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The water pumps of La Vigia in Dajabon province in the northwest of the border with Haiti were put into operation. The water pumps were reinstalled once it became clear businesspeople in Haiti, with the support of the gangs, were going ahead to complete the Masacre River water canal in Haiti near Ouanaminthe. The canal was built to detour waters of the Dajabon/Masacre river for particular use in Haiti.

The Dajabon River becomes the Masacre River as it crosses into Haiti for two kilometers before returning to its course as Dajabón River for another 50 km in the Dominican Republic. Diario Libre reports that the actions worked as planned, and the new Masacre River canal was left without water.

Farmers in Dajabon province had alerted the government over Easter Week that the builders of the canal in Haiti had opened the floodgates of the canal in Ouanaminthe. The...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.