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  1. Solar Panels
  2. Waste To Energy
  3. Methane/Biogas/Biodiesel
  4. ***Welcome to the Environment Forum***
  5. Littering & Environmental Education
  6. Electricity Supply & the Environment in Samana
  7. Landfills
  8. Motoconcho Emissions
  9. Some past threads on environmental issues
  10. The DR's potential as an exporter of organics
  11. Biogas & fuel grade alchol
  12. Eco-tourism in the DR, Status & Potential
  13. Some Useful DR-related Environment Links
  14. Santiago's Waste Problems
  15. Industrial Accidents in the DR
  16. Worm Composting
  17. Solar
  18. Edible things that will GROW
  19. Gas lamps are radioactive...
  20. Making DR's Hotels More Eco-Friendly
  21. Recycling business viable?
  22. What about Potable Water?
  23. Best Ecological Sites to Visit
  24. Punta Cana / Bavaro trash?
  25. germs, bugs and bacteria on public transportation
  26. Cueva de las Maravillas
  27. Plastic
  28. Just a question
  29. Pueblo Viejo Gold Mine
  30. Beach Contamination
  31. Impact of Snorkeling/Diving on DR's Reefs
  32. Recycling Used Oil/Lubricants
  33. Poll: Your Pick of DR's Top Environmental Priorities
  34. CSM piece on eco-tourism in DR
  35. Nice Site on the DR's National Parks
  36. speaking of health, diet and EPA
  37. Support organic farming
  38. News Summary-solar panels
  39. Crayfish
  40. Rural-urban migration, Plan Sierra, Plan Quisqueya and reforestation
  41. Storm Damage to Property
  42. solar energy
  43. Power Solution Needed
  44. Generators and inverters
  45. Combined Crops
  46. Samana Boondoggle
  47. Island consciousness
  48. Gold Prospecting??
  49. ode to the Poplar
  50. Waterfalls in the DR
  51. Magnetic Energy?
  52. Alkaline Fuel Cell - Looks promising
  53. Fuel Cells - Ethanol Yields Hydrogen
  54. Why is Lead poisioning so common place in the Dominican Republic
  55. DR renewable energy/rural electrification chat tomorrow
  56. wastewater treatment
  57. Toxics in Samana?
  58. Role of Civil Society in Protecting the DR's Environment
  59. Garbage Threatening Beauty of 'Paradise' Islands
  60. Corruption Strikes Juan Dolio - Another environmental nightmare !
  61. Which DR Media Do A Good Job on Covering Environmental Issues/Uncovering Abuses?
  62. What to do with Hazardous Waste in the DR?
  63. Moving Duquesa in 45 days? Are they Nuts????
  64. Community service volunteers?
  65. Alternative power experts!
  66. environmental consutancy
  67. Trash and waste materials?Fill for construction?
  68. Earth Day in the DR?
  69. Parque Nacional del Este - sold?
  70. National Park near Monticristi and supposed Commercial development
  71. Are the Parks Bermudez and Ramirez under threat?
  72. Selling off of national parks in the intl press
  73. I wish I had time to translate this letter
  74. new shipment of 9,000 tons of ROCKASH for the DR on the way!
  75. Let this be a lesson to us all
  76. Pico Trujillo? you gotta be kidding me
  77. Garbage in DR from Puerto Rico, USA ?
  78. The worst Pictures de la inundaciones
  79. Is anyone familiar with....
  80. Germany Co. invests in establishing a Environmental University in Dominican Republic?
  81. River erosion control
  82. Greenpeace to bat for Park of the East
  83. EDTA - where can it be purchased here?
  84. Killing of Whales
  85. Controlling the Stray Dog Population in the DR
  86. Loss of Protected Status of National Parks
  87. Who Should Leonel Appoint as Environment Minister?
  88. Rating the Environmental Record of Hippo & Moya Pons
  89. What Should Leonel Do in the Environment Field?
  90. Do all those hydro-electric dams actually provide energy?
  91. what are those things.....?
  92. those things are.....
  93. Santo Domingo Metro
  94. Cave Diving
  95. Garbage
  96. Now Here's a Wild Idea for the DR to Ponder...
  97. Garbage in Samana
  98. New Laws
  99. Lessons to be learned from Jeanne
  100. Toilet Paper in the Septic. Myth or Truth?
  101. Whale Watching
  102. Health issues i.e. Haiti
  103. Jaragua Hotel - Cancer Risk?
  104. Nuclear Power for the DR?
  105. Lethal Yellowing
  106. The Ecology of Trash
  107. wind turbines
  108. What You Did Not Read in Today's DR1 News...
  109. Santiago's Waste Woes Hit the Headlines
  110. eco-tourism
  111. Kyoto effective February 15th, 2005
  112. Chlorine equivalent
  113. Water Utilities
  114. chinese move into cuba / its effects on dr
  115. Worst Tsunami in a while.
  116. Thinking Outside the Box on Waste & Recycling Issues in the DR
  117. The First Environmental Disaster of the New World
  118. Juanillo marina development
  119. Expanded Tsunami Warning System Coming
  120. False tsunami rumour in Puerto Plata
  121. Birds in Santiago
  122. ExxonMobil entres into Extended Drain Market
  123. It would seem------
  124. Global Warming
  125. Coal-fired plants
  126. re: Exxon in U.S, but Esso in the D.R.
