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The present National Meteorological Office (Onamet) is upgraded in government status and now will be the independent Meteorological Institute (Indomet). Onamet had operated as a Ministry of Public Works department. The bill that just recently passed in the Senate now returns to the Executive Branch for the signature of President Luis Abinader and its publishing.

On 19 June 2024, the Senate voted yes to the bill received from the Chamber of Deputies that will create the Dominican Meteorological Institute (Indomet). The agency now will be part of the Ministry of Environment and will replace Onamet.

The bill was approved with 19 votes in favor and five against. It had already been approved by the Chamber of Deputies and will now go to the Executive Branch for promulgation by President Luis Abinader.

The present budget allocated to Onamet will be strengthened for the new Indomet...

Good news. Remittances received in the Dominican Republic continue at record highs. Remittances are practically donations that stimulate the economy. The BCRD highlights the importance of these remittances, which have a multiplier effect on consumption, investment, and financing for the most vulnerable sectors of the economy.

The Central Bank (BCRD) reports that from January to May 2024, remittances reached US$4.38 billion, a 5% increase compared to the same period in 2023. This growth trend continues the pattern observed throughout 2023. In May alone, remittances were US$887.1 million, surpassing the same month in 2023 by 0.7%.

The Central Banks says the US economic performance is the key factor driving remittance growth. 87.3% of formal remittances in May originated from the United States, or US$713.8 million. The US unemployment rate has remained at a low 4% in May, despite a slight increase...

The Dominican Airport Department (DA) reports that the El Granero del Sur Domestic Airport in San Juan de la Maguana province is progressing according to schedule. DA director Víctor Pichardo explains the airport is vital for the economic development of the entire southwestern region.

During a recent inspection tour, Pichardo observed the progress of work on the airfield, including the runway, aircraft parking apron, taxiway, and runway safety areas, as well as the area where the terminal building and the Dominican Republic Air Force barracks will be built.

In addition, he verified the actions being carried out by the Dominican Hydraulic Resources Institute (INDHRI) to relocate existing irrigation canals that are located within the airport grounds.

“Progress has been made as planned,” Pichardo explained. “We can see that in this first stage of the...

National District prosecutors Minerva Batista and Carmen Espinal Geo have deposited a recourse that accuses 27-year old Venezuelan Scarlet Valentina Mujica Zapata of involuntary murder of 33-year old Julio César de la Rosa Peralta on the western side of the Malecon due to fearless or careless driving. She is also accused of evading her responsibility as a driver in the case of an accident. The hearing is set for Thursday, 20 June 2024.

The prosecutors are requesting preventive custody arguing the woman is a foreigner and could flee the country to avoid prosecution.

The woman is under arrest at the Casa del Conductor.

Mujica Zapata does not have legal status in the Dominican Republic and her Venezuelan passport has been expired for two years, as reported. She has a Venezuelan driver’s license. She did not report the accident to the authorities at...

The Caribbean Baseball Season brings together the best of the winter baseball leagues playing in the Caribbean. Now for the 2025 Caribbean Series, the tournament that ends with a playoff series among the best teams, Japan will be sending a representation. Baseball is a popular sport in Japan. The 2025 Caribbean Series is scheduled to take place in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico.

Japan is not any invited team. Japan has won the World Baseball Classic (WBC) three times in 2006, 2009 and 2023. The WBC is the main international baseball championship.

Now in what is described as an effort to promote growth and innovation, the Caribbean Professional Baseball Confederation (CBPC) has announced the inclusion of Japan’s Japan Breeze team as an invited participant in the upcoming 2025 Caribbean Series, set for the Nido de Aguilas Stadium in Mexicali, Mexico...

The Dominican Republic joins France to celebrate the annual Fête de la Musique, also known as World Music Day. This is the 20th anniversary of Fete de la Musique and events are happening from 19 to 28 June 2024.

