei described as an act of democratic maturity the attitude of different political sectors that promptly recognized the winners at the polls, and noted that these political attitudes make democracy stronger.

Frei said that the OAS will deliver a preliminary report that will include a substantive analysis of key...

According to Coronavirus Bulletin #109 of the Ministry of Public Health’s Department of Epidemiology, the Dominican Republic has 38,128 confirmed cases, a record 703 new confirmed cases from 169,999 PCR diagnostic tests. The number of PCR cases for the bulletin is 2,627, down from 3,645 the previous day.

The tally of deaths is now 804, including 10 new registered deaths. The daily average number of deaths for the past 14 days is 9.64.

As of Bulletin #109, 3,803 patients are hospitalized. Of these, 208 patients are in intensive care units. The fatality rate, the number of reported deaths per number of confirmed cases continues to decline. It is now at 2.11% per million inhabitants. Positivity rate over the past 4 weeks has increased to 23.92%.

Previous bulletin results have been:Bulletin #108: 37,425 confirmed cases, 1,241 new cases, 794 deaths, 8 new reported...

According to Coronavirus Bulletin #108 of the Ministry of Public Health’s Department of Epidemiology, the Dominican Republic has 37,425 confirmed cases, a record 1,241 new confirmed cases from 167,372 PCR diagnostic tests. The number of PCR cases for the bulletin is 3,645.

The tally of deaths is now 794, including 8 new registered deaths. The daily average number of deaths for the past 14 days is 9.42.

As of Bulletin #108, 3,830 patients are hospitalized. Of these, 196 patients are in intensive care units. The fatality rate, the number of reported deaths per number of confirmed cases continues to decline. It is now at 2.12%. Positivity rate over the past 4 weeks is 24.24%.

Bulletin #107: 36,184 confirmed cases, 1,036 new cases, 786 deaths, 11 new reported deathsBulletin #106: 35,148 confirmed cases, 951 new cases, 775 deaths, 10 new reported deathsBulletin #105: 34,197...

Covid-19 Response Committee executive director Amado Alejandro Báez tweeted on Sunday, 5 July 2020 on how attention now needs to return to controlling the spread of Covid-19 in the Dominican Republic. The numbers show the disease is spreading.

He attributes the increase in spread to more testing, reopening of the economy, increased citizen mobility, the electoral campaign and the relaxing of social distancing by Dominicans. Dr. Báez highlights the country this weekend has seen the highest number of cases (Bulletin #108), and the demand for hospitalization in Santiago and Greater Santo Domingo is reaching the presently available capacity.

Dr. Baez tweeted on 5 July: “Clarifying to avoid sensationalism: 1. Today’s electoral process is over and it was prudent to wait. 2 But, Covid-19 is still getting people sick. 3. The consequences of this virus affect ALL of us. 4. The...

Dominicans went to vote early on 5 July 2020, wearing masks and trying to respect social distances. On Sunday, voters gave the leading opposition party, the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) the control of the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch.

The opposition swept the 2020 presidential and congressional elections. The leading polls had forecast the PRM candidate Luis Abinader would win in a first round. But the vote was such that opposition parties also took the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. The PRM will now be the majority in Congress, with the vote to pass important measures and the promised changes. President Danilo Medina had governed with the majority in the Congress from 2012 to 2019.

At the presidential level, with 81% of the polling stations computed late on 5 July, the Central Electoral Board preliminary results were: PRM and...

President Danilo Medina, in the final meeting with the members of the Central and Political Committee, had urged the party members to find the votes to “at least take the Senate.” The PLD had controlled the Senate for the past 16 years. Congress was best known for rubber-stamping what came from the Executive Branch.

The preliminary vote counts indicate that the opposition party will govern with a majority in the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. Several long-standing PLD senators were voted out.

The opposition takes the Senate. Senator candidates with the votes to win their seats are:National District: Faride Raful (PRM)Azua: Dr. Lia Diaz (PRM)Bahoruco: Melania Salvador (PRM)Dajabón: David Sosa (PRSC)Duarte: Franklin Romero (PRM)El Seibo: Santiago Zorrilla (PRM)Espaillat: Carlos Gomez (PRM)Hato Mayor: Dr. Castillo (PRM)Hermanas Mirabal: Bauta Rojas (PRSC)La...

The Central Electoral Board reported the recovery of most of the RD$37 million in working capital to pay staff working in the Sunday presidential and congressional election in Santiago.

