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The National Council for Climate Change and Clean Development Mechanism of the Dominican Republic (CNLCC) says the new tender for the completing of the operation of the Punta Catalina coal-fired generation units is an indication there are serious flaws in the new operation. The consortium of Odebrecht, Techimont-Estrella built the power plant central. President Danilo Medina had announced the inauguration of the Punta Catalina 752 MW coal-fired plant for 17 March 2020. This never happened, as the government immersed itself in the coronavirus epidemic

These massive generation units, the most important infrastructure taken on by the Medina administration, abruptly cut out of the national grid on Friday, 17 April, just before President Danilo Medina was going to address the nation on the coronavirus.

According to the CNLCC, the fact that the Dominican Public Electricity...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.