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Toll booths in the Dominican Republic reported 1,668,608 vehicles crossed the stations during Easter Week, from Monday, 25 March to Sunday, 31 March 2024.

Red Vial statistics breakdown of stats are:Monday, 25 March: 241,787 vehiclesTuesday, 26 March: 254,536 vehiclesWednesday, 27 March: 287,927 vehiclesThursday, 28 March: 307,062 vehiclesFriday, 29 March: 173,365 vehiclesSaturday, 30 March: 180,727 vehiclesSunday, 31 March: 223,204

The most transited toll stations were those at Las Americas Highway (233,489), Duarte Highway (147,642), San Cristobal’s 6 de Noviembre Highway (139,098) and the Sanchez Highway (also headed to San Cristobal) with 113,732.

The La Romana toll booths reported Coral I 124,973 vehicles, Coral II 112,477 vehicles and La Romana 111,159 vehicles.

Section I in Santiago reported 115,578; Section II 86,831 and Section III 77,785.

The Azua toll booth...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.