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Abel Martínez, Leonel Fernandez and Miguel Vargas / Diario Libre

Despite pleas by supporters for the choice of a single presidential candidate backed by the followers of former President Danilo Medina (Dominican Liberation Party) and those of former President Leonel Fernandez (People’s Force), nothing was accomplished and the two kingpins of the former ruling party will be campaigning solo for the presidential seat.

As occurred in the case of the recently finalized municipal election, the larger contending political parties in the Dominican Republic announced two electoral blocks for the presidential and congressional election scheduled for 19 May 2024.

The RD-Avanza alliance is led by the ruling Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and presents President Luis Abinader as the presidential candidate.

The PRM announces reaching an alliance with 22...

The first legislature of the year opened on 27 February 2024. The president of the Senate, Ricardo de los Santos announced sending pending bills to committees for consideration. These include the Civil Code of the DR and Divorce Bill, and another that regulates official pardons, sent to the Justice and Human Rights Committee; the Hydrocarbon Sector Bill, sent to the Industry, Commerce and Free Zones Committee.

Also, the Organic Law Initiative for Local Administrations was sent to the Municipal Development and Non-Governmental Organizations Committee.

The initiative that provides for the exhumation of the remains of Pedro Santana from the Panteón de la Patria and their subsequent transfer to the “Batalla de las Carreras” Military Academy was sent to the Culture Commission. Alfonso Sanchez.

The bill that proposes to amend Law 1-24 that creates the National...

29 February 2024

Five ruling Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) deputies want to move up from the 190-member Chamber of Deputies to the more select 32-member Senate. The election is scheduled for 19 May 2024.

The deputies who seek to be elected senators are:Physician Moises Ayala (Barahona-PRM)Politician Julito Furcal (Peravia-PRM)Engineer Nidio Encarnación (San Juan de la Maguana-PRM)Politician Pedro Antonio Tineo (Monte Plata-PRM)Politician Gustavo Lara Salazar (San Cristobal-PRM)Communicator Juan Julio Campos (PLD-La Altagracia)Politician Omar Fernandez (National District-FP)

Businessman Edward Espiritusanto (La Romana-FP)Politician Saury Mota (Hato Mayor-PRD).

Read more in Spanish:

Members of the election observation mission of the Democratic Initiative of Spain and the Americas (IDEA), former President Andres Pastrana of Colombia and former President Jamil Mahuad of Ecuador praised the 18 February municipal election in the Dominican Republic as “calm, orderly and enthusiastic.”

In their report released on Wednesday, 28 February 2024 in the Dominican Republic, the former Presidents concluded the municipal vote of 18 February 2024 took place without major setbacks.

The mission focused on the levels of free political participation, organization of the process, use of technology, information channels and financing.

According to the observers, the municipal elections took place peacefully with the exception of incidents that occurred in the provinces of Azua and Montecristi.

They also considered that the participation (46.67%), “although...

Was it a blooper caused by using artificial intelligence? Or someone just didn’t edit the content?

The bottom line is that a message issued by senator candidate Guillermo Moreno on occasion of the 180th Dominican Independence Day circulated on social media with the music of the US anthem instead of most likely, the Dominican anthem. Moreno spoke for 56 seconds in the message. But what got all the attention was the tune of the US anthem in the background.

Moreno sent out a note acknowledging the serious mistake. “On behalf of the communications team, I apologize. I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience this situation has caused. Thanks to those who have been attentive, pointing out the mistake in a timely manner,” he wrote.

Guillermo Moreno is the ruling PRM party and Alianza Pais candidate for senator for the National District.

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The Dominican Air Force (FARD) showcased the first two light aircraft, of ten TP-75 Dulus to be locally assembled at the San Isidro Air Base, during the 27 February military parade events.

The Dominican Air Force (FARD) is using the light aircraft for training and reconnaissance missions. They are described as a mini-version of the well-known Embraer EMB312 Tucano.

The first two locally assembled TP-75s were delivered to the FARD in December 2023. Assembly time for one aircraft is about 2.000 man hours. The first two aircraft, with serials 7500 and 7501, will be followed by eight more, for the ten TP-75s.

The two airplanes participated in the demonstration part of events to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Dominican Air Force on 16 February 2024.

The two aircraft were officially handed over to President Luis Abinader on 9 December 2023 at the San Isidro Air Base...