Kicking off the festivities in the capital city, the Fête de la Musique Infantil y Juvenil (Children’s and Youth’s Music Festival) will take center stage on 22 June at the Plaza de la Cultura from 10am onwards. This special event is designed to ignite a passion for music among the younger generation, with musical storytelling, rap writing workshops, live concerts, film screenings, interactive instrument exploration, dance performances, and much more.

As the day progresses, the grand Fête de la Musique will commence at 5pm, marked by a captivating Flash Mob inspired by “La Danse des Jeux,” a choreography created by renowned choreographer Mourad Merzouki...

In a move to drive economic growth and development, President Luis Abinader issued Decree No. 337-24 on Monday, 17 June 2024. The decree establishes the “Meta RD 2036” Presidential Committee as a task force assigned to identify the necessary actions and reforms to double the real GDP of the Dominican Republic by the year 2036.

President Luis Abinader has set the bar high for Dominicans. He sees the DR could achieve full development by 2036 if the right steps are taken.

President Luis Abinader had announced during his Monday, 17 June 2024 press conference that he was setting the high goal of the country reaching developed country status in 12 years.

The Meta RD 2036 committee is chaired by the Ministry of the Presidency and includes the National Competitiveness Council as the secretary, as well as the Ministry of Economy.

The key goals include reducing...

In a significant move to bolster financial sector knowledge and expertise among the general public in the Dominican Republic, the Superintendency of Banks (SB) unveiled its Escuela SB (SB School) on Monday, 17 June 2024. The initiative is open to professionals, government officials and practically anyone with an interest in the covered topics.

The Superintendence of Banks invited representatives from 10 countries and other Dominican government institutions, including the Central Bank and the superintendences of Pensions, Securities, and Insurance to the launch of the new facilities. Free of charge classes are available in person and online. Terry Bennett Muckleroy, in charge of international training and technical assistance in the supervision and regulation division of the US Federal Reserve, came for the launch.

Superintendent of Banks...

The Attorney General National District’s Permanent Attention Services Office issued a three-month pre-trial detention order at Najayo jail as a coercive measure against Jorge Luis Estrella Arias and Eddy Enmanuel Segura Arias in response to the request from the prosecutors.

Defendant Alberto Ezequiel Estrella Arias was granted a bail bond of RD$500,000 under contract and a ban on leaving the country as a coercive measure.

Jorge Luis Estrella Arias, Eddy Enmanuel Segura Arias, and Alberto Ezequiel Estrella Arias are accused of the robbery of the Banco Popular Dominicano branch located on Avenida Luperón, corner Olof Palme.

According to the files presented by the Department of Investigation of Crimes and Property Crimes (Theft), the defendants Jorge Luis Estrella Arias, Eddy Enmanuel Segura Arias, and Alberto Ezequiel Segura Arias partnered with the deceased...

A 27-year old Venezuelan, Scarlet Valentina Mujica Zapata is the main suspect in the death of 33-year old Julio Cesar de la Rosa Peralta. Preliminary reports is that it was a hit and run accident. She was arrested on Tuesday and is kept at the Fiscalía Especial de Tránsito del Distrito Nacional de la Digesett as she awaits charges.

De la Rosa Peralta was the son of Julio Cesar de la Rosa Tiburcio, of the Dominican Anti-Corruption Alliance (Adocco). De la Rosa Tiburcio reported his son missing on the next morning. The family had been together in San Cristobal on Saturday but then lost contact with the deceased to learn latter he had died.

A surveillance camera review led the Police to the vehicle that was driven by the Venezuelan woman. The Police officers followed the trace of the vehicle after the incident to a parking area next door to where the suspect...

If you find yourself in the situation of having run over a person on the road and that person dies, report the incident immediately to the authorities. A good lawyer could get you off with even less than three years in jail. Diario Libre features a story on 19 June 2024 with what to do if you run over a person, the legal repercussions and steps to take.

According to Dominican Law 63-17 on Mobility, Land Traffic, and Road Safety, any driver involved in a hit-and-run accident is both criminally and civilly liable for the incident. The law mandates specific actions for drivers involved in such incidents and outlines the penalties for causing injuries or fatalities.

