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Municipal affairs expert, Waldys Taveras considers that the city council in La Romana and Jaquimeyes should swear in the deputy mayors to replace the mayors that have Supreme Court of Justice court prison orders against them. Taveras is president of the Commonwealth of Greater Santo Domingo that operates under the Dominican Municipal League since August 2020. He is a former city councilor.

Mayor Juan Antonio (Tony) Adames of La Romana is sentenced to two years in jail and and Carlos Valentin Bautista to three years in jail.

Taveras stated that there is a situation of complicity of the political parties for allowing the contempt of the Supreme Court of Justice rulings.

“The Dominican justice system is so weak that there is no judge to execute the sentence. If the one who is condemned is an unfortunate person who stole a chicken and is free, he would have been sentenced a...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.