29 February 2024

The book “Aid State: Elite Panic, Disaster Capitalism, and the Battle to Control Haiti” provides insights into how the multidimensional crisis in Haiti has escalated with international funding.The new book traces the roots of the institutional weaknesses that have aided the growth and entrenchment of criminal organizations.Author Jake Johnston argues foreign governments, multilateral bodies, and non-governmental organizations have played a key role in the collapse of Haiti’s institutions.Johnston contends that decades of foreign intervention in Haiti have warped the country’s institutions so they serve the interests of international benefactors and favored local elites, while ignoring the concerns of the vast majority of Haitians.

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Everyone seems to have something bad to say about people riding on motorcycles. But on Tuesday, 27 February 2024 four young guys volunteered to save a young woman who had climbed on a concrete connecting level over 27 de Febrero Avenue in an apparent attempt to commit suicide.

Two young men on their way to work saw the incident and didn’t think twice and went to the rescue. Two others followed. The woman was brought down safely before 911 Emergency staff arrived.

On average between 180 and 220 patients are treated daily in the emergency service at the Dr. Darío Contreras Trauma Hospital in eastern Santo Domingo. Of these, 72% are people injured riding motorcycles and the rest are divided between various traumas and fights.

The public hospital’s director, Dr. César Roque Beato told Listin Diario that most of the patients injured in motorcycle accidents are persons 15 to 30 years old.

He says the hospital admits 20 to 30 patients a day at a high cost to the government. He said the patients cost about RD$300,000 to RD$1 million if the patient requires intensive care.

Listin Diario also reports that at the Cabral y Báez public hospital in Santiago on average 22 motorcyclists injured in traffic accidents are assisted. The report says most arrive under the effects of alcohol. Dr. Tomas Almonte, director of the regional medical center...

The highly popular Rock of Ages Broadway musical will open at the Palacio de Bellas Artes Maximo Aviles Blonda main auditorium in Santo Domingo for performances on 12, 13 and 14 April 2024.

Music conductor Amaury Sanchez is the producer. Shalim Ortiz will be Dennis Dupree; Carla Hernandez will be Sherrie Christian; Guille Martin will be Drew Boley; JJ Sanchez will be Lonney Benett, announced Sanchez. Indira Brito is directing the musical; choreography is by Natalie Borsos and the stage set is by Yeimi Diaz.

Rock of Ages was turned into a movie in 2012, starring Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta Jones.

The songs will remain in English for the Dominican version of the famous musical.

The plot has to do with a rock club threatened with being turned into a strip mall by a greedy German real estate developer. There’s also a romantic triangle between a sexy waitress/struggling actress...

Merengue singer Eddy Herrera is booked for a performance of “Agradecido” marking his 35th anniversary in the arts, in New York City at the Lehman Center for the Performing Arts theater on Saturday, 9 March 2024.

This is a show similar to the one he successfully presented recently in Santiago. This is a Edilenia Tactuk production. The direction and musical production is by Antonio Gonzalez.

The producers say the Eddy Herrera will perform his most popular merengues, but also other Latin music genres.

Herrera has invited several old pals for guest performances. These include Wilfrido Vargas, Miriam Cruz and José Alberto “El Canario.”

Herrera plans to take this show next to several countries such as Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Venezuela and the city of Miami.

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In his 27 of February state of the nation address, President Luis Abinader highlighted the accomplishment of having led the nation through the difficult times of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ukraine war and the present challenges. He used the speech to recap the economic, political and social issues undertaken in his first four years in government which will end on 16 August 2024.

President Abinader is seeking a second term. In his rendition of accounts speech, he summarized the accomplishments and plans for the government this 2024.

President Abinader said his goal when starting the presidency in August 2020 was to leave a better country when he finished his term. “And today, I can affirm that the Dominican Republic is not the same as it was four years ago. Change is an irreversible reality.

“In comparative terms, we can highlight that in 2020 the...

28 February 2024

First Lady Raquel Arbaje chose to wear a sober black Oscar de la Renta dress for the rendition of accounts ceremony at the National Congress on Tuesday, 27 February 2024. Listin Diario reported on the Osar de la Renta Resort ’24 collection outfit describing it as an elegant suit of polished tailoring with sophisticated design techniques.

The attire protocol for the event is black and white.

Read more in Spanish:

During his rendition of accounts speech, President Luis Abinader announced a tram is in the books to connect the Independence Avenue with the subway rides on John F Kennedy Avenue in the capital city.

