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The first cargo flight, an operation from Canada, arrived to the Punta Cana Free Trade Zone/ Air Cargo Hub on Wednesday, 22 May 2024. The arrival marks the start of the air cargo operations of the Punta Cana logistics center, a joint effort of DP World Dominicana and the Puntacana Group, owner of the Punta Cana International Airport. The new multimodal platform for the handling of land, sea and air cargo has been in operation since October 2023.

The freighter, an Air Canada Cargo Boeing 767F, with capacity to transport 50 tons, will be making the Toronto-Mexico-Ecuador-Punta Cana route, with a weekly frequency. So far, it is reported the air freighter is transporting fruits, vegetables and medical devices.

“The arrival of this cargo ship and the start-up of the air operations of this logistics center contribute significantly to increasing the competitiveness and...

Burton Catledge, Launch on Demand, and Luis Soto, DNI / Diario Libre

The National Intelligence Agency (DNI) has signed an agreement with Launch on Demand, a Florida company that offers spacesport solutions. Burton Catledge signed for Launch on Demand and Luis Soto for the DNI. The company is contracted to first conduct a study on the feasibility of establishing a commercial spaceport near the equator.

The company promises that every available spaceport will soon serve as a central hub for both sub and outer orbit launches. By 2025, 20,000 new satellites are predicted to be placed in orbit, and over 200 private launches are expected to be conducted.

The DNI is the government entity that was created to centralize national intelligence actions and is in charge of collecting and analyzing data to prevent risks and threats to national...

The five-term president of the Chamber of Deputies, Alfredo Pacheco of the ruling Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) says he favors a reduction in the number of deputies. The PRM has the number of deputies and senators to push forward changes to the 2015 Constitution that pegs the number of deputies to the population.

This is not the first time the issue of the excessive number of deputies has come up. But because legislative jobs come with many perks, the political class over the years has looked the other way, just adding more seats to the Chamber of Deputies hall.

Pacheco will return to the Chamber of Deputies to represent his party for the 2024-2028 term. It is yet to be seen whether he will again be elected to preside the sessions.

Pacheco has been a deputy for 1994-1998, 1998-2002, 2002-2006, 2016-2020, and 2020-2024.

The ruling PRM party has the absolute majority...

More than 80% of Dominicans who live abroad were not motivated to vote in the Sunday, 19 May 2024 presidential and congressional elections. This compares to the abstention for those registered to vote in the Dominican Republic that was 45%.

Listin Diario reports that the ruling Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) received most of the votes of the diaspora. President Luis Abinader sought reelection on the PRM ticket. Listin Diario reports that the overall abstention was 82%. Some 863,784 were registered to vote abroad in the 19 May general election.

The official results published by the Central Electoral Board (JCE) show that in Voter District 01, with 549,553 registered to vote, only 96,027 (17.47%) did so at the polling stations set up in Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Reading, Washington DC, California and Providence in the United States and in Montreal...

Dominicans celebrate this Sunday, 26 May 2024 Mother’s Day. It is a time to go shopping for appliances and more as the large stores are offering super sales for the occasion. Check out the print versions of the leading print media online for Mother’s Day sales – Diario Libre, Listin Diario, El Caribe, El Dia, Hoy, among others.

23 May 2024

The National Weather Office (Onamet) forecasts more rain through Friday, 24 May 2024.

The Center for Emergency Operations (COE) increased to 25 the provinces under weather alerts. The COE now has most of the country under the weather alerts for intense rains and possible flooding. Of these, most on the south coast, Pedernales, Independencia, Bahoruco, Barahona, Azua, San Jose de Ocoa, Peravia, San Cristobal, Greater Santo Domingo (Santo Domingo province and the National District), and San Pedro de Macoris are under yellow alert.

Likewise, COE reports green alert weather for La Vega, Monseñor Nouel (Bonao), Monte Plata, Duarte (San Francisco de Macoris), Santiago, Santiago Rodríguez, Sanchez Ramirez (Cotuí), Hato Mayor, El Seibo, La Romana, Samana and La Altagracia (Punta Cana), Puerto Plata and Montecristi. Light to moderate rains are forecast.

Onamet reports that as of...

