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The small eastern town of El Seibo, one of the oldest and most historic (and least known) places in the Dominican Republic, held its traditional religious feast days on the past weekend. Bullfights are included and are described as the most iconic features of the tradition. The bullfights are a scene out of Old Spain but intended to be without the bloodshed.

Actually, it is the only place in the Dominican Republic where something like this takes place. A bullring is set up in the middle of the town. There is seating available that ranges in price from RD$100 to RD$1,000. There are food vendors, and refreshments to be enjoyed as every day six bulls are released and brave toreadors, with no medical insurance, taunt and scamper around the bulls in the very muddy arena.

Despite the rains, the brave men go out with their capes, but no swords and provide a spectacle...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.