President Luis Abinader said the Av. Winston Churchill tram is included in the Santo Domingo Integrated Transportation System (SIT) and a private partner is sought. A tender would be held to establish a public-private partnership for the construction and operation. At present, there is only a mass transit north-south connection on Av. Maximo Gomez.

The Av. Winston Churchill tram would connect to the Haina-San Cristobal train and with the Santo Domingo urban train that would go east on 27 de Febrero connecting to Las Americas International Airport. This project was announced last year and has yet to be tendered.

The President announced that the Santo Domingo...

The Dominican Republic celebrated its 180th Independence Day on Tuesday, 27 February 2024. A military parade delighted audiences in the capital city.

In commemoration, Google produced a Doodle with the Dominican flag. In Canada, the Niagara Falls donned the colors of the Dominican flag for a short tribute to Dominican independence on the date.

Dominican independence commemorates the date in 1844 that marks when the country stopped being governed by Haiti, after two decades of occupation.

It marks the culmination of the efforts of the trio of patricians led by Juan Pablo Duarte, Francisco del Rosario Sanchez and Ramon Matias Mella. Mella fired the blast that marked the declaration of the Dominican nation as free and independent.

In the Dominican Republic, Independence Day coincides with the presidential rendering of accounts of the year, a military parade...

The Dominican Republic is counting on the United States pulling off sufficient support for a turnaround in Haiti. The good news is that cash-rich Guyana is now taking a lead role. Guyana holds a seat in the United Nations Security Council.

President Luis Abinader remarked in his 27 February accountability speech that his government’s diplomatic efforts were fundamental for the adoption of resolutions 2699 and 2700 of the UN Security Council that provide for the deployment of a multinational mission to support security in Haiti.

When referring to the achievements in foreign policy in his 27 February rendition of accounts speech, Abinader also referred to the role that the country has played in the extension of the sanctions regime that includes an arms embargo, travel ban and freezing of assets of people and entities responsible for the climate of violence in Haiti.

Just this week...

The Central Electoral Board (JCE) issued the final tally per political party regarding the 18 February 2024 municipal election.

Regarding city mayors, the ruling Modern Revolutionary Party received 1,372,095 votes for mayors and 378,991 for the municipal directors for 47.31% of the total.

The Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) received 605,058 for mayors and 223,434 for. Municipal directors, for 22.38%.

The People’s Force (FP) received 397,200 for mayors and 129,149 for municipal directors, for 14.2%%.

The Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) received 79,491 for mayor and 26,665 for municipal director for 2.87% of the vote.

These four political parties enjoyed 80% of the billions in public funding for the elections.

Two other political parties received more than 1% of the vote. These were:

Social Christian Reformist Party (PRSC) with 53,256 votes...

José Enrique Delmonte Soñé / Diario Libre

In his research for his doctorate, architect Jose Enrique Del Monte unfolds that Dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo discovered and used as of the 1940s the immense power that architecture can exercise on a people.

Del Monte has presented the thesis “Architectural language in the discourse of power in the Dominican Republic, 1940-1950.”

In an interview with Elina Maria Cruz of Diario Libre, Del Monte explains:

“In that sense, education, religion, art, culture, leisure and production are considered means of dissemination and control that become the force that truly sustains the regime. From a distance, we are amazed at how an entire society participated in consolidating a dictatorship like Trujillo’s. But in its initial moment, there was a feeling of need to direct the country towards progress without the obstacles...

An invasive species that grows rapidly is negatively impacting native species in the Caribbean region. Reportedly, the species is already affecting corals in Puerto Rico.

Diario Libre reports on findings of La Tortuga Foundation on the illegal introduction of the soft coral Unomia stolonifera in the Mochima National Park (PNM) in Venezuela between 2000 and 2005. This coral, originally from Indonesia, has triggered an aggressive colonization process, affecting the coastal reefs, beaches and seagrass beds of the region.

Currently, more than 50% of the national park is invaded by this species, covering approximately 90 kilometers of coastline and 3,000,000 square meters of seabed.

In 2022, research from the Unomia project confirmed the presence of soft coral on the western coast of Venezuela, posing an imminent risk of invasion to other areas of the Caribbean...

The cost of medical care for a polytraumatized patient is on average RD$200,000 to RD$300,000 but treatment of injured motorcyclists frequently reaches RD$700,000, according to a report in Listin Diario.