The Santiago District Attorney’s Office accuses security guard Joel Antonio Duran Tavarez of the robbery of the electoral board of that district. The prosecutors said that during a search of the house of his mother-in law they found almost RD$2 million. “The remainder RD$35 million was hidden in the plafond (ceiling) at the Santiago Electoral Board,” said the Attorney General Office.

Durán Tavarez worked as security at the Santiago Electoral Board for the past five years. He was arrested.

The Santiago prosecutor, Francisco Núñez, explained that the first lead to solve the robbery they found after searching the man’s residence. There they found a small piece of paper that...

The winner of the presidential elections on 5 July 2020 gets a basket full of major problems. Besides having a country in the throes of a major, worldwide pandemic, the newly elected administration will receive what many journalists describe as a “devastated economy.” The biggest hurdle to conquer is the restart of the economy, with a push for productive sectors in these Covid-19 time.

These efforts might well be overcast by the possibility of rising petroleum prices as the OPEC nations try and drive up the price of oil. The Dominican Republic remains heavily dependent on imported oil, both for transport and power generation.

President Medina has added RD$150 billion to the National Budget, and received millions from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to deal with economic stimulus and mitigating the impact of the Covid-19 on the poorest...

In the midst of the international pandemic that has taken nearly 800 lives in the Dominican Republic, the Ministry of Public Health saw expenditures fall by 5% in May, according to data from the Ministry of Hacienda. The figures from Hacienda say the year-to-year decrease in spending for the management of the nation’s public health hospitals came when cases increased by 150% from the previous month, as the social restrictions began to unfold. This reduction comes on the heels of an 11.8% increase in spending, year-to-year, in the previous months as the system struggled to handle testing, treatment and Intensive Care for hundreds of patients.

This fall off of expenditures in the public health sector was one of the reasons behind the recent RD$150 billion increase in the National Budget.

Overall, the government underwent a 13.6% increase in spending during May...

The National Office for Industrial Property (ONAPI) begins offering services beginning today. The ONAPI will begin calculating terms and processes that were shut down with the closure of most government offices during the State of Emergency covered under Decree Number 137-20.

The ONAPI will continue to offer its regular services, with some of the more pertinent social distancing and public health protocols in place.

According to a press release, the ONAPI will continue to offer their online services such as: Registration of Commercial Names, Logos or Emblems, Trademarks or commercial mottos; Requests for a change on address for Owners of Registry, Special Certifications, duplicates of Certifications, Payments for the publication of trademarks and such, Renewals and several other services.

Other services that need to be in person must be done with an appointment. Appointments...

“Avocado Rise” is a short, 10-minute documentary on the environmental challenges and ravages of growing avocados in a protected area of the Dominican Republic. This documentary deals with the avocado farms authorized by the Medina administration to operate in the Bahoruco/Jaragua Biosphere, one of the most environmentally diverse areas of the Dominican Republic

The Bahoruco Sierra is covered under the Law of Protected Areas, but that does not seem to have bothered persons related to the highest strata of Dominican political life. The cloud forests of Bahoruco are unique for their huge biodiversity, but in the area around Los Arroyos, there are just some small patches of this exuberant foliage. Since the Sierra flows into Haiti, there is ample evidence of the terrible deforestation as just on the other side of the border there is nothing but rocks and exposed and denuded terrain.


According to Coronavirus Bulletin #105 of the Ministry of Public Health’s Department of Epidemiology, the Dominican Republic has 34,197 confirmed cases, 810 new confirmed cases from 157,045 PCR diagnostic tests. The number of PCR cases for the bulletin is 2,916.

The tally of deaths is now 765, including 11 new registered deaths. The daily average number of deaths for the past 14 days is 9.5.

As of Bulletin #105, 3,428 patients are hospitalized. Of these, 200 patients are in intensive care units. The fatality rate, the number of reported deaths per number of confirmed cases continues to decline. It is now at 2.24%. Positivity rate over the past 4 weeks is 21.11%.

Previous bulletin results have been:Bulletin #104: 33,387 confirmed cases, 819 cases, 754 deaths, 7 new reported deathsBulletin #103: 32,568 confirmed cases, 752 new cases, 747 deaths, 14 new reported...

