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Yuniol Ramirez / Listin Diario

The Specialized Anti-Administrative Prosecution Agency (Pepca) says it will continue to carry the Yuniol Ramirez case in court, even if the family members desist of the charges. The family says that after long hours of interrogating new witness Argenis Contreras, the prosecution continues to accuse Manuel Rivas, the former director of the state bus company, Omsa, his financial director Faustino Rosario and businessman Eddy Santana Zorilla only with corruption charges and not with complicity in the actual murder. In the file prepared for the case, National District Rosalba Ramos had removed the murder charges against these.

The defense lawyer of Argenis Contreras holds a similar position to that of the family of Yuniol Ramírez, complaining that only the lesser culprits are being charged in the present accusations file instrumented when...

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