Dr. Julio Landron, director of the Ney Arias Trauma Center, spoke of the high cost of the intensive care units, and the medical equipment, staff and drugs and supplies that are needed to attempt to restore the usually young people so they can continue to lead productive lives.

Medics of the trauma center urge laws be enforced to reduce motorcyclist-caused accidents.

As reported in Listin Diario, more than 86% of the patients who come to the emergency room at the Dr. Ney Arias Lora Trauma Hospital suffer the injuries in traffic accidents. More than 80% of these patients are people who travel on motorcycles.

The majority of these travel without protective...

28 February 2024

The Dominican Republic lost in extra time in Mexico City to Team Mexico in the continuing of the first window of the FIBA AmeriCup Qualifiers. Mexico had lost to the DR in the opening match in Santo Domingo (84-70).

In Mexico City, the Mexicans pulled ahead 80-73 towards the end of the game that took place on Monday, 26 February 2024 at the Arena CDMX.

The teams are competing in Group C, together with the Canada and Nicaragua.

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The Dominican Republic is currently celebrating the Lenten season that leads up to Easter Sunday, 31 March 2024. Aside from the very important religious significance of this time of year, there is also the carnival, a very old tradition with roots very far back in Spanish and African history. Most of the major urban centers, whether of provincial or of national status, celebrate carnival here. The parades are usually on Sundays in February and early March.

Punta Cana this year got an early start, hosting its carnival on Sunday, 3 February 2024. But traditionally, the famous carnival parades are those of La Vega with its devil-like characters; Montecristi with its bullwhip fights; Santiago and its famous characters such as “Roba la Gallina;” and, of course, Santo Domingo, that brings all together in one.

This year the National District carnival parade is taking place on...

Santo Domingo continues to reinforce its positioning as the hub for the Caribbean with direct flights to capitals of the English-speaking Caribbean.

Santo Domingo’s Las Americas, with Arajet, Sky High and Sky Cana are connecting the insular and continental Caribbean. Likewise, Air Century also maintains regular service to and from several islands in the Caribbean.

Most recently, Sky High began its weekly flights to Georgetown, Guyana, further connecting the English-speaking Caribbean with the Dominican Republic. The airline is flying on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (GEO) in Georgetown, Guyana from Santo Domingo’s Las Americas International (SDQ).

The airline uses an Embraer 190 with 97 seats and offers business class.

The inaugural flight was on 18 February 2024.

On the inaugural day, the commercial director of SkyHigh Dominicana...

The Marriott Courtyard Santo Domingo Piantini is the most recent to open in the Polígono Central.

There are now two Marriott Courtyard hotels in Santo Domingo. The oldest one, and first Marriott in the Dominican Republic, is located on Av. Maximo Gomez in the central Gazcue area of Santo Domingo, walking distance from the National Theater and the Plaza de la Cultura cultural center, and a short drive away to the Presidential Palace and the Colonial City.

The second Marriott Courtyard, a 17-floor high rise, opened on 22 February 2024 in the booming Poligono Central area. The 160-room Marriott Courtyard Santo Domingo Piantini is now receiving its first guests at its Freddy Prestol Castillo esq Porfirio Herrera, Ensanche Piantini, Santo Domingo address.

The hotel that is off Av. Winston Churchill is within a short walking distance to the Blue Mall, Acropolis...

Sports tourism continues to grow in the Dominican Republic, with tennis one of the sports leading the way.

The U16 Billie Jean King Cup by Gainbridge and the Juniors Davis Cup tournaments are underway at the Parque del Este National Tennis Center in eastern Santo Domingo, with competitors – 37 girls and 50 boys — having come from 17 countries.

Competitors are here from Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Costa Rica, Cuba, Curacao, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Suriname, Jamaica, United States Virgin Islands, Panama and Trinidad and Tobago.

This event is a pre-qualifier, to see which team, one female and one male, will represent the area of the Tennis Confederation of Central America and the Caribbean (Cotecc) in the global events of each of these tournaments.

Team Dominican Republic got off to a good start winning games on 26...

Voting is now open for the 31st World Travel Awards. Industry professionals, the media and consumers worldwide can vote for their favorite travel brands.

The Dominican Republic is a leading nominee in 24 categories.

The voting window closes on 7 April 2024 for the Caribbean.

The nominee gaining the most votes in a category will be named as the 2024 winner.

Nominees this year cover a broad spectrum of categories including Aviation, Tourist Attractions, Car Hire, Cruise, Destinations, Hotels & Resorts, Meetings & Events, Travel Agencies and Tour Operators.

