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María Salazar and Adriano Espaillat / DR1

Republican Florida representative Maria Salazar and Democratic New York representative Adriano Espaillat expressed optimism the US Congress will pass the Americas Act that ensures funding and actions to step up US participation in development strategies in that country’s back door, Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Americas Act introduced in March 2024 is a follow-up to the Dignity Act, submitted to the US Congress in May 2023. Both bills seek bipartisan support to revert the migration processes underway in the region after years of the United States investing in Asia rather than in “their back yard”. The legislators say the US government and opposition see in the Americas Act a “game changer” for robust development in the Americas.

Salazar and Espaillat championed the bill when presenting at the 54th Americas...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.