Diario Libre tells what to do right after the accident, but also explains that the driver may also face civil lawsuits from the injured party or their family. The newspaper stresses that the failure to comply with the obligations could only result in more severe judicial charges, especially in the case of hit-and-run...

The ban on consumption of alcoholic beverages, vapes and hookahs in parks and plazas in Higuey by the Higüey City Hall is a trending topic. The controversy is whether Higuey Mayor Karina Aristy has the legal right to ban the consumption.

Aristy issued the notice on the Higuey City social media. The measure would be in effect immediately, that is on Monday, 17 June 2024.

Higüey authorities explained that this decision seeks to promote healthy habits and ensure a family environment in the public spaces of the city.

The statement highlights that the ban is based on Article 27 of Law 175-07 on Municipal and Municipal Districts, which empowers municipalities to regulate the use of public spaces.

The city hall warns that those who violate the ban will be subject to the sanctions established in the municipal regulations. The sanctions are not listed.

For centuries...

President Luis Abinader congratulated Al Horford on his winning the NBA Final on 17 June 2024. He called Al Horford who shared the call with his wife, fellow Dominican Amelia Vega (2003 Miss Universe).

“Al Horford has made history as the first Dominican to win an NBA Finals series, he has done so with the Celtics, champions of the 2023-2024 season,” President Luis Abinader wrote on X. “What great pride for our country! Congratulations on your incredible achievement.”

Read more in Spanish:

The story of Dominicans in the National Basketball Association (NBA) league began when Tito Horford was drafted in 1988 and has its latest chapter now that his son Al Horford won a NBA Final on 17 June 2024.

Alfredo William Horford (Tito Horford) is in sports history books as the first Dominican to play in the NBA. Born in La Romana on the southeast coast of the Dominican Republic, he moved to Texas for high school to pursue a basketball career. He played college basketball at Louisiana State University and the University of Miami before being recruited by the Milwaukee Bucks in the second round (39th overall) of the 1988 NBA draft. He played two seasons with the Bucks (1988-1990) and a short stint with the Washington Bullets in 1993-1994. He also played professionally in Spain in 1992. He played on the Dominican national team and represented the country in...

President Luis Abinader says he is concentrating on pushing the country on a path to double GDP by 2036. The objective is to turn the DR into a developed country.

Speaking during the 17 June 2024 press conference from the Presidential Palace, Abinader said a national pact is needed to steer the country to status as a developed country.

He sees this objective feasible given the Dominican Republic’s proven track record. He spoke of the resilience of the country in dealing with challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ukrainian war, the slowdown of the economy to deal with imported inflation and the major difficulties caused by the Haitian crisis.

Abinader said 1.7 million new jobs need to be created, average middle wages tripled, extreme poverty eliminated, and life expectancy extended by six years, plus the investments for the country to become the most...

In the Dominican Republic, there are seven betting shops for every public school, N Digital reports. Many of the betting shops are on the same block of school.

The calculation of betting shops to schools is based on official statistics from the Ministry of Education for the 2022-2023 school year. The Ministry of Education lists 7,839 educational centers in the public sector. Meanwhile, the National Survey of MSMEs, presented last week by the Central Bank and the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs (MICM), counted the operation of 56,933 betting shops, both formal and informal.

The story in N Digital reveals that if private schools are added, then the schools would be 10,567. So, compared to the number of betting shops, there are five betting shops for every school in the Dominican Republic.

Another way to see how betting shops proliferate and thrive...

Work has been resumed on the completion of the Ciudad Sanitaria Luis Eduardo Aybar, the largest public hospital complex in the Dominican Republic. The project was begun in 2013 and would have been finished in 2017.

Speaking at the La Semanal press conference on the medical city, Housing Minister Carlos Bonilla said that the delays that have affected the equipment are because the contractor demanded payment to deliver the codes for the equipment. The government was demanding completion of the works as contracted. After several agreements fell through, the government has now replaced the contractor.