World Travel Awards™ was established in 1993 to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across all key sectors of the travel, tourism and hospitality industries. The World Travel Awards™ brand describes itself as “the ultimate hallmark of industry excellence.”

Each year World Travel Awards™ covers the...

Latin music lovers are in for a treat this coming Saturday, 2 March 2024 when Papo Lucca and his legendary Sonora Ponceña comes from Puerto Rico for a first time presentation in the Dominican Republic. The salsa group will be performing at the Jaragua La Fiesta venue in Santo Domingo.

The group is known for the hits “El pio pío”, “De qué callada manner,” “Ramona,” “Se forma,” Canción,” “Timbalero” and many others that are part of the repertoire prepared for the Santo Domingo performance.

The salsa and Latin jazz pianist and multi-instrumentalist, Enrique Arsenio Lucca Quiñones, was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, on 10 April 1946. He is known as Papo Lucca.

He co-founded with his father, Enrique “Quique” Lucca Caraballo, the La Sonora Ponceña orchestra. He has played and recorded with Willie Colón, Celia Cruz, Johnny Pacheco, Bobby Valentín, Andy Montañez and Rubén...

Tourism Minister David Collado was in Montecristi on 20 February 2024 for the inauguration of renovation works carried out at the Duarte Park (4,935 square meters) in the northwesternmost provincial capital city.

“Today we return here fulfilling our commitment to deliver this emblematic Montecristi park refurbished,” said Minister Collado.

He stated that this work is part of the effort made by the Ministry of Tourism to promote the development of that province as a tourist destination.

The iconic metal structure of the Montecristi Clock Tower was refurbished. The tower is a focal point of the space with its historic and architectural value.

Sidewalks were rebuilt and the exterior fence. There were works in landscaping and lighting, too. Fountains were rebuilt.

A new rain water drainage solution was integrated.

The work was carried out by...

David Llibre / Hoy

The Hotel and Tourism Association of the Dominican Republic (Asonahores) with the backing of the Ministry of Tourism is readying the 24th edition of the Dominican Annual Tourism Exchange (DATE) to be held 24-26 April 2024 at the Paradisus Palma Real hotel in Punta Cana.

David Llibre, president of Asonahores, said that DATE is the main marketing event for the Dominican tourism industry, featuring both hotels and complementary attractions and businesses.

“This DATE finds the Dominican Republic in its best tourist moment, after exceeding 10 million visitors,” said Llibre. He stressed that these are, nevertheless, times of great challenges as the country seeks to continue growing the industry and strengthening its leadership in the region.

Golf, medical, diving, weddings, adventure and ecotourism tourism will be highlighted at DATE 2024.

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26 February 2024

DR1 News will not be updated on Tuesday, 27 February 2024 on the occasion of the Independence Day holiday. Headline-making news will be compiled for the Wednesday, 28 February update.

The weekly Travel News digest will be published, though on 27 February, keeping with the original Tuesday schedule.

Independence Day is a day to listen to the coverage of the rendering of accounts of President Luis Abinader. It is also a day for shopping, with large stores offering big discounts. Because this year the holiday fell on a Tuesday, it is also a day when thousands of people took off the long weekend, including Monday, and will return to their home base on Tuesday, causing long lines at the toll booths.

Read More:

It will be President Luis Abinader’s final rendition of accounts for his 2020-2024 term that ends on 16 August 2024. The President is seeking reelection in the 19 May 2024 presidential election.

On 27 February, the present Congress starts its last legislature period. Political analysts have little expectations for the workload of the legislators, that are expected to put aside their legislative duties as many of these are seeking reelection or will be involved in the political campaigns of colleagues and presidential candidates.

Regardless, on 27 February, the 222 legislators (32 senators and 190 deputies) who make up the Legislative Branch who had begun their four-year term on 16 August 2020 are summoned for the traditional act of accountability. Also invited to be present at the National Assembly for the rendition of accounts are around 40 representatives...

The question is whether the results of University of Michigan tests to rice exported from the United States to Haiti would also apply to US rice imported into the Dominican Republic.

A recently published University of Michigan study revealed there are toxic levels of arsenic in the rice sent to Haiti. Likewise, the study acknowledges, lower-priced US imports have destroyed the rice production in Haiti.

Dominican rice producers fear the same could happen now that the 25-year leave way for Dominican producers to prepare for tax free US imports is about to end. The provision is part of the DR-CAFTA trade agreement.