  127. Pre-paid Power Cards
  128. Now that's more like it!
  129. natures stepchildren
  130. Suspicious tree harvest
  131. Fossil Fuels and a bleak outlook
  132. What does it take to be an environmentalist?
  133. Playa El Encuentro -- what's the story?
  134. Rain Forrest
  135. Understanding Rain Forests.
  136. septic
  137. Earth Day 2005
  138. Rain
  139. New Hiking Tour in a National Park
  140. A positive step in improving urban sanitation
  141. Environment, Economy, & Government
  142. Happy Birthday to the Environmental Moderator!!!
  143. Myths about Informal Recycling
  144. The Environmental Balance Sheet for the Artificial Island Project
  145. Images from Space of Forest Fires
  146. Bizarre Thoughts Regarding Ants
  147. Whaling Question
  148. Fundación Global Conference on Island Cooperation on the Environment
  149. Vehicles that run on alcohol (Ethanol?)
  150. Solar air conditioning
  151. Filtering Water
  152. Cleaning Beaches
  153. avian flu?
  154. Know of any community service projects?
  155. Waste Disposal on the North Coast
  156. Exotic animals.
  157. Needless Dominican Deaths
  158. A more realistic solution?
  159. Pros and Cons of Nuclear Power for the DR?
  160. Did Metaldom have leak?
  161. DR's Reefs Threatened?
  162. the real price of gold mining in the DR
  163. More on the Rock Ash Case
  164. Oil & Drilling & Real Alternatives
  165. OK to import and dump toxic and hazardous wastes in the DR
  166. Composting in the DR?
  167. Announcing a New & Different Blog - Meet the Green Team!
  168. Wave Power Alternative Energy coming into its own
  169. What came first, the organics or the marketing machine?
  170. How can the DR better market organics?
  171. Musings...
  172. A Survey: Is Santo Domingo Any Cleaner?
  173. Grassroots work in the park
  174. Nominate Your Province
  175. Electricity
  176. Environmental Education - Is There Any?
  177. Protecting Los Cocos Village
  178. toxic wastes in samana rumor???
  179. More on composting
  180. SVO and biodiesel
  181. Gen Gas and deforestation?
  182. Clean Power
  183. A question for thought
  184. What the Government May Have in Mind for the Trash Problem...
  185. Sorry to See Someone Give Solar Power a Bad Name...
  186. Happy to see that some people care!
  187. Agro-tourism -- What do you think?
  188. 2005 - Record Year for Environment Enforcement
  189. Interesting books.
  190. Plastic from Yucca?
  191. bureaucracy and small wind
  192. Tapping The Tourist Flood to the Beaches in High Season...
  193. An Ecological Theme Park???
  194. State of the Environment
  195. The Latin American Mega City - A Disaster in the making?
  196. Collaborate with German efforts...?
  197. Environmental accident waiting to happen
  198. 2006 Environmental Performance Index Ranking for the DR
  199. Towards Sustainable Tourism in the DR
  200. worm composting
  201. poisonous creatures in the DR
  202. Solar Water Heaters...
  203. Personal Choices
  204. New Presidential Decree On Protected Areas
  205. New Waste Water Treatment Available in DR
  206. Enviromental Awareness In the Islands
  207. Volunteers needed
  208. Wolves taking care of sheep
  209. Environment Ministry arresting Public Works employees?
  210. Environmental Police
  211. Looming water problem
  212. A Govt. Fleet Run on Biodiesel?
  213. Hygiene in Fast Food Restaurants
  214. Notes on "Identifying Energy Savings Opportunities in the DR Household"
  215. Water...
  216. Observation from the Frontier !
  217. an Ecological Vacation
  218. An Environmental Volunteer Corps for the DR
  219. Environment, where individual and local action still matters!
  220. Question About Solar Power
  221. BioDiesel and Alternative Fuel
  222. 4th World Water Forum
  223. Rock ash and Puerto Rico
  224. New York Times Ecology Workshop in Punta Cana
  225. reverse osmosis for DR?
  226. Bahia de las Aguilas
  227. Wind Generator?
  228. hydropower link
  229. Biodiesel for Thy Poors
  230. Eastern National Park
  231. Environmental Scientist looking for work!
  232. Sunchill is NOT an evaporative cooler or swamp cooler
  233. A R G O S Says,
  234. Making Solar Cells from computer chip technology
  235. Taxes on biodiesel
  236. For you Bio Diesel buffs
  237. energy law
  238. Wire Mesh Compost Bin
  239. Water Heater ?
  240. Star light, star bright.....
  241. Global Warming - At last .. Clear Indications from a Superpower.
  242. POP Agua Negra
  243. some sort of insect?
  244. cabarete environment related employment??
  245. Salt Chlorinators
  246. Solar Panels Problem - help
  247. Tree Cutters - I'm piZZed!
  248. How is your program coming?
  249. Good garbage?
  250. Global Partnership for Safe and Sustainable Agriculture