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Although Scotiabank in DR is not connected to Canada although part of the global corporation, you can withdraw from your Canadian Scotiabank account at a Scotiabank DR atm without a fee. That part is good.
True, When I opened a Scotiabank account here I had to give them a letter of introduction from my Scotiabank Manager in Canada.
Also I was able to e mail my CDN Scotiabank and have funds under $10000. sent same day for $49.oo CDN fee.
It was all very easy... no hassels... but it all depends upon the local branch and Management. It can also be horrendous .
With me, luck of the draw. For small amounts up to $5000.00 I simply use Western Union... instant and easy. I opened an account with WU and have had no problems. If there is a larger amount to send I call WU first to give them a heads up.
FBI and CIA are all tapped into Western Union.... but I have a clear conscience.