The Ministry of Housing and Construction (MIVED) is in charge of the project since the change of government in 2020. Dr. Jose Joaquin Puello, the hospital’s president, called for works to continue in an interview published in Listin Diario last week.


Source: Al Horford Instagram Site

On 17 June 2024, the Boston Celtics claimed their 18th NBA championship, ending a 16-year title drought. The team had not won a championship since 2008. The 106-88 victory made the team the all-time winningest franchise, surpassing a long-standing tie with the Los Angeles Lakers (17 championships).

The consensus is the team won because it played as a team. While Jaylen Brown received the MVP trophy, it was the concerted effort of all under 35-year old coach Joe Mazulla (previously an assistant coach with no NBA head coaching experience) that led the team all the time, resulting in a victory in the finals against the Dallas Mavericks, a team that relied heavily on Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving.

NBA reported: “But this entire team offered so much more. Smartly assembled by front office boss Brad Stevens, the Celtics had star power and...

Now that Boston Celtic’s Al Horford has accomplished his career milestone of winning an NBA Championship, there is much speculation whether he will accept the challenge to become an Olympian. The Dominican team still has a chance at qualifying for the Paris Olympics.

The DR team is playing preparatory games in Spain now under Coach Nestor (Che) Garcia. Garcia has been on the coaching staff of Argentina and Venezuela when they played in an Olympic Games. The Che hopes to coach a Dominican team in the Olympics.

To make the Olympic team, the DR needs to win a slot during the 2-7 July 2024 (Dominican time) qualifier to be held in Piraeus, Greece.

The Dominican team coach is putting together the roster of the team that would travel to Greece for that important competition. He tells Diario Libre the task is not easy, because of the contractual conditions of many...

Acciona of Spain was awarded the contract to build the runway, apron (ramp), taxiway, airport parking area for the Pedernales International Airport. The apron is used to accommodate aircraft for purposes of loading or unloading passengers or cargo, refueling, parking or maintenance.

The technical designs for the terminal are still being drafted and the tender for the terminal construction has yet to be called. The airport design was provided by the Dominican Airport Department and is part of the Master Plan for the tourism development of Pedernales by Dominican architect Jose Mella.

El Pais, the Spanish news media, reports that the contract for works to be carried out at the Cabo Rojo International Airport in Pedernales, on the southwestern coast of the Dominican Republic, is for EUR62 million and covers the construction of a 3.1 km runway and parking area for five Boeing...

Tourism Minister David Collado was in Bayahibe in the East to inaugurate road improvements in the tourist destination on Monday, 17 June 2024. The works had been started in August 2023.

The Ministry of Tourism invested RD$53 million to rebuild 11 roads (3.48 km) in the municipality to strengthen Bayahíbe as a premier tourist destination in time for the boom of summer vacationers.

The roads were given a 2-inch asphalt concrete surface and parking areas paved with cobblestones. Additionally, 4,229 linear meters of curbs, inlets, and filters were built to ensure proper drainage and the long-lasting durability of the newly paved roads. The project also included the installation of horizontal and vertical signage.

The project was carried out by the Ministry of Tourism’s Tourism Zone Infrastructure Execution Committee (CEIZTUR), headed by Yaneris...

Minister of Tourism David Collado announces a public-private alliance to build the much-desired Santo Domingo Convention Center and a boulevard for tourists in Santo Domingo. According to Collado, the grounds of the former Hotel Hispaniola (at the corner of Abraham Lincoln and Independencia) in the National District will be the site of the new center. The government had declared eminent domain/public utility on the land back in 2022 via Decree 296-22.

In front of the closed Hispaniola is the legendary Hotel Santo Domingo. There are expectations this closed hotel may also be integrated into the convention center project.

Collado made the announcement on 12 June 2024 during the inauguration of the Santo Domingo Marriot Piantini and the Aloft Santo Domingo Piantini, with President Abinader in attendance.

The government has asked for guidelines and supervision of the new...

