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Has Jean Luis Rodriguez, the new executive director of the Dominican Port Authority, opened a Pandora’s box?

Rodríguez is setting an example that many government officials will find tough to follow. He understands the extras are illegitimate and untimely in these Covid-19 days

Rodríguez turned down US$10,000 a month in personal expenses. He was not being held accountable for how he spent the money; the government would just pay the credit card bills, no questions asked.

Rodriguez also turned down being paid RD$50,000 bonus for each time he attended a board of directors meeting of the Dominican Port Authority.

The disclosure by Rodriguez provides another glimpse into the wasteful spending that was normal in the past Medina administration and if unchecked could continue in the Abinader administration.

Rodríguez acknowledged that the generous...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.