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It is not true that the health system is overwhelmed by new cases of the Covid-19 virus. The director of the Presidential Committee for Covid Response, Dr. Amado Alejandro Báez says still only 25% of country’s hospital beds have been set aside for Covid-19 patients. Of these 58% are in use, an increase after the start of the reopening of the economy in May.

In an interview with Mariasela Alvarez and Diana Lora for Esta Noche con Mariasela, Dr. Baez said hospital bed demand has increased in Greater Santo Domingo but this is not the situation elsewhere in the country. He said when the committee began its technical support for the management of the virus, an increase in hospital capacity was contemplated and new facilities are being integrated to the public system. He mentioned increased capacity at the Marcelino Velez, Ramon de Lara, police and military hospitals. He said...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.