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The island of Hispaniola is in the Caribbean. The Caribbean is in the tropics. However, last week temperatures of minus zero were registered up in the mountains around the town of Constanza. Reports from hikers traveling in the Valley of Lilis, between Duarte Peak and La Pelona, the two highest mountains in the entire Caribbean, were of extreme lows in freezing temperatures. The Central Mountain Range mountains are part of the Jose del Carmen Ramirez National Park.

Furthermore, Caribe newspaper reported on several small creeks that had frozen over and on the frost- covered fields in the early morning. The impact of the polar air mass that passed over the island last week was impressive, indeed, especially in the early morning hours.

In Valle Nuevo, Constanza, the thermometer dropped to a new record low of -6° C at the well-known Pyramids. At Duarte Peak, the lowest...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.