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    Patricia Peeters

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    My fiance and I are considering Melia Bavaro all Suite all-inclusive resort for our honeymoon destination in August/September 2000. It looks beautiful and gorgeous, but after reading some reviews on debbie's dominican travel home page, I am very concerned about health and also about service regarding the dinner reservations.

    I was in Punta Cana, Fiesta Bavaro, 4 years ago and had a terrific, wonderful experience (was sick for 1 night but change of climate and the relaxation after a very stressful year could have been major factors).

    Any and all reactions (good and bad) are welcome since it will help us make a decision one way or the other.

    Patricia Peeters

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    DR One

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    Excellent choice for a honeymoon. Superb beach. Low-density hotel. Lots of walks to admire nature under the stars. This hotel has lovely rooms (bring your own pillows, though, if you like soft pillows). Try to avoid the 16 August long weekend. It is a drag, but you will have to make reservations upon arrival for the dinner restaurants. Would not be concerned about getting sick. For tips on staying healthy, see our health page.

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    Comparing the Melia with the Fiesta, I'd say the Melia is outstanding. It's the most beautiful resort in the Punta Cana area (at my point of view).


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