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The president of Acción Empresarial por la Educación (Educa), Samuel Conde, on Thursday, 19 February 2021 called on the Minister of Education, Roberto Fulcar to consider face-to-face education with the application of a voluntary pilot plan to begin on 1 March in public and private schools nationwide.

Conde made the proposal during the debate “Presential Education, yes or no?,” sponsored by Educa. Parents, and education representatives of local and international organizations presented the pros and cons of returning to in-person learning.

Conde acknowledged health is non-negotiable. He called for safeguards for the health of teachers and staff. However, he said that numerous studies have shown that schools are safe places if proper health protection measures are taken.

He highlighted the enormous challenges posed by the pandemic and said it is not a time to...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.