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On 21 December 2022, Haiti’s acting President Ariel Henry signed a pact with the political parties and civil society organizations whereby he committed to abandon the position on 7 February 2024. As of 5 February 2024, no announcement of his leaving the government has come from Henry.

Henry has backed the arrival of a police force mission from Kenya as part of a UN-supported peace-seeking exercise in Haiti. There is no date either for the arrival of the Kenya forces. The judiciary in Kenya opposes the mission, despite the backing of that country’s President. The US has committed to pay US$200 million to the Kenya government for the service of its police force members leading the effort to restore order to Haiti.

In Haiti, recently arrived deported drug trafficker and former police chief in Cap Haitien Guy Philippe has revved up the pressure for the departure of Henry from the government...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.