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Sigmund Freund of the Private Public Alliance Agency (DGAPP) of the Abinader administration is on a media tour to explain why a public-private alliance should manage the inspection of vehicles in the Dominican Republic. Transit and Transport Institute (Intrant) Law 63-17 orders the inspections but does not create a separate private-public entity. In the past, checks were carried out by a division at the Ministry of Public Works. With time, the inspections were not carried out and the “revista” sticker became a circulation tax.

No one debates the need for inspections to improve road safety. These are intended to remove from circulation the vehicles that are not fit to be on the road. Freund argues that studies show 40% of traffic accidents occur due to vehicle problems related to tires and brakes,” as he told Adalberto Grullón and Millizen Uribe on TeleAntillas’ Uno+Uno talk...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.