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Getting a Driverís License in the Dominican Republic.

Getting your license in the Dominican Republic is a straightforward process. Bring your cedula and a copy of the document with you to La Direccion General de Transito Terreste (DGTT), which is the equivalent of the department of motor vehicles. Make sure you have studied the driverís manual before you take your driving exam. Next, you must pay taxes in order to receive your license:

Driverís License: RD$455
Exam: RD$200
Medical Exam RD$40
Classification Fee: RD$75
Taxes: RD$20
Cost of Forms and Services: RD$85
Total: RD$855

At DGTT go to window # 1 and present your cedula and one copy, and pay for the driverís license. Next, go to window #2 and present your cedula, along with the receipt of payment of taxes, and the receipt of payment for the driverís license. Thirdly, go to window # 5 and present your cedula with the previous receipts, so that the information can be checked to make sure itís accurate.

After that, present all previous documents to window # 6, in order to take the written exam.

If you pass the written exam youíll be asked to take a road test. You have to wait 45 days before you can take a road test. Once you pass the road test, you can then obtain a Dominican drivers license.

Note: Driverís tests in the Dominican Republic are done in standard vehicles, i.e. vehicles with stick shifts. You can opt to take your test in an automatic vehicle, but it will be listed as a restriction on your license. If you choose to take your test with a standard vehicle, but donít own one, you can rent one at DGTT for RD$300.

For foreigners wishing to obtain a Dominican driverís license there is a separate, but similar process. First, foreigners must present their valid licenses from their country of origin with a certification from the Dominican embassy or consulate offices, verifying the validity of the license. Then take this document to the department of foreign relations and legalizations (Cancilleria) and have the document legalized there. Provide photocopies of all documents, present to DGTT, and follow the steps outlined above. The taxes for foreigners are different, and are listed below.
Driverís License: RD$455
Exam: RD$200
Medical Exam: RD$40
Classification Fee: RD$75
Taxes: RD$70
Cost of Forms and Services: RD$85
Additional Taxes: RD$20
Total: RD$925

If you are in the country legally and have not overstayed your tourist visa (15 days) you will be able to drive using your foreign license.

If you wish to get a Dominican driverís license, be aware that the United States Embassy will NOT validate your license. If you still want a Dominican driverís license, and your embassy doesnít validate, you will first need a cedula before you can get a license. Assuming you have a cedula, you will have to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles and take a driving test.

Most European Embassies, however, will validate licenses. If your countryís embassy does validate your license, the Department of Motor Vehicles requires the following:

1) A valid license from a foreign country
2) Certification from the foreign country's consular or diplomatic mission in the DR stating that the foreign license is valid
3) Authentication of the certification at the Dominican Ministry of Foreign Affairs (La Cancilleria)
4) Passport, valid for at least a year from the time of the application with residency visa or work permit or cedula
5) Payment of fees for medical exam, blood test and license at Banco de Reservas.
6) Medical exam and blood test results

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