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Photo: Presidency

An editorial in Diario Libre presents a generalized complaint of the press on the lack of Medina administration officers’ availability to the press. The Medina administration ends on 16 August 2020, according to the Constitution.

Ines Aizpún, managing editor, writes: “The number of press releases have multiplied, reporting on the good works of the Police, the Army and the lesser ministries. All is well,” she writes. But she questions the difficulties in press contacts with the ministries of Public Works, Ministry of Environment, Education and Tourism.

“Communication has focused on government relief. But we want to know what is really happening in every area of the government, all conveniently shut down for the security of their employees. But this is dangerous for others in these times of government transition,” she highlights.

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To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.