Arajet, the rapidly expanding low-cost airline, has marked a significant milestone with the arrival of its 10th aircraft in the new airplane design. This latest addition to their fleet, a Boeing 737 Max 8, bears the special name “Los Haitises,” a tribute to the stunning karst-landscaped national park in the provinces of Hato Mayor, Monte Plata and Samaná. The aircraft’s arrival was celebrated at a special ceremony attended by Dominican Vice President Raquel Peña, Arajet CEO Victor Pacheco Mendez, and Boeing Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean, Landom Loomis.

Vice President Peña lauded Arajet as a platform that showcases the Dominican Republic’s tourism offerings and exemplifies the government’s support for private initiatives. She emphasized that the airline’s continued fleet expansion reflects the confidence of both domestic and foreign investors in the...

Arajet, the Dominican Republic’s low-cost airline, has signed an agreement with the Puntacana Group to offer flights to and from Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ) starting 1 November 2024. All Arajet flights have been based at the Santo Domingo Las Americas International Airport (SDQ).

The new alliance will make Punta Cana Airport Arajet’s second base of operations, expanding its network of destinations and connections throughout the continent. Arajet will now be able to feed off the hundreds of flights that fly into Punta Cana from all around the world.

“We are excited to welcome Arajet as commercial partner to our airport community,” said Frank Elías Rainieri, CEO of Grupo Puntacana. “We are confident that this will be a successful alliance. With these new routes, we continue to expand our network of international destinations and connections...

Thousands of cruise ship passengers are touring the streets of Puerto Plata. The North Regional Director of Tourism Atahualpa Paulino says that 35 ships are scheduled to dock at the Amber Cove and Taino Bay terminals in Puerto Plata this June 2024. 19 ships will dock at Carnival Cruise ship’s Amber Cove, while the remaining 16 will anchor at Taino Bay.

Paulino highlighted the stepped up influx of seafaring visitors will continue to boost the local economy, fostering tourism and promoting interaction with local businesses and services as passengers take shore excursions and taxis to see the sights.

Puerto Plata is a popular cruise destination known for its beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, and vibrant culture. The city offers a variety of activities and attractions for cruise passengers, including horseback riding, zip-lining, and exploring the historic colonial district.

Among the cruise ships set for Taino Bay are:• June 18: Norwegian Sky (07:00 – 16:00), Norwegian...

President Luis Abinader indeed has a very expansive worldview. Much like former President Leonel Fernandez back in the late 1990s, when the latter proposed to turn Santo Domingo into “a little New York” and proceeded to build the Santo Domingo Metro system, now Luis Abinader wants the Dominican Republic to become a player in the world of semiconductors or microchips.

At the start of the computer industry, the US had 100% of the manufacturing capacity of semiconductors. Today that capacity is now 8% after the US outsourced the manufacturing of microchips used in computers and electronics to Asia. Upwards of 80% of computer chips and electronics are manufactured in South Korea, Taiwan, China, and Japan. Germany and Israel have small shares of the industry.

Enter nearshoring and friendshoring. The Dominican Republic has the potential to combine both. The DR offers the best of...

President Luis Abinader was at the Lake Lucerne area in Switzerland on 15 and 16 June 2024 to attend the Swiss Peace Summit on Ukraine. President Abinader was accompanied by Foreign Minister Robert Alvarez.

The Presidency reported that President Luis Abinader during his turn at the working session on food safety, chaired by the President of Kenya William Ruto, highlighted the negative impact the Ukrainian war has had on the Dominican economy, stating that the conflict has affected the food security of the Dominican population.

Abinader expressed concern for the loss of human lives and the precarious situation in the matter of food safety caused by the damage caused by the installations of production and storage of cereals in Ukraine, a former world leader in grain exports. The two years of war have increased the prices of these basic commodities for the...

The Dominican Republic’s Central Electoral Board (JCE) is in the process of awarding a contract for the production of over eight million new identity cards, according to a story in Diario Libre. The new ID cards will replace the current ones, which have been in use since 2014. The JCE has not yet announced an official start date for the actual replacement process. The JCE says the contract will be awarded on 13 August 2024.