The president of the National Federation of Rice Producers (Fenarroz), Marcelo Reyes Jorge, told Listin Diario that the results of the University of Michigan study on the level of arsenic in rice exported by the United States to Haiti creates an alert about the importance and...

The Dominican Oil Refinery (Refidomsa) has just released a study carried out by its Investigative and Exploration Unit that reaffirms there are exploitable deposits of gas and oil in the areas of Azua, San Juan de la Maguana, Enriquillo and the Cibao Valley.

Leonardo Aguilera, the president of the refinery’s board of directors, noted that the study will direct exploration efforts to sites based on geological and geophysical elements.

The research was carried out under the coordination of the investigative unit of the refinery by the Pedro Henriquez Ureña University(UNPHU) and the Santander University of Colombia.

The two-year study looked at various aspects of the geophysical spectrum of the four areas to reach their conclusions. The intention is that local and foreign investors in the energy sector have a solid guide for their searches.

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Very few women were elected mayor in the 18 February 2024 municipal election. Of the country’s 158 mayors that will swear in for the four-year term that starts on 24 April 2024, only 17 will be women.

Among the women elected for mayor are:National District: Carolina Mejia (daughter of former President Hipolito Mejia)Santo Domingo North: Betty Gerónimo (wife of former mayor of Santo Domingo North, Francisco Peña). Higuey: Karina Aristy (daughter of former president of the Dominican Municipal League and long-time La Altagracia province, the late senator Amable Aristy).Las Galeras, Samana: Ana Reyes won with 80% of the vote

Nevertheless, reports are that the number of women that will be in director positions in the municipalities has increased by 10% in city councilor positions.

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Without doubt generating power with solar panels is good for the country. Solar energy is abundantly available and is a way to reduce the country’s dependence on fossil fuels for the collective good.

Solar panels are all the rage these days and solar farms are cropping up all over the Dominican Republic.

But not everyone is happy about all the investing in solar panels to supply residential and commercial energy needs.

Power utilities and more traditional power generators say they source fuel to supply the demand. And when the demand drops because of those turning to solar power, their businesses are less profitable. This includes the power utilities that are owned by the government and those owned by private companies. As a result, the utilities and power generation companies are taking actions to impose new obstacles to people going solar.

According to economists...

The observers that came from the Organization of American States (OAS) told Dominican newspapers that they have recommended that the Central Electoral Board (JCE) demand that all of the 19,000 candidates turn in their expense reports as required by the Electoral Law. The OAS mission noted that just a few days before the elections for mayors and city council members, only three of the more than 19,000 had done so. The JCE even has a digital platform called SIFE that is designed to facilitate these reports, but only 842 persons visited the platform and only three complied with the requirements.

Perhaps more important is the resounding fact that the sub-agency of the JCE that is charged under the law with punishing those persons who fail to comply with the requirements has not issued a single fine.

While the OAS delegation praised the JCE for the existence...

The Ministry of Defense has three branches: the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Acento looks into what the Ministry of Defense does with its budget.

As reported in Acento, by far the largest component of the ministry is the Army (ERD) and most of its energy is spent patrolling the border with Haiti.

The Navy and Air Force direct most of their efforts towards patrols of the territorial waters looking for drug smugglers from Colombia and Venezuela and the illegal attempts to reach Puerto Rico via small boats.

Back in 2017, the budget for the Ministry of Defense was RD$23.5 billion, and in the 2024 budget, the ministry will receive RD$58.3 billion.

According to sources inside the Ministry of Defense, the increase in expenditures has enabled the armed forces to modernize equipment, train personnel and further guarantee the defense, sovereignty, and security of the...

The sale of drugs in poor neighborhoods, the trafficking of guaconejo wood, chamomile leaves and charcoal, as well as the theft of livestock represent the biggest security problems in Pedernales, according to the investigation “Fragility, Resilience, Development and Investment in the Border Area” carried out by the Institute of Higher Education in Diplomatic and Consular Training of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Higher Institute for Defense of the Ministry of Defense.

The sale of drugs such as cocaine and marijuana are greater in the poorest neighborhoods, where there is unemployment and a limited presence of police officers and the National Drug Control Agency (DNCD).

Cocaine is transported from Barahona along the main highway. Marijuana arrives from Haiti, both for local consumption or to be taken to other parts of the country.

At a macro level, the southwestern...

