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Despite the recent deaths of five persons who were swept away by the Fula River current in Monseñor Nouel when happily enjoying with friends and family in a restaurant-bar by the river on a hot November day, people are back at the same recreational center and again risking their lives, Diario Libre warned.

The authorities had reported the shutdown of the businesses.

But a video shared over the weekend shows the people are back in the river again.

On Tuesday, five people lost their lives due to the river flooding last Tuesday. The people were seated in chairs inside the river when the rushing waters pulled them away. The body of the fifth person, identified as Isauly Martínez, 25 years old, was recovered only on the next Thursday morning in the waters of the Rincón dam in the province of La Vega.

The four other dead were identified as 13-year old Jade Contreras Vásquez, her...

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