The new cards, made of polycarbonate, will incorporate an electronic chip for storing personal and biometric data and advanced security measures to prevent fraud and counterfeiting.

The total cost of the project is estimated at RD$2.08 billion and is expected to be completed between 2024 and 2025.

There will be two distinct designs: one for Dominican citizens and one for foreigners, minors and non-voting police officers.

The change of...

For the first time in history, a Dominican government agency has carried out a census to determine what property the government owns.

The agency, Bienes Nacionales (National Assets) presented the results of the First National Census of State Real Estate Assets, and the numbers are staggering, even in this day and age of billions and trillions of dollars and pesos.

The Dominican state owns 46,737 properties that are valued at RD$12.4 trillion (with a T).

It took nearly a year for hundreds of employees of the Bienes Nacionales agency to count the properties belonging to the state.

According to the breakdown of the numbers, it seems that properties owned by the Customs and Migration agencies are the most numerous and most valuable, totaling over 1.7 billion m2, and worth RD$6.8 trillion. The Legislative Branch owns land and buildings covering 3.2...

The Ministry of Public Works (MOPC) has announced a major project to refurbish nearly 500 of the nation’s 2,264 bridges. Over RD$7 billion would be invested.

While not all of the bridges of the Dominican Republic are large, such as those over the Ozama, Isabela, or Yaque del Norte rivers, there are thousands of smaller bridges that connect communities and regions, and many of these are well over half a century in age.

The recently completed National Bridge Census has provided the Ministry with the needed location and conditions of each of the bridges.

As a matter of curiosity, this data includes the centuries-old Puente de la Guinea in Puerto Plata and the more modern bridges over the Iguamo and Cumayasa rivers on the South Coast. Santo Domingo’s Puente Duarte dates back to the Trujillo regime and undergoes constant maintenance work as does the parallel Juan Bosch...

At a time when the government is taking actions for a major fiscal reform, Governor of the Central Bank Hector Valdez Albizu and Minister of Industry & Commerce Victor (Ito) Bisono presented findings on the importance of the MSMEs (MIPYMES in Spanish). Traditionally in the Dominican Republic, fiscal regimes has been drafted focused on taxation for big business, but smaller enterprises are the ones that most feel the brunt.

The National Survey on Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) 2022-2023 study identified and classified over 470,000 establishments nationwide and found that MSMEs account for a substantial portion of the Dominican Republic’s economic activity, or 32% of the Gross Domestic Product.

According to the survey results, MSMEs employ a remarkable 3,052,449 individuals, representing 61.6% of the total workforce. This widespread employment...

The executive director of the governing board of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) Tariye Gbadegesin announced on 13 June 2024, Climate Investment Funds for US$30 million are approved for the funding of “from ridge to reef” activities in the Yuna watershed in the Dominican Republic.

Gbadegesin applauded the Dominican Republic’s leadership in climate action. She spoke of high hopes that the Dominican Republic’s project serve as a beacon of hope in the fight against climate change, demonstrating the transformative potential of nature-based solutions and the unwavering commitment to sustainable development. As the project unfolds, it is poised to serve as a replicable model for other nations seeking to harmonize environmental protection with economic growth and social well-being.

Featuring higher than average poverty levels, the watershed that...

Minister of Housing Carlos Bonilla says the major delays in the completing of the Luis E. Aybar Medical City are because the builder, Consorcio Consmara-Seminsa has not fulfilled the contractual obligations despite multiple binding agreements to the effect. After almost four years in charge, the Ministry of Housing has yet to be successful in advancing on the ambitious hospital city that was begun 10 years ago during the second term of the Medina administration.

The Minister of Housing says that it has begun a legal process to end the contract with the builder of the hospital, Consorcio Consmara-Seminsa. Housing Minister Carlos Bonilla blames the company for the government’s failure to complete the hospital. The contract signed in 2013 established the hospital city works should have been delivered in 2017.

The major hospital center was begun in 2014 during the Danilo...

