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Thread: Going to PP/DR 1-15-02

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    I will be heading down to Puerta Plata January 15th for a one week stay with 5 other single female friends. We're planning on having an absolute blast!! We range in age from 34 to 48 and would like some recommendations on places to go. We are looking for somewhat more mature places, i.e. no interest in seeing a bunch of Brittany Spears/Backstreet Boys wannabes. Any recommendations?

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    If you are golfers, go to Playa Grande Golf Course. If you are not golfers, go to Playa Grande Golf Course anyway! That's where the "older" men will be. It would be a great day trip to see the beach, take the Laguna Gri-Gri boat trip in nearby Rio San Juan, and even ask to stop at the fruit plantation. There may not be a lot of eligible men at the fruit plantation, but it is a fascinating collection of all the fruits that grow on the island, complete with demonstrations of harvesting and free samples. Otherwise, Cabarete is a great fun spot day or night--there are a lot of young, athletic types, but plenty of not-so-young athletic and fun-loving types too. Enjoy--but don't ride on the moto-conchos. Muy pelligrosso.

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    This hotel in costamber, just up the coast a few miles from PP has a regular crew of likeable folks.

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    Grahame Bush

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    Try 'Somewhere Nice' in doce de Julio (12th July street) for the odd beer or two. Go there on 'Darts night' & you could have some REAL fun !!! ONE WEEK is not enough in the DR - stay longer & miss your flight back!! (We need the money!!). Enjoy anyway.


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