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  1. Lawyer in Bavaro area
  2. Dual citizenship and residency....
  3. Cedula & gun Permit????
  4. What can I do when I find out my husband has 1 or 2 more wives?
  5. Looking for Criminal Prosecutor
  6. Traductor Judicial
  7. Americans divorcing in the D.R. question
  8. tax laws
  9. Wiring funds from european bank account
  10. Need certified copy of Divorce certificate
  11. liquidation for full-time household staff
  12. On Non Immigrant Visas and the American Consulate's Bad Faith
  13. which papers?
  14. Controlled prescribed drugs
  15. Undeclared Father on birth certificate? Can i claim the child?
  16. How can my hubby take my name?
  17. Can the solicitud be used as the cedula while you wait for one?
  18. How to Seek Dual Citizenship if Child of Dominican Parent
  19. Dishonest Home Seller; what can we do?
  20. Bringing pet dog to Canada
  21. Bringing a PC to the DR???
  22. Personal Checks
  23. Vehicle insurance: What's a total loss (crash)
  24. Resignation or not???????????
  25. Update on sexual harrasment thread
  26. Opening a call center in the DR
  27. birth certificate
  29. Can anyone suggest me about the law office?
  30. problem with car rental company
  31. Citizenship Applications Temporarily Halted
  32. us taxes
  33. Property Division...need some help
  34. Legal framework on development project
  35. In need of a child custody lawyer "English speaking"
  36. Citizenship through Marriage
  37. Residency for the DR
  38. Legal DR requirements to bring fiance's kids to the US
  39. Advice pls* Fiance possibly getting deported back to the DR
  40. Legal question - maternity stuff
  41. Please help... English In costa rica marrying Dominican
  42. Return Air Tickets Question
  43. is it impossible?
  44. Wanting Marriage of Dominican Woman, what do I need
  45. Spousal/Child Support and Common Law
  46. Information about imports
  47. using the fiscal
  48. Offshore Investing
  49. Getting my residency/passport, is it even possible?
  50. Notaries in Sosua
  51. dominican travelng to st marteen
  52. Dominican Citizenship for US born son
  53. Private beaches in DR - ?
  54. CAR FIRE- first week here!
  55. One way ticket from US to DR - Question
  56. Turismo building permit
  57. Inheritance with a twist???
  58. From Sosua, where is Bombita and laHoya
  59. Passport for a dominican
  60. exotic birds import from america
  61. Citizenship Help
  62. URGENT information re. DIVORCE required
  63. Colegio de Notario y Registrato?
  64. Recently expired passport
  65. Can property and land be taken?
  66. Question re: residency
  67. Canadian needs DR Work Visa
  68. Legal rights concerning an accident
  69. Need advice - re: dual citizenship
  70. 90 Day Tourist Visa/Card
  71. proceedures to protect fractional hotel condo ownership
  72. Buying a unit in a hotel?
  73. Fractionals In the Dominican Republic
  74. gun possession/carry/use ?s
  75. can I get a dominican passport ?
  76. New Tax in Cabarete ! Can this be legal ?
  77. Senator Guerreroa
  78. Help, is uncle in trouble????
  79. US Citzen travel into DR with birth cert and State ID?
  80. Tourist card scam?
  81. Forensic Science Department
  82. A True Horror Story; Some High Place Crooked Lawyers
  83. Water Bill From Past Owner
  84. House rent subjected to ITBIS?
  85. What are Edenorte's legal responsibilities?
  86. Common law spouse
  87. Provisional residency fees for Kids??
  88. marriage records
  89. Employment in Free Trade Zone
  90. International Banking Question
  91. Visa information for living in the DR?
  92. Our inheritance was stolen.....
  93. work in the DR
  94. New constitution
  95. labor law: Commission Chargebacks
  96. can you really bring your vehicle by ferry?
