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Thread: Best Fare Flight Chicago to Pop

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    Default Best Fare Flight Chicago to Pop

    What airlines, flights, prices do you like to fly Chicago to POP? Is flying into Santiago cheaper? How do you get from Santiago to Sosua?
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    Default fares

    I generally book AA nobody else has decent connections and daily flights.

    I have found everything from $489 to $1062 from ORD to POP for coach (connections in either SJU or MIA) Watch your connection times-especially on the way back when you have to pick up your bags in MIA- you simply can't make the 7whenever pm flight, you have to take the later one or you and your bags will not make the connection and will end up spending another half hour getting rebooked and possibly shut out of the last plane to ORD for the evening. will let you book the earlier flight.

    Usually STI is a bit cheaper- I have found everything from great $238/258 fares to $898. But for me (unless I am paying for the flight myself--normally these are business expense flights) the flight gets in too late and I really don't like driving the mountain road in the dark after an long day of planes, trains and automobiles.

    I'm not sure where you are based, but (IND)ianapolis also has good connections thru MIA to POP; generally you will pay similar to ORD-POP fares, occasionally 10-15% less. I just priced for a friend -peak Christmas 2 weeks- and it was $1062 from ORD to POP and $858 from IND to POP. STI wasn't any cheaper for the dates she wanted.

    Any other questions, PM me with specific dates.
    Happy travels!!


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