Politics has prevailed and Dominicans have been left up to themselves to decide how much risk they want to take. The Ministry of Public Health is no longer applying controls, despite declaring a Pandemic State. Resolution 0018 to the effect has not been shared online.

A statement from the Ministry of Public Health on its website reads social, economic and recreational activities are banned after 8pm. In practice, there are now practically no limitations to nightlife in the final days leading to the 5 July presidential and congressional elections.

Public Health Minister Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas in the Thursday, 2 July press briefing, confirmed the government is not restricting restaurant opening hours, “for the time being.” He urged patrons keep 1.5 meter distances and said restaurants need to meet new guidelines for operation. He said the idea is that colmados and...

El Dia calls the campaign “one of the most civilized campaigns in the Dominican electoral history”. The editorialist highlights the notable absence of physical and verbal violence and commends the prevailing civic behavior of the population. Nevertheless, it says the elections have been full of surprises: two reschedulings (municipal for e-voting glitch and presidential/congressional for Covid-19), theft of RD$37 million cash from the Santiago Municipal Electoral Board, absence of meetings, caravans and an ongoing pandemic. “We hope that Dominicans vote with the same civism, and the players respect the results and the Central Electoral Board manage a fair, clean and transparent process,” concludes the writer while encouraging people to go to vote.

Diario Libre lists several reasons why citizens should go to vote: a citizen’s right and duty, to have our say in who governs us, to...

7.5 million Dominicans have registered to vote. Another 600,000 registered to vote abroad, yet Covid-19 delayed the organization of the elections abroad, and the numbers of expat votes are expected to be much less than in 2016.

Dominicans will be at the polls on Sunday, 5 July 2020 to elect their next President and Vice President, 32 senators, 190 National Congress deputies and 20 representatives of the Central American Parliament (Parlacen).

This is the first time Dominicans will be receiving three ballots: one for the President and Vice President; another for the senator of the National District or province; another for the deputy of their district. Most people are aware of who they will vote for at the presidential and senate level, but to the hundreds of thousands are still unsure on the deputy level. This is the first time a deputy can be elected separate from the...

The director of the National Council for Seniors (Conape) says that persons older than 60 years old can skip to the front of the line for the vote on Sunday, 5 July 2020. An estimated 2.1 million Dominicans are in the senior age group in the voting list for the presidential and congressional election.

Natalie Marie, of Conape, says that at every voting station there will be persons to assist the seniors in the around 5,000 voting precincts nationwide.

Read more in Spanish:

To make bus transport safer in these Covid-19 times, OMSA announced that air conditioning will no longer be used on the buses that circulate in Santo Domingo and Santiago.

Visa announces machines have been installed on OMSA buses on the Av. 27 de Febrero route, the longest in the city of Santo Domingo. The Visa contactless payment cards are valid.

This initiative, the first in the entire Caribbean, was developed using an open payment system. Now the contact payment cards, be they credit, debit or prepaid, issued by local banks or abroad, can be used to travel on the public bus system.

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The Superior Administrative Court (TSA), the court that reviews the correct application of government regulations, called for the suspension of Environmental Permit 3771-19 that had been issued by the Ministry of Environment under Minister Ángel Estévez. The permit allowed for the construction of a lodging project in the Guaraguao-Punta Catuano recreational area in Cotubanamá National Park in La Altagracia province. Environmental groups rejected the authorization. The measure calls for the stopping of construction of the ecological hotel undertaken by the Spanish group Globalia.

Sentence 0030-01-2020, of the TSA, comes months later, after the Executive Branch had suspended the construction work of the complex, “until an integral study of all the legal and regulatory norms is carried out, as well as the international commitments in environmental matters applicable to this...

The Bravo supermarket chain announced on Friday, 3 July 2020 that it is returning to its pre-Covid-19 working hours of 7am to 12 midnight. The supermarket chain is the only local chain to stay closed on Sundays. Bravo is the only supermarket to stay open until midnight. The supermarket chain says that face masks are mandatory, and no children are allowed in the supermarket.

Jumbo stores published their new schedule: Monday to Saturday open from 7-8am for those 65+, general entrance from 8am to 10pm. Sundays, from 8am to 8pm for the general public.

3 July 2020

The hazy skies and all the dust brought by the Sahara clouds are not over. The National Meteorology Office says another wave is moving through the Caribbean. The good news is that a tropical wave is also moving through, bringing welcome rains to clean up the environment. The rain showers will be felt in the east, northeast and south coast.

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