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The media is now covering the gradual but consistent increase in lodging accommodations on Saona Island, the island where Pirates of the Caribbean scenes were filmed. Technically, overnight stays are not allowed, but they are happening. An increase in solar power service bodes for the trend to continue.

Last week, journalists were invited to participate in a Environmental Journalism Workshop, and two dozen journalists were taken by Ecored and the Punta Cana-Macao Energy Consortium to visit Saona Island.

Environmentalist Eleuterio Martinez told El Dia reporters that the law is clear and states that in a scientific reserve-protected area no infrastructures can be built. He said arts and crafts stands are authorized for the Mano Juan local community in Saona, but the law bans lodging facilities. Lodging is only legal in camping facilities.

The local inhabitants complain the hundreds of...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.