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Economist and former Dominican ambassador in the United States, Bernardo Vega writes in Acento on the talks of turning Haiti into a Hong Kong, a major global low-cost manufacturing site.

In an opinion piece for Acento, Vega writes:“Already Haiti has not only lost its soil that hinders farming there, but it has also lost its middle and upper classes who have migrated abroad. Some suggest that the only alternative is for the country is for it to adopt the Hong Kong model of growth, that is, not to farm, rather import its food and that the industry be entirely for export, turning the whole country into a large free trade zone, since its main comparative advantage is its cheap labor.”

Vega insists that whatever the model, as long as the criminal gangs dominate Port-au-Prince there will be no possibility for economic growth. He says this situation can only be addressed by...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.