The passing trough that brought strong wind gusts to Montecristi destroyed hundreds of banana and plantain trees in Monte Cristi, causing million-peso losses.

Listin Diario reports that plantain producers in the Santa María area of Montecristi are appealing to the government for help. “We ask the president and the Minister of Agriculture to come to our aid, because these are million-dollar losses that we have now,” said Manuel Antonio Martínez, one of the producers who was affected.

Luis Vázquez Jiménez told Listin Diario that he lost more than 30 tareas planted with bananas (1 tarea = 629 square meters), and said there are many more farmers in similar situations in the area.

“We call on the President to see if he will give us a helping hand. We as young people starting to work and see what happened to us, we are working to pay...

The president of the Dominican Basketball Federation (Fedombal), Rafael Uribe announces Argentine Néstor (Che) García is back as head coach of the national basketball team. His new contract establishes he will be in charge of the men’s national senior basketball team until 2027.

“We are happy and proud to have our beloved Che back,” Uribe exclaimed.

Che García will prepare the team’s participation in the FIBA Qualifying Championship to be played in Piraeus, Greece. The DR still has a chance at qualifying for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, in France.

The DR will play Egypt on 2 July at 11:30am Dominican time, and then Greece at 2pm on 3 July. The DR is in Group B of the qualifier.

The best two teams from Group B will go to the semifinals to match the two best teams of Group A that is made up of Slovenia, New Zealand and Croatia.

Che García took a leave from coaching the...

Dominican industrial engineer Thais Herrera (@thaisherrera) made it at 10:10pm on Tuesday, 22 May 2024 (Nepal time), or 8:15am (Dominican time), to the top of the Mount Everest in Nepal. She is the first Dominican woman to accomplish the feat of climbing the world’s tallest mountain. Only two Dominican men, Karin Mella and Ivan Gomez have climbed the 8,849 meters high Everest.

Herrera is completing the Explorer Grand Slam of the seven summits in the world.

She is also the first Dominican woman to complete an Ironman competition and has done six Ironman competitions.

Thais Herrera runs her assertive training operation, Asertiva RD, a team-building company in Santo Domingo with consulting in Latin America. She describes herself as an adventurer and storyteller. She is a mother and professor at Barna university.

In preparation for the Everest, she climbed...

Kenya President William Ruto / Official Page / X

Kenya President William Ruto is on a state visit in the United States. The visit coincides with the reaching out of the Haiti Transitional Presidential Council to congratulate President Luis Abinader on winning his bid for reelection. The new acting governance in Haiti is opening the channel for future talks with the Dominican government.

President William Ruto of Kenya on Thursday, 23 May 2024 will become the first President of Kenya to meet with a US President in the past 15 years. The talks with US President Joe Bien are expected to focus on the UN-backed multinational mission and Kenya police deployment to restore order in Haiti. While in the US capital, Ruto is also scheduled to meet with US Senate Leadership Majority Leader Charles Schumer and to address a Black Caucus at the US Library of Congress. On...

The Ministry of Foreign Relations under Minister Roberto Alvarez has put together a manual for Dominican missions abroad on how to organize a Dominican Week abroad. Dominican Week is modeled on the experiences of the American Chamber of Commerce and innovating Dominican ambassadors abroad. The Standardized Guide for the Celebration of Dominican Week Abroad is part of the Ministry of Foreign Relations efforts to promote the Dominican Republic abroad and strengthen economic, trade, political, social and cultural ties in countries where the DR has a diplomatic and/or consular presence.

Minister Roberto Álvarez said the guide seeks to standardize the experience to facilitate the replicating of the positive experiences. “With this guide we launch a strategy that allows us as the Dominican Government to institutionalize and standardize this type of action, to show the best...

Members of the Central Electoral Board: Roman Andres Jaqués Liranzo, Rafael Armando Vallejo Santelises, Dolores Altagracia Fernandez Sanchez, Patricia Lorenzo Paniagua, Samir Rafael Chami Isa / JCE

Diario Libre congratulates the Central Electoral Board (JCE) for the organization of the 2024 municipal, presidential and congressional elections. The JCE under Roman Jaquez Liranzo navigated the challenges of the political party demands and delivered an electoral period that has had a minimal impact on productive activities in the country. For the most part, this was the most “boring” and least felt of all campaigns.

