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    Has anybody stayed here? I've been searching the net for about a week (ok ok not religiously) and much to my surprise I haven't found a lot of info on it. Can anybody help?

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    Hi Stu,

    Lucky for you, I have stayed twice at this hotel. It is really nice. There are a lot of activities to do here but if you're looking to go dancing, they don't have a disco. Every Wednesday and Saturday, they organize outings to the nearest disco in Boca Chica.

    The staff is really polite and nice. The food is relatively good. They have an Italian restaurant (you must go there), a Mexican restaurant (I haven't tried it), a steakhouse (try the steak), and the buffet.

    The shows at night a great. The atmosphere is excellent.

    When are you planning on going there ? I'm going for the 3rd time on March 18 through April 2.

    Hope I was helpful,



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    Maca (Spain)

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    Try to find any info in Occidental Web page (not very much information, of course): Also, perhaps there is a review from the hotel in Debbies page:

    I haven't stayed at Occidental, but i have done it in Decameron in Juan Dolio and i like a lot this area of the country... People is very nice, there are bars outside the resort where you can find other kind of people (not only tourist) and it's very easy to move by public bus wherever you want (to San Pedro de Macorix or to Santo Domingo...).

    Write me if you need more info, ok?

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    I just came back from playa real in Juan Dolio. It's a 3 star hotel. The beach is not the greatest, but, your only 15 min.from Boca Chica. The beach is much nicer there. As for the Hotel, the food was very good, and the service was good as well. You will enjoy.


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