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President Luis Abnader announced a billion peso tender for the construction of the long-awaited water system for the mountain village of Moncion, in Santiago Rodriguez province. The town, famous for its casava bread, currently relies on a system built in the Trujillo era, which has far outweighed its usefulness.

Moncion is the site of the Moncion dam and hydroelectric plant that irrigates and provides drinking water to thousands of people in the western part of the Cibao Valley. Nevertheless, the town did not have an adequate water system for itself.

President Abinader said that he knew that he would be asked about the new water supply system during his visit to the area, and he was quite frank when he noted the absence of a local water supply at a place with such a major day and electricity station. Abinader also inaugurated a facility for pre-schoolers...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.