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The Dominican Constitution establishes that voting is a civic right and duty. It is also a privilege of citizens living in a democratic society. “The hard work is now over, almost all the electoral boards have in their possession the material that will be used in Sunday’s elections,” says JCE Director of Elections, Mario Núñez, in an interview in Listin Diario.

The Central Electoral Board (JCE), in charge of organizing the elections in the Dominican Republic, says all is ready for the election and called for mass attendance to the polls. JCE member judge, Dolores Fernandez said that the JCE guarantees transparent, equitable and free electoral process for the 8,145,548 Dominicans registered to vote. Fernández, a career officer at the JCE before being named a plenary member, explained that the setup of the elections is very good, with the electoral logistics complete, as...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.