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  1. Inaugural address highlights
  2. Government cabinet
  3. Minister of the Environment- who is Maximiliamo Puig
  4. More Info on people
  5. My BIG Question is:
  6. Are politicians voting records recorded?
  7. Golo---
  8. More DR government questions
  9. I.m.f.
  10. Help with Police - Cancilleria Procedures
  11. 2do Teniente
  12. Need help on an e-mail address
  13. Pepito Goico on the run...?
  14. Energy
  15. Reid Cabral
  16. Chaos still reigns!!!
  17. just saying what is on my mind
  18. E-voting machines
  19. Major General Carlos D’az Morfa
  20. What is the prision population in DR
  21. What is FUNDEGLODE?
  22. E' P' Lante Que Vamos
  23. In defense of the National Police.
  24. Justification for Not Supporting the Dollar
  25. PRD, PENA GOMEZ, Narcotic Agents will answer questions regarding Lawsuit Win.
  26. dominican holidays anyone?
  27. Will the owner(s) of the Lope de Vega glass tower please stand up?
  28. Comesolos up in arms
  29. Electricity woes
  30. Am I reading too much into this?
  31. A teacher/a dog?!?
  32. Report Card on Leonel
  33. Municipal Police departments declared illegal.
  34. savings in the dr
  35. Police forces in the DR
  36. Carta Presidente Leonel Fernandez
  37. electricity solution
  38. Building approval
  39. David Osborne on reinventing government
  40. The judicial system begins to work....
  41. the rot is going......momentum is gaining.
  42. DR to be a model for anti-corruption
  43. why did hipolito win 4 years ago?
  44. Carrera Civil y Administrativa
  45. Why do dominican business not accept torn money or mondey with writing on it?
  46. commercial fishing license
  47. is the Gov (fishery) planing any aquaculture
  48. DID DR policemen massacred Haitians in Haiti
  49. Corruption in new government worse than Hipolito's
  50. PLD demands Government worker's kickback?
  51. Criminal Records
  52. NYPD will have an office in DR.
  53. "Ciudad del Niño"
  54. Hippo to run in the 2008 presidential elections with PRD
  55. Need help with Gov addresses
  56. Is anyone missing Hippo, Part II
  57. Question about LF and Senate
  58. DR and foreign debt to US?
  59. Hatuey gives birth to PRSD
  60. Pillows and sheets in prison cells
  61. President Fernandez in Japan?
  62. Foreign Experts for Central Bank- Report?? WHERE IS IT?
  63. Should President Fernandez attend the funeral?
  64. Quirino con US$1 billón: lo relacionan con Mejía
  65. Help finding civil office in Boca Chica
  66. Legislative elections
  67. Hippo getting away with it???
  68. President Fernandez to Pope inauguration
  69. A fence from Dajabon To Pedernales
  70. Slick Willy to woo Dems?? For how much?
  71. FYI: New World Bank Package for DR
  72. Genealogy
  73. Dominican Republic on a U.S. Dept. of State Watchlist on Human trafficking
  74. Brazilian airplanes
  75. Migration charge for extended stays is illegal
  76. Mayors of Las Terrenas/El Limon
  77. Government Intervention in Horse Racing
  78. Quirina!! Military? Police? Involved? [long post]
  79. Leonel with Chavez and Fidel
  80. What is the sense of the Russian visa requirements?
  81. This is an idea...
  82. What Has Lionel Done thats been good?
  83. Postal Regulations
  84. Here is another idea???
  85. Hippo 2008
  86. Dominican 'Leaders' Put It To the People.
  87. Social Security Disability
  88. Que? Leonel caused Baninter collapse???
  89. New Canadian Ambassador
  90. Gran Copa Bancentraliana
  91. Manipulation of Exchange Rate...
  92. A Government's Betrayal
  93. free trade agreement question?
  94. marriage licence ?
