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The recently released statistics from the 10th National Population and Housing Census 2022 gives data to help understand the phenomenon of La Altagracia, the easternmost province that is growing in leaps and bounds. It is that La Altagracia is where Punta Cana, the boom tourism town, is located.

Balbiery Rosario for Diario Libre reports that the province’s population growth has by far surpassed the national average of 1.1% over the past 12 years. The La Altagracia average annual increase is 4.18%.

Thousands of capital city dwellers have moved with their families to the Punta Cana area where there are good schools, shopping and an easier lifestyle than traffic congested Santo Domingo. Others have decided to retire in Punta Cana where hundreds of residential areas cater to locals and foreigners, too.

Diario Libre points out that the census data-collecting process in...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.