Diario Libre makes the point that differently from other electoral processes, most citizens did not even know the names of the president of the...

The 19 May 2024 election reported the highest abstention of voters in the entire history of the Dominican Republic. The abstention at 45.84% was even higher than the 44.71% abstention rate of the 5 July 2020 presidential election that happened smack in the Covid-19 epidemic. Previous to that year, abstention fluctuated around or under 30%.

Abstention in the municipal election of 18 February 2024 was 63.5%, but municipal elections traditionally have had a higher abstention.

Mariasela Alvarez hosted a panel of electoral experts to try to explain what happened. Among the reasons mentioned was that most trusted polls showed that President Luis Abinader was 30 points in the lead and had a high approval rate. Many people just didn’t bother to go to vote. In the Dominican Republic, the larger rejection rate of a presidential candidate is what has traditionally driven the most...

With significant public funding for political activities, politics is a profitable career in the Dominican Republic. It has become a family business for many. The sons and daughters of politicians frequently join the bandwagon. The 2024 presidential and congressional election confirms “all in the family” is the norm for politics in the DR.

President Luis Abinader himself is a second-generation politician. His father was a senator for the Dominican Revolutionary Party and former Minister of Finance and Controller General. Abinader split from the PRD with former President Luis Abinader to first run for the presidency in 2016 on the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) ticket.

Now the PRM will have an absolute majority in both the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies.

Listin Diario and El Dia have been reporting on the new generation politicians who may have won congressional seats in these elections. The Central Electoral Board (JCE) is expected on Wednesday, 22 May 2024 to...

Puerto Plata-born Al Horford is a former member of the Dominican Republic national basketball team and that is why many Dominicans are following the Boston Celtics as they play the Indiana Pacers for the NBA Eastern Conference playoff spot. 37-year old Horford seeks his first championship in a career that has spanned over almost two decades.

The Tuesday, 22 May 2024 game that ended 133-128 in favor of Boston was a dramatic one from start to finish.

With 6.1 seconds to go in the fourth quarter, an unbelievable shot by Jaylen Brown landed the three-pointer with which the Boston Celtics tied the game with the Indiana Pacers Eastern Conference game and forced the game to go to overtime.

Boston had led several times in the game but the Pacers would dig right in and respond taking advantage of many failed three-point throws to several times tie or lead the game.

In a post-game...

The Supreme Court of Justice judge hearing the case for money laundering and other crimes against PRM deputy Rosa Amalia Pilarte admitted that the confiscated 111,700 ecstasy pills, the largest of the drug seized in the DR, serve as evidence in the case. Deputy Attorney General Inocencio Amador Espinosa told the press the court has reverted the previous decision of Supreme Court judge Napoleon Estevez Lavandier, after an appeal by the prosecution in the case. Judge Estevez Lavandier was voted to preside the Constitutional Court and was replaced by judge Second Criminal Chamber of the SCJ, Francisco Antonio Jerez Mena, as reported in Diario Libre.

Rosa Amalia Pilarte is deputy until the new deputies are inaugurated in the 20 August 2024 session of the Chamber of Deputies. This is why her case is being heard by a Supreme Court of Justice judge and not ordinary court...

The Weather Office (Onamet) forecasts intense heat and humidity for Wednesday, 22 May 2024. People are recommended to stay hydrated.

Onamet reports that a deep trough and low pressure circulating to the southwest of the country will bring moderate to heavy rains mostly to the southern provinces.

People should take precautions because the rains could cause flooding, overflowing of rivers, streams and ravines, especially in Greater Santo Domingo and Caribbean coastline provinces.

The rains could extend to the Central Mountain Range, to the north and northeast during the day and night.

Onamet has 11 provinces under green alert: Independencia, Pedernales, Barahona, Azua, San José de Ocoa, Peravia, San Cristóbal, Greater Santo Domingo, San Pedro de Macorís, La Romana and La Altagracia.

The Dominican Republic continues to be under the impact of the Sahara Dust that worsens...

President Luis Abinader announced during the Monday, 20 May 2024 La Semanal press conference that he will travel to Rome, Italy, next Friday, 24 May with his immediate family, his wife and three daughters. He is scheduled to meet with Pope Francisco and also with Italian President Sergio Mattarella on Monday, 27 May.

