Carlos Sanchez to be The Caveman, in Dominican version of successful play





Comedian Carlos Sanchez accepted the challenge for the monologue "Defending the Caveman" that holds the record as the longest running solo play in Broadway history. The play has been seen in 45 countries and translated into 18 different languages.

Defending the Caveman is described as a hilariously insightful play about the ways menand women relate. The play is said to make men and women laugh at themselves, and the ways men and women fight, laugh and love. The play was written by Rob Becker and originally opened in San Francisco in 1991.

The Dominican version, El Cavernicola, is directed by Manuel Chapuseaux and will open Thursday, 14 February at 8:30pm with Thursday showings at the Escenario 360 hall of the Galeria 360 mall. Tickets are for sale online at Uepa Tickets and Tickets Express or by calling 829 953-0360.

Thu, 14 February, 2019
Starts at 08:30 PM


Escenario 360
Galeria 360
Santo Domingo