For the first time, the Dominican Republic has been elected to sit on the board of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage. This was announced by the Dominican ministries of Culture and Foreign Relations. UNESCO, the United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organization, is the UN agency that assists educational and cultural institutions around the world.

States members to the Committee are elected for a term of four years, and every two years, the General Assembly renews half of them. A state member of the Committee may not be elected for two consecutive terms.

The core functions of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage are to promote the objectives of the Convention, provide guidance on best practices and make recommendations on measures for the safeguarding of the...

The Dominican Republic’s free zones continue to set new records, with a historic monthly export performance in May 2024, reaching US$814.7 million in exports, surpassing the milestone reached in April of this year by 2.7%, according to records from the General Customs Agency (DGA.

Daniel Liranzo, executive director of the National Council of Free Zones for Export (CNZFE), highlighted the extraordinary performance of the sector’s production in the first five months of 2024, measured in terms of exports.He also noted that the sector has an increasingly diversified export offering, highlighting the performance of the jewelry subsector, with a 14.7% growth in exports in the period January-May 2024, compared to January-May 2023. Cardboard, printing and stationery were up 27.1%, metals and manufactured products 5.5% and agro-industrial products report a 3.6% increase.

Liranzo also...

Despite Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) presidential candidate Miguel Vargas Maldonado leading the PLD-PRD-Fuerza del Pueblo coalition for candidates into the 2024 general elections, that party suffered its downgrading from majority party to minority party. The difference is enormous in taxpayer money received for party activities.

As reported in Diario Libre, the PRD obtained 1.69% of valid votes in the May election elections. From receiving RD$252 million for political activities from 2020 to 2024, the party now with minority status will receive RD$30 million a year.

The PRD received 217,458 votes in the May elections, of which 19,790 were at the presidential level; 105,227 votes at the senatorial level; 86,976 at the level of territorial deputies and 5,465 of deputies abroad.

In the 2020 elections, the PRD had recorded a 5.69% of valid votes, making the cut then for majority party status or...

Dominican citizens have been diligent in applying for Spanish nationality after the Spanish government made citizenship easier to get for Spanish descendants. The biggest attraction for locals is that a Spanish passport exempts Dominicans from the tedious and costly procedure of having to apply for a visa to the European Union and many other countries around the world. Getting Spanish citizenship also opens doors to residency in all European Union countries. It also opens up a world of job opportunities.

The Dominican Republic ranks sixth in the world among countries with citizens that have become new Spanish citizens under the rights granted by the Memoria Española and Ley de Nietos.

The top countries with citizens getting Spanish citizenship are: Morroco (54,027), Venezuela (30,154), Colombia (18,738), Ecuador (11,326), Honduras (11,189), Dominican...

The Dominican Republic is hoping the US will soon send an ambassador. Having an ambassador is a true enabler for bilateral relations.

In his words during the nomination review in the US Senate, Puerto Rican Juan Carlos Iturregui said:“The US and the DR already enjoy a strong, growing and very close relationships. We share democratic values and desire for our countries and our region to be prosperous and safe. Our governments are working together on a wide variety of priorities. I am convinced these shared perspectives and democratic values will further strengthen our ties. We must continue our efforts to advocate for democracy, and human rights in our hemisphere, combat corruption, promote long-term economic growth, and enhance citizen security as we tackle the challenges of our times.

“Recently reelected President of the Dominican Republic Luis Abinader has made...

As the Boston Celtics get close to winning their first NBA Finals since 2008, Game 5 is set to be played at the TD Garden arena in Boston. Boston leads the Dallas Mavericks 3-1 and just needs one more game to land the 2024 championship.

Mathematically, Dallas could win the next two games and tie with Boston. Then the series would move to Dallas for a final game. The 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers are the only team in NBA history to have come back from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals to win the championship. They won three straight games to stun the Golden State Warriors .

The questions: Will Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic get it going for the Dallas Mavericks so they can deliver a stellar evening, like in game 4, and pull off game 6 on Monday? Or will Jaylen Brown, Jayson...

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