He described the meeting with Pope Francisco as “a “bilateral meeting with Vatican authorities.” Yet he will be received also with First Lady Raquel Arbaje and their daughters Esther, Adriana and Gabriela. His daughters have kept a low profile in his administration.

Abinader specified that this is a visit that has been scheduled for some time.

The President also said on this trip he would meet with President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa of Portugal.

Abinader had taken a previous family trip abroad from 17-18 May 2024 to attend the graduation of his...

The Central Electoral Board (JCE) issued on 20 May 2024 the final numbers for the Presidential election in the Dominican Republic that took place on Sunday, 19 May. The JCE had issued a first preliminary bulletin shortly before 8:30pm on Sunday, as promised.

President Luis Abinader won with the vote of 2,499,774 Dominicans, or 57.46% of the vote. Next was former three-term President Leonel Fernandez with 1,254,761 voters or 28.84%. Former Santiago mayor Abel Martinez of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) was third with 451,955 voters, or 10.39%.

The other presidential candidates did not reach majority party status and are:Roque Espaillat (El Cobrador) with 59,067 voters (1.36%)Carlos Peña with 31,452 voters or 0.72%Virginia Antares Rodriguez of Opción Democratica with 25,088 voters or 0.58%Miguel Vargas of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) with 19,654...

The Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) will be absolute majority in the Senate with all but six of the 32 seats. But of these six seats, only three are of an opposition party, the others are of minority parties that backed the Luis Abinader presidential candidacy. The absolute majority gives the ruling party the number of legislators to modify the 2015 Constitution or pass any other legislation.

The ruling PRM and allies only lost to Fuerza del Pueblo candidates in La Romana (Eduard Espiritusanto), San Juan de la Maguana (Felix Bautista) and the National District (Omar Fernandez).

The PRM-allied politicians who won were in the provinces of La Altagracia – with Rafael Barón Duluc of the Partido Liberal Reformista, Bahoruco with Guillermito Lama of the Partido Alianza por la Democracia (APD), and Antonio Marte, who was reelected to the position this time...

Mark Penn/Stagwell Poll, May 20 2024 / Noticias SIN

The three leading international polls covering the Dominican presidential election on 19 May 2024 — Greenberg/Diario Libre, MarkPenn/Stagwell and RCC Media/Gallup — were accurate in their forecasts of the win of President Luis Abinader, showing they are reliable sources of predicting an election. Abinader (Modern Revolutionary Party) won with 57%, to 29.3% of Leonel Fernandez (People’s Force) and 10.2% of Abel Martinez (Dominican Liberation Party).

Given the around 3% plus or minus margin of error, the polls were almost especially accurate in forecasting the vote of Abinader and Martinez, not so that of Leonel Fernandez. Fernandez did better than expected percentage-wise.

The polls had forecast:Mark Penn/Stagwell/SIN (6 May 2024): Luis Abinader 57%, Leonel Fernández 24%, Abel Martínez 12%.

Gallup-RCC Media (1...

There will now be only three majority parties in Congress. These will receive the lion’s share of political party funding – Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), People’s Force (Fuerza del Pueblo – FP), and the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD).

The fourth majority party into the 2024 election, the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) and its presidential presidential candidate Miguel Vargas received but 0.45% of the vote. In the 2024 electoral year, the PRD as a majority party had received RD$500 million in funding from the National Budget for their political campaign activities, the same as the PRM, FP and PLD.

Speaking during the post-election coverage of the presidential election, political analyst Rosario Espinal said that the PRD has gone the way of what she calls the “dominating party political system” that has prevailed through the years in the Dominican Republic. She was referring to...

Youth political leader Jose Horacio Rodriguez of Opción Democrática did not get the necessary votes to be reelected. The way the system works, his political party, running with his sister Virginia Antares Rodriguez for President, did not gather the minimum votes so Jose Horacio could keep his seat in the Chamber of Deputies.

