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The 2024 first time experience with the national debates makes unsubstantiated that the fear past presidential candidates had that held up their participation in presidential debates. In past elections, neither former President Leonel Fernandez nor former President Danilo Medina had accepted to participate in the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs (Anje) organized debates. This changed in 2024, when incumbent President Luis Abinader said “yes.”

Bernardo Vega explains that questions to the effect included in the 24-28 Penn Stagwell poll made the point, as reported in Hoy. He said that 30% of those polled did not even tune in to watch the widely publicized debate. The 30% of those who did not watch included 38% of those who described themselves as independents, that is not partisan of any party.

36% of those interviewed during the debate considered that Luis Abinader...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.