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The vulnerability of the perimeter fence under construction by the Dominican government at the border with Haiti is evidenced by the destruction of a sector, reportedly by Haitian vandals. The hole in the metallic mesh would have been opened to facilitate the irregular entry of Haitians into Dominican territory through the La Sal sector of northwestern Dajabón province.

The break was carried out at a time when the Dominican government has shut down the official gate through which thousands of Haitians would cross over on market days. No one checked who had returned to Haiti.

The Dominican government is investing RD$1.75 billion in constructing the cement and metallic mesh wall, covering 54 km of border with Haiti. The wall includes 19 surveillance towers and 10 gates for patrol access. The construction is under the Ministry of Defense.

President Luis Abinader...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.