In 2020, he had won running for the position for Alianza Pais and its presidential candidate Guillermo Moreno. In January, Guillermo Moreno would ally with the PRM in his quest for the Senate seat with the backing of President Luis Abinader. The PRM voters did not vote for Guillermo Moreno who lost to Omar Fernandez who had indirectly received the backing of Jose Horacio Rodriguez when Jose Horacio backed the Rescate RD alliance. At the time, he sincerely said he backed the alliance so the PRM did not fully dominate Congress. Opcion Democrática had its own...

International media, including the New York Times and Washington Post, relied on coverage that reported that President Luis Abinader had won on the strength of his “nativist migration policies.“ The journalists did not note that detail that the most recent Gallup poll into Dominican issues show Haiti is not a priority issue for Dominicans, and only 3.4% of those polled said Haitian migration was a problem.

Americas Quarterly focused on how the President has the absolute majority in Congress to push forward important reforms, such as a better income-distributing tax reform and social security reforms. During his first press conference after the 19 May win, President Abinader invited his contenders Leonel Fernandez and Abel Martinez to participate in the talks for the reforms.


With 94.53% of the votes counted, the JCE website as of 6am had reported that President Luis Abinader leads in the 19 May 2024 presidential polls with 57.16% of the vote. 2,365,408 persons voted for him in the Dominican Republic and abroad.

Former three-term President Leonel Fernandez followed with 29.33% of the vote, or 1,213,856 votes. Santiago mayor Abel Martinez was third with 10.21% of the vote or 422,377 voters.

Others running for President were:Roque Espaillat for Partido de la Esperanza Democrática 1.33%Carlos Peña, for Generación de Servidores, 0.64%Virginia Antares Rodriguez, for Opción Democrática, 0.57%Miguel Vargas for Partido Revolucionario Dominicano, 0.45%,María Teresa Cabrera for the Frente Amplio 0.14 %Fulgencio Severino, de Patria for Todos, 0.06%

In acknowledging victory with Vice President Raquel Peña, the President said he would not...

With 99.63% of the vote in, the son of former President Leonel Fernandez, Omar Fernandez had received 56.20% of the vote or 254,661 votes to Guillermo Moreno running for Alianza Pais and the ruling Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) with 180,193 votes or 39.77%.

Fernandez won with the support of the voters of the Rescate RD alliance that pulled together voters of the Fuerza del Pueblo (FP), the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) and Opción Democratica (OD).

The congressional election results reveal that the PRM will have absolute majority in Congress.

The media reported the case of a man in Dajabon who suffered a heart attack just before he would have voted. There is also the report of the Bronx, New York City voting station having to be transferred to a park area in front of the public school where the voting would have taken place. Otherwise, for the most part the 2024 presidential and congressional poll was an eventless election.

OAS observer mission, former Chilean President Eduardo Frei congratulated the Dominican people for their civic responsibility.

The Central Electoral Board (JCE) under Roman Jaquez Liranzo is seen as the biggest winner of the well organized election.

Non-resident Dominican Republic Ambassador Jaime Francisco Rodriguez presented credentials to the President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr (Bongbong Marcos) of The Philippines. Ambassador Rodriguez is based in Vietnam.

President Marcos of The Philippines received the letters of credence of Ambassador Rodriguez at the President’s Hall in Malacañan Palace on 14 May 2024.

The Philippines presidency reported that Ambassador Jaime Yorquis Francisco Rodriguez of the Dominican Republic conveyed his sincerest gratitude to the President for the warm and hospitable welcome that the government has extended to his delegation. He expressed his country’s readiness to explore more ways to further deepen its diplomatic and bilateral relations with The Philippines.

Follow the...

Everyone has either been sick or knows someone who has been sick with the flu in the past two months. There is also a new version of Covid going around. And of course, this is dengue season.

Making matters worse, the DR is in the volleyball game of intense rains alternating with intense heat. And the Sahara Dust is here, making respiratory issues worse for those who suffer from seasonal allergies.

Read more in Spanish:

The corpses of two sisters, 13-year old Arianny Rodrigeuz and 11-year old Chadal Rodriguez and the body of their 9-year old brother were buried in the cemetery of Baitoa in Santiago. The corpses of the children had been flown in from the United States. The Ministry of Foreign Relations covered the return costs.

