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President Luis Abinader confirmed during the 13 May 2024 press conference (La Semanal) that his government will only provide humanitarian assistance in health services as part of the multinational effort to restore peace in Haiti. The United States, Caricom and Kenya are leading the process to restore order to Haiti.

President Abinader clarified that the Dominican Republic in no way would provide any military support, in answering to the question of the Washington Post correspondent in Colombia.

With the collapse of the health system in Haiti given the many assaults by the gangs on hospitals in Haiti, the DR has taken on the burden of offering increased free medical services to the Haitian population in the Dominican Republic. Upwards of 35% of births in Dominican public hospitals are to Haitian women. Several hospitals (Los Minas and La Altagracia in Santo...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.