The judge of the Permanent Attention Office of the National District, Rigoberto Sena, issued three months of preventive detention against three accused of being responsible for the assault on the Torre Nicole IX in the La Esperilla sector, and in the Torre King in Bella Vista, in the National District.

José Miguel Olivero Plasencia, alias Chiri; Edwin Ariel Cabrera Kelly, alias El Abuelo, and José Alejandro Ogando Serrano, alias Alex and/or El Rompedor were sent to the Najayo Jail.

In the case, the Public Ministry accused four people, one of whom is already imprisoned in La Victoria prison for robbery and armed assault. This is Juan Israel Sánchez González, known as “Chichi Prenda”, who is identified as the alleged ringleader of the gang.

According to the document prepared by the prosecutors, in the evening of 12 February 2024, the accused first entered...

26 February 2024

A video is circulating showing a mass unloading of drugs in the Barahona area.

The newspaper points out this this practice becomes repetitive in the southwestern region provinces.

El Nuevo Diario reports that authorities say they have detained several for investigation purposes.

Read more in Spanish:

On Saturday, 24 February 2024 in the evening, Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli performed before an almost full stadium of Dominicans signing his ballads and tunes. Bocelli sings in Spanish and Italian.

Bocelli accomplished the feat that merengue, salsa and urban music performances had done before. It was the first time that an artist performed classic music accompanied by a local symphony and filled the stadium. Carlos Bernini was the guest conductor for the Santo Domingo Philarmonic Orchestra for the performance.

The tickets for the show ranged from RD$4,000 to RD$71,000 VIP.

Diario Libre reported that the concert opened with the famed Italian tenor signing Goerges Bizet’s “L’Arlesiane” and Giuseppe Verdi’s “La Donna è Mobile” from “Rigoletto” and the aria from “The Barber of Seville” and “La Traviata“ and “La Mia Letizia Infondere” among others.

He also sang “The...

Held every year in Berlin, Germany, the Berlinale Film Festival brings the big stars of international cinema to Berlin and discovers new talents. It accompanies filmmakers of all disciplines on their paths into the spotlight and supports careers, projects, dreams and visions.

For its 74th edition, Dominican film director Nelson Carlos De Los Santos Arias won for Silver Bear award for the Best Director for his film “Pepe.”

It could be the start of a new career phase for Albert Pujols, soon to become the Dominican Republic’s fourth MLB Baseball Hall of Fame member.

Now it is known he signed on to coach the Escogido Lions for two years. The last time the Escogido won a Dominican Professional Baseball League (Lidom) penant was for the 2015-2016 championship.

Albert Pujols recently married the daughter of former President Leonel Fernandez.

With the home crowd behind the Dominican senior basketball team playing at the Palacio de los Deportes in Santo Domingo, the DR turned in a convincing 84-70 victory. FIBA reported that it was a rollercoaster of a game, with 18 lead changes until at the end the DR pulled ahead to win 84-70.

The DR team now travels to Ciudad Mexico for the rematch against Mexico. The teams are part of Group C of the 2025 FIBA AmeriCup Qualifiers. Mexico is expected to bolster its team to defeat the Dominicans in game 2 of the start of the AmeriCup Qualifier rounds.

FIBA reports that Mexico led during most of the first half and benefitted from a mountain of missed free throws by the Caribbeans, but their defense couldn’t put the game away, leading the door open for the fourth quarter comeback that eventually ensued.

For the Dominican Republic, the turning point was in the third quarter, when the team began to erase a 9-point deficit accumulated The home country tied the game at 56 at the end...

The Moca FC held their own and only lost to Nashville SC 3-0 in the Concacaf Champions Cup opener played at the PUCMM soccer field.

From the report in The Tennessean, the difference should have been greater. The Tennessean reported: “There are only so many conclusions to be drawn when a squad with an estimated value of nearly US$44 million overwhelms a foe almost 200 times less expensive. But that hardly means there’s no enjoyment to be had, and Nashville will savor Thursday’s 3-0 win over Moca FC in the Dominican Republic in its first-ever Concacaf Champions Cup game.”

News reports on the game indicated key players Hany Mukhtar and Sam Surridge suffered injuries.

Moca FC now travels to Geodis Park in Nashville, Tennessee for the rematch on Wednesday, 28 February 2024. The winner of the game earns a date with Lionel Messi and Inter Miami in the round of 16 of the AmeriCup Qualifiers.


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