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fun royal fun tropical :-)

Rating: Excellent Phone: Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: pueta plata Contact: denham 101 Value for money: Excellent
Food: Excellent Decor: Excellent Service: Excellent
i have been to dr 8 times and its the best ive ever seen the staff are exelent the shows are superb and the food is to die for. i go with a big number of people and we all want to go back this place is superb and i cant wait to see everyone again nodoubt they will never forget us.
you all must go and experince what i did.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 11/29/2004



Had the best time. The food was good, the staff were fun including Jammin Jeffrey. Everyone was nice. The hotel staff were very courteous and our room was great. Lucy is all I can say, she was the best cordinator I have seen for some time. I was a guest of the wedding but Lucy above her call of duty to make it happen.. Thanks to the staff and LUCY.....
Author: shantel Posted at 14:33 06/25/2010
Just got home yesterday and had the best vacation ever. The food was amazing, the staff animation staff were fun. The hotel staff were very courteous and our room was great. I have no complaints, I have awesome memories and it was a great vacation.
Author: BJ Posted at 17:58 03/24/2010
1. Our room was crap. Infested with ants and went home with a sort of skin rash from beds. Fridge was rarely restocked, sheets rarely changed, bathroom toilet paper and towels never replaced. We had to find the linen closets to get our own stuff. Poor.

2. Food was amazing. The a la carte dinners were like nothing else. Very high class food. Waiters were excellent and very accommodating.

3. Front desk is horrible at delegating duties. You have to call 5 times to get anything done.

4. Daytime bar staff are very slimy. Expect them to try to be all over you GF or wife. Night time Bar staff are very cool.

5. Closest beach is not worth going to. It sucks. Take the trip into Sosua and use that public beach it is very nice.

6. Not a resort to go to if you want to relax or get refreshed. Music is very loud all the time. You can hear it in you rooms loud and clear from 9 - 9. I guess maybe we were supposed to be outside in the sun, but being hungover will do that to you.

7. Finally, for all the crap we had to deal with, we probably lost a good 2 days off of our stay trying to get service. And we can speak Spanish.
Author: Kyle Posted at 13:10 12/27/2007
this holiday is the best ive ever been to im going to go back with my friends i cried when i had to come home i met loads of people and the staff were great and im stil keeping in touch with them cnt wait to go back had the time of my life!
Author: zoe Posted at 13:46 02/21/2007
We Really Enjoyed our full holiday it was fab n amasing their was so much to do on and off site the wether was great. and i cam home with a g8 tan we deffo going bk in 2007 some time
Author: Emma N Andrew Posted at 10:39 12/12/2006
i went back for july an august this year it was great we were there for a month an i loved it plus the mornin bike rides with jhonny an alex they were great andres still looking fine as usual and many new staff like scooby n luis n safi aww he was so much fun
they all looked after me an my friends already plannin me next break back
hope you all have as good as a time i did
Author: denham101 Posted at 7:19 11/22/2006
must agree fun royal tropical is brill i'm going back in 2 weeks for my 5th visit and can't wait. kept in touch with most of staff some who have now been friends for over 10 years but treat everyone whether 1st or 21st visit with respect. good work guys keep it up.
Author: clare Posted at 6:56 09/26/2006
Wel i just came back after stayin at fun royale and all i can is is fantastic best holiday eva everyone is soo friendly and lots of amazing things to do! definatly going back! top marks especially the italian!! :D
Author: Katie Posted at 5:18 08/11/2006
i went to this hotel for the millenium and it was fantastic!!! the staff were really friendly and everyone enjoyed the entertainment. we are going back in august becoz my sister is gettin married there. it was amazing... i recomend it to anyone :)
Author: Shelley Posted at 8:53 06/30/2006
just got back from fun tropical, all i can say its the best 2 weeks i ever spent, the staff were very freindly, the food was Exellent, and lots of it and choice,,There is so much to do here you are never board,, i went with a party of 6 , there all thinking off booking next year,, im booking another this year,, so wow wow see you there DAVE
Author: dave Posted at 17:27 06/2/2006
i got fuckin raped at fuun tropixcale by a big black bastard dont waste ur muni
Author: terri Posted at 12:28 03/2/2006
This is the biggist shithole i have ever been at broke my arm after 3 hours of getting there as waiters do not clean mees from floor in main resturant beds are infested with fleas we were moved after one week full of northern wankers looking for a fight and pissed to the point of falling over a total shit hole full of cats pissing to the point you cant smell anything else a dump taking legal action as also had food posining please please dont waste your money
Author: Terry Smith Posted at 10:21 01/22/2006
Im going in 2 weeks, based on all the reviews ive read and pictures ive seen it looks good, and for 2 adults all inclusive for 2 weeks it was under a grand!! wahoo
Author: Ian Posted at 13:04 09/26/2005
i stayed in fun royal and it was wkd i would go bak again the staff were lovely dominican is da best
Author: jade Posted at 13:38 05/21/2005
went to fun royal with 12 of my friends this place is place so far in domin... the staff is amazing i love them...they are such warming people... i go back every year..!
Author: emil Posted at 6:35 05/18/2005
fun tropical was amazing i loved the shows especially the girl dancers :D but all the staff was brill going bak next year cant wait for the quad bike tour again its a good experiance u see into the poor life of dominican republic if any one has the chance to go GO its jst fab !! THE PEOPLE OUT THERE R REALLY FREINDLY
Author: dale Posted at 19:38 02/26/2005
even though i havent been there for a while my family are going this week but i cannot go and all the staff phoned me to say how much i am going to miss out.
they all make you feel so special in many different ways.
the staff have invited me to come on my own so i can see them aswell
Author: denham101 Posted at 8:35 02/8/2005
i havent been there but i want to i can't w8!!!!! :):)
Author: jill Posted at 16:31 12/18/2004

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