  95. Wake up Leonel
  96. Candelier para Presidente
  97. Retiree Enticement
  98. External Debt Payments
  99. Dominican Political Parties
  100. Dominican Embassy Newsletter - USA
  101. Come on Leonel, tend to your own Country
  102. Oh How Little Things Have Changed
  103. Simeus - Haiti
  104. Dear Mr. President....
  105. Dear Mr. President....
  106. Who Does What?
  107. Is there a GREEN Party in the DR?
  108. Interesting Article
  109. Sindico ¨A BIG JOKE¨
  110. Democracy and Capitalism
  111. Should the PRD be desolved?
  112. IMF freind or foe?
  113. Jose Thomas Perez a hero
  114. How 'bout a trade?
  115. Bugs in Hippos House
  116. Screwed By Verizon
  117. DR & expensive Paperwork
  118. Dominican income tax?
  119. Better listen to Hertell
  120. What's this about the Political Parties???
  121. Comments On This...
  122. Las Praderas withdraw from Santo Domingo
  123. hold onto your pants
  124. Happy New Year --hogs
  125. Hispaniola, Dear Lord. Please..........
  126. Bolivia/Morales - any influence in DR?
  127. My Conspiracy Theory...
  128. Dominican Government Jobs
  129. A List of Dominican Municipalities & Contact Info?
  130. Highest Growth in Latin America????
  131. Update on DR street children
  132. more opportunity for thievery
  133. Dominican Justice
  134. Metro...
  135. President
  136. Metro defenders - answer these questions please
  137. Financial Times sizes up Leonel's Administration
  138. President Fernandez in videoconference with Jeffrey Sachs
  139. Child Support Agency
  140. Fortune advertorial on economy in DR
  141. May 16 election boondoggle
  142. Buying land or not
  143. DR R E taxes? Computations? Access? [long post]
  144. President Fernandez "couldn't" visit Puerto Plata ? ?
  145. Schools K-12
  146. looking for a lawyer NNA, child support
  147. When Is the Next Presidential Election?
  148. What kind of an idiot...
  149. Political Parties in the DR
  150. How to find a Juez Civil to perform a marriage
  151. Good night and good luck
  152. UASD strike over. Financial Effects?
  153. Student get Credit Cards
  154. How did a lummox like "Hipolito Mejia" became president?
  155. moving to dr
  156. import duty
  157. Contacting the Central Bank
  158. Exit Fines
  159. DR Election Watch - 2006
  160. So....Who won? (election day 2006)
  161. Regidor(es)
  162. The Dominican Constitution; ..Amending it
  163. need agency email for bank account fraud,Banco del Progresso
  164. The Evolution Of Mathematics On A Modern Society
  165. hatuey...
  166. P.L.D- Talking about liberation? What liberation?
  167. Real power in the DR
  168. Allow me to intruduce myself!
  169. Labelling people as communist without foundation constitute defamation of character
  170. More than 100 diputados and 28 senadores violated the law
  171. DR's History
  172. Answer to readdressed political questions
  173. 2 years to go.
  174. Cell phone scam IN PRISON!
  175. Did I miss something here?
  176. Information request on Dominican Republic laws
  177. Corruption
  178. Why no official misconduct charges?
  179. SD Metro - Now we know where the money is coming from!
  180. Penal Processing Code
  181. Enemies of the Dominican Republic?
  182. DR makes Crime a priority?
  183. Cafta Comming?
  184. Dominican Military
  185. Action platform of the Dominican Republic Branch of the Free People's Movement
  186. Puerto Plata Port vs Haina.
  187. A cyclops and a spy
  188. car in the DR coming to US
  189. Solutions Assessment/Feedback input request
  190. Political Assassinations in the DR...???
  191. Can Hippo run again?
  192. Especie de un anuncio publico e informativo.
  193. Failed States Index
  194. can somonr translate this to dominican for me
  195. Good, Bad, or Indifferent?
  196. Conspiracy Theorists: the NALs case
  197. Social Services Provider-Political Organization
  198. Voting Rights of the Dominican Military?
  199. Dr Progressing
  200. IMF and IDB praise DR economy
  201. Dominican Lawyers Regulatory Commission
  202. Cuban Threat?
  203. Hippo tried to kill balaguer???
  204. Aristy's visa revoked
  205. Fernandez opposes extension?
  206. fyi DR consular fees increase in the USA
  207. Nuclear energy on the way?!
  208. Expat Lobby
  209. who will be the next president, and why?
  210. United Nations Seat for DR
  211. IMF Agreement On or Off?
  212. First names
  213. Alvin Curling. What Happened?
  214. Refidomsa Up For Grabs
  215. Why no outrage?
  216. Workshop on Access to Government Info
  217. prd prez candidate
  218. I M F - "Stand By Agreement"
  219. President's Speech (in English)
  220. The Democratic Revolution
  221. Help finding civil office in Higuey
  222. Politicised public sector - any studies out there?
  223. Local Government?
  224. Are we in trouble with the PLD too?
  225. Leonel at White House Oct 2006
  226. Pimp Daddy
  227. New Political Party
  228. While Dominicans are poverty-stricken, Government officials live high on the hog
  229. Reforms?? Hope so...
  230. History of the DR and other thoughts...
  231. The PRD party must be desperate!!!
  232. About electricity in the DR
  233. The IMF & the DR - written agreements? ?
  234. World Bank report on the procurement system within the DR
  235. Ayuntamiento and Ley 3455
  236. Dominican Today Article on Metro
  237. Bush signs DR FTA
  238. Looking to Interview Mejía
  239. What can be done?
  240. Experience Plus International
  241. 10-10-10 taxes
  242. Don't want to start a fight...but
  243. who was Pacheco in last admin?
  244. Dominican Government Question
  245. Jose Francisco Pena Gomez
  246. Open Letter to Leonel Fernandez, President
  247. Forced Labor of Children
  248. ADUANA and FedEX tried to put me in jail!
  249. Cedula
  250. Taxes, on luxuaries, not food or medicine!..