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The director of the Migration Agency (DGM) Venancio Alcántara denied a recent CNN release that said that among the recent deportations are children separated from their parents.

Alcantara said among the 150,000 foreigners deported to their countries since 2020, when the government changed, there are no cases of minors separated from their parents.

“At all times and in compliance with the laws of the Dominican Republic and international treaties, all deportations are carried out in total and absolute respect for the dignity of persons and their human rights,” Venancio Alcantara, director general of Migration is quoted in a press release.

He emphasizes that “there are specific procedures when minors are involved in the process. At all times the minors are with their parents and, when these have not been located, the minors are referred directly to the National...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.