NBC in Gwinnett County, about 20 miles northeast of Atlanta, Georgia had reported the Police discovered the bodies of a man, the children’s stepfather Jose Ramon Plascencia, and the three children in a vehicle parked on a walking trail.

The suspect was identified as Dominican nationalJose Ramon Plasencia, 56, who previously had a relationship with the children’s mother, Karina Rodríguez. The mother had allowed the stepfather to go with the children as she was taking a son she had with Jose Plascencia to the hospital.

47-year old Plascencia had migrated to the...

After a week of sunny hot days, the Weather Office (Onamet) is now reporting that as of next Tuesday, 21 May 2024, people can expect rain. Gloria Ceballos, director of Onamet, had forecast a very wet May. Onamet says that a trough will bring now bring more of the intense rains that had fallen in April and early May.

Onamet reports: “On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, pay attention to the weather conditions. An active trough will significantly increase the humidity and instability values over our territory. A significant increase in rains of considerable intensity is expected with thunderstorms and gusts of wind.”

Onamet forecasts the intense rains could cause flooding, overflowing of rivers, streams and ravines in several provinces of the country, especially those located throughout the southwest, Greater Santo Domingo, the northern coast and the Central Mountain Range...

Dominican champion runner Marileidy Paulino won the 400m race in the Los Angeles Grand Prix. The race took place on 18 May 2024 during the USATF Los Angeles Grand Prix at Drake Stadium.

The top 8 in the race were:Marileidy Paulino (DR) 50.27Mary Moraa (Kenya) 50.56Alexis Holmes (USA) 50.73Shamier Little (USA)51.27Stacey Ann William (JAM) 51.38Sada Williams (BAR) 51.487Victoria Ohuruogu (GBR) 51.67Quanera Hayes (USA) 51.71

Paulino has qualified to run in the Paris Olympics. She won two silver medals in the Tokyo 2020 (2021) Olympic games. The Los Angeles race is part of her preparations for the summer Olympic Games.

The Dominican national volleyball team, Reinas del Caribe, won games against Serbia and South Korea, and lost to Canada and the USA in the first round of the 16-team Nations League Volleyball Tournament. The tournament is the most important annual tournament held globally.

The DR took the reigning world champion Serbia 3-1 (25-18, 25-17, 21-25 and 25-20) in their opening pool clash. Norceca reports this was the second time the DR had defeated Serbia. The DR also defeated South Korea 25-13, 25-19 and 25-20. These wins and losses placed the DR in 10th place of the 16 teams.

The DR lost first round games to Canada 25-20, 25-21 and 25-22 and to the United States — 25-23, 25-20, 25-18.

The Volleyball Nations League is a preparatory tournament for the Paris Olympic Games. In week two matches will take place in Macau, China, from 28 May to 2 June when the DR in Macau, China will...

37-year old Al Horford established himself as a basketball legend in Boston. The Boston Celtics made the finals on 15 May 2024 in the game led by the former Dominican national team player.

Boston Herald reported on Horford’s performance: “He became the first player in NBA postseason history to rack up 20 points, 15 boards, five threes and three blocks in a single game. He’s the third-oldest to notch a 20-point, 15-rebound, five-assist playoff game, trailing only LeBron James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.”

The Celtics clinched the slot in the NBA Eastern Conference finals in the sensational game that ended 113-98.

The sports press focused on what was described as “the monstrous performance” by Al Horford made the difference in the winning of the playoff slot. Horford had his father and family, former Dominican Republic Miss Universe Amelia Vega and five children watching the game.


Karl Anthony Towns / Wikipedia

Despite the odds against them, the Minnesota Timberwolves defeated reigning NBA champions Denver Nuggets 98 to 90 in the Minneapolis Target court to advance to the Western Conference finals in the National Basketball Association playoffs game on Sunday, 19 May 2024. The Wolves will now face the Dallas Mavericks.

CBS Sports reports that Dominican national team member, Karl Anthony Towns made the difference in the game.

“Towns comes through in the biggest game of his career,” headlined CBS Sports in its report on the game. He scored 23 points in the game.

CBS reported: “Early on, Towns was one of the few Wolves who had his shot going, and his 13 first half points turned out to be extremely important. He added eight in the third-quarter turnaround, and while he only scored one basket in the fourth quarter due to foul trouble, it was a...

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