  97. Domincan Citizenship
  98. Land titles
  99. Two years to transfer title on new property??????
  100. Commercial landlord-tenant regulations
  101. International Adoption
  102. Naturalisation
  103. Credit Cards in DR
  104. Help I need to find out the rules on prior owners having bill on the property!!!!
  105. Defining the term family while applying for residency ??
  106. ammount spend on process of residency procedure
  107. Cost of Divorce in the DR
  108. Experience with one-day Dominican divorce?
  109. providers of residency cedula leading to a passport
  110. Deslindes will be mandatory beginning April 2009
  111. License for Shooting Club?
  112. Inheritance questions
  113. Junta Central
  114. Deslinde: The April 2009 deadline
  115. Looking to contract a call center!
  116. Incorporating quicky
  117. Do-it-yourself-incorporation
  118. Do I pay tax on selling inherited property?
  119. Help needed re yet another liquidation query
  120. Marriage annulment
  121. Can someone help me! I am clueless
  122. Legal or Not?
  123. Judge & Bribery
  124. Civil/Criminal Case
  125. What constitutes assault in the DR?
  126. Legally married
  127. can somebody help me to make a phone call for me
  128. residencial application proccedure
  129. Help help Marriage certificate
  130. Translation and Legalization of US Birth Certificate
  131. Real Estate Fraud
  132. Need help with family law
  133. link to law on transit, pls
  134. Looking for some honest answers
  135. Having a problem recovering my deposit
  136. health care, insurance benefit requirements
  137. Does anybody else pay the notary public fee according to the law?
  138. Liquidation due to medical issues...
  139. Tax Problem
  140. Real Estate Lawyer: Bavaro
  141. Good US Law Firm with Offices in DR?
  142. Meeting Quorum
  143. driving
  144. Is this price accurate?
  145. Flying with 2 different passports.
  146. explaination plz...
  147. Unforseen Marriage Dilemas
  148. Medical issues..
  149. Company Creation Service...feedback
  150. Lawyers fees for reaching citizenship.
  151. corruption in the legal system???
  152. True or False
  153. Cedula Costs
  154. request
  155. D.R. fund that pays 5% per month???
  156. Renewing DR passport in Thailand
  157. Sending Birth Certificate to the US
  158. Real Estate Lawyer
  159. How do i get temporary residency ?
  160. Apartment Situation
  161. remail service in the D.R. ???
  162. forces christmas break
  163. residency hassle worth it?
  164. the Fiscal (prosecutor) is gonna be in trouble
  165. Confiscating motorcycle
  166. Part time workers
  167. Death in the D.R.& Insurance
  168. Biometric ID card for foreigners questions
  169. Dominican Birth Certificate fiascos
  170. Is Luis Alberto Veras of Tabacalera San Luis CixA, Piantini, Santo Domingo, D.N. bad
  171. How do I bring a 12 year old boy back to the US for a visit
  172. Contract language
  173. Traveling with Young Children
  174. Residency & Bank Account info needed. I am confused!!!
  175. citizenship process
  176. Extra Fee Using Credit Card
  177. Officialy certify my birth certificate.
  178. messing situation with husband in Canada
  179. US Petition I-130 Information Need
  180. Sueing a Doctor in Puerto Plata
  181. Common law status
  182. resigning from my job
  183. Equalization of Marital Residency Rights
  184. Cost for Temporary Residency
  185. what pappers i need to life there legale
  186. Info on bringing along personal protection
  187. La Romana Attorney?
  188. Divorce
  189. Laws about Noise
  190. Criminal record checks.
  191. Residency laws changing january 2009.
  192. she says shes pregnant
  193. Marriage in the Dominican Republic
  194. compensation claim
  195. I scream!!
  196. Lawyer
  197. Competent North Coast Business Atty?
  198. Passport and wallet stolen
  199. If a cop pulls me over
  200. Tinted windows? Legal or not?
  201. Provisional-Residency lawyers under $900 U.S.
  202. What happens if a company is late paying Christmas bonuses?
  203. Pasaporte Dominicano
  204. smoking ban in public places
  205. US Citizen Child Dominican Mom
  206. Is polygamy legal in the D-R ?
  207. Does the National Army have police powers in the DR and if so why?
  208. The rent is paid but the mortgage is not...
  209. At-will termination after maternity leave
  210. Which dept of the court system plces tear-down order of constrution in Santiago?
  211. "Personal Possessions"
  212. "tenencia" license
  213. Apostille - No more need for DR embassy authentication?
  214. residency exoneration list?
  215. Legal Homeowners Issue : Please Read
  216. In need of a Notary in the Dominican Republic
  217. Insurance company won't accept it responsibilities.
  218. Paying your Rent
  219. foreign vehicles
  220. DR Citizenship 2 years from Provisional or Permanent Residency?
  221. Shipping personal Items
  222. mandatory autopsy ??
  223. How to get copy of a decreto.
  224. Panama Citizen Visa Needed?
  225. Question on Dominican Citizenship
  226. Direct Consular filing...Re Dominican Citizenship
  227. Time To Open New Biometric Thread Since The Last Has Been Magically Closed...
  228. Condo ownership question
  229. Administration laws for developments?
  230. Buying a solar
  231. Article On DR Stock Exchange....
  232. use of precedent in legal arguments
  233. Proxy for condo meeting
  234. Cedula and Residency???
  235. how much does it cost for a gun permit in D.R.?
  236. Importing a boat for tourism
  237. Requesting specific immigration information
  238. cabarete lawyers
  239. Legal studies
  240. Wedding Legal Requirements
  241. Theiving Employees
  242. passport for dominican
  243. Is is safe to see 'el fiscal'
  244. Birth certificate authentication not in your country of residency ?
  245. renewing gun permit
  246. Fighting with Taxi mafia
  247. Married a guy living in the Dominican
  248. Electronic Money - no more paper cash or coins in the DR?
  249. Dual Citizenship for Minor child & Child support
  250. Non-Traditional Diabetic Medicines