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Over the weekend, Dominicans became aware that the quest for more impunity for legislators and government officials, the Church and the military, is behind the fast-tracking of a Penal Code Bill that passed in the Senate on Wednesday, 3 July 2024, moving to the Chamber of Deputies.

Once a selection of ludricous articles contained in the Penal Code that passed in the Senate were made public, journalists such as Huchi Lora on his Esta Misma Semana were prompt to blast the Senate-approved bill.

The three grounds for abortion have always been the smoke screen for the Penal Code, but as outgoing deputy Jose Horacio Rodriguez said he discovered in his short term in Congress, what is most important for the legislators is to insure their continued impunity.

This time around, the ruling party legislators have received the most criticism. The ruling PRM party is majority in Congress...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.