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Last week, national newspapers published many articles on highway fatalities. The victimsranged from a woman who did not have a helmet to a small group of United States citizens whocrashed their SUV into a small bus. Other situations reported include a Police sargeant who crashed hissmall motorcycle and died, and two fatalities in Montecristi in a car accident on the highwaybetween that city and Dajabon.

Analysts over the past five years have noted that speed and alcohol are two of the main factors in these terrible accidents, along with poor lighting, ignorance of basic traffic rules, and many novice drivers.

In a Puerto Plata incident, the three Americans were identified only by their initials, and a Dominican female who was injured was identified by her full name.

The eight fatalities noted in the newspaper this past week most likely are less than the real number ofaccident...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.