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Thread: Freddy's car rental

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    Default Freddy's car rental

    Does anyone on this board have any experience of Freddy's car rental in Sosua? If you rent a car there, is it fully insured? Do they bring you another car if the other one breaks down?

    It seems that they don't have a website.

    Any info is appreciated.

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    I just rented a car from him for 2 weeks. I've been renting from him for about 6 years because his cars are in better shape than other car rental's and his rates are pretty reasonable. Two years ago I had a small problem near Villa Vasquez - I had it fixed at a mechanic and he credited me back the cost of the repair. I'm sure if you break down near Sosua he would send another car, but if you are farther away I don't know how practical this would be. For insurance, I usually give him an imprint of my credit card which insures the rental through Visa. If everything is OK after I return the car he rips up the imprint and I pay the balance in cash.

    If however, you are worried about insurance and emergency service, you may be better off with Avis or one of the larger chains as they may have better facilities for this. Obvoiusly if they have a network of rental locations across the country they could be more flexible with sending help.

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    Default speeking of....

    I am going to a wedding in DR on August the 20th. I usually rent my car at the SDQ Airport but my family forgot to tell me that they changed locations to the capital so now I have to rent a car at the STI Airport. Can anyone please give me a number to call a car rental place that will accept debit cards I can't seem to find one on the Internet.


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