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  1. any restraunts close to Majestic Colonial
  2. reputable best electronics store santo domingo
  3. Best TV repair shop needed
  4. One of the BEST Dominican artists- Raulín Rodríguez
  5. Antone ever heard of the rock band Ill Nino?
  6. Second Hand Books in Sosua/cababrete
  7. Good Dominican Rock/Alt music site or blog?
  8. Can I get a lil help?
  9. Where is the Puerto Plata ChimiGordo guy?
  10. Need inverter, batteries and such?
  11. finding a jewel in a city
  12. ten dollar rooms
  13. great juices or whats to try.
  14. sunday in february
  15. sorry
  16. Best budget accomodations near Cabarete/Sosua??
  17. Best Resort Possible in Puerto Plata
  18. what am i most surprised by???
  19. I changed my user name....
  20. watchman or alarmo
  21. what do you love about d.r... ??????
  22. best place to buy beach items
  23. National toilet seat crisis...
  24. Making it official...
  25. fresh fruit and veg....
  26. Where is Chucky Acosta (ex Conjunto Quisqueya)
  27. a good orthoped. doctor
  28. punta Cana veterinarian?
  29. Best place to buy cigars??
  30. Cancer treatment in DR?
  31. Church for English Speakers in Santiago
  32. Jewlery Store on North Coast for Engagment Rings
  33. best map
  34. Rattan furniture
  35. Airlines
  36. Cosmetic Dentistry Puerto Plata
  37. Best beauty school in dr
  38. cosmetic doctor
  39. Solar and Wind
  40. electronics store - citi tower in santo domingo
  41. Best pizza
  42. Hair weaving , salons in Dallas, Texas
  43. best cabarete b&B and spanish language training
  44. gyms in puerto plata
  45. what is the best beach in DR
  46. Renting a car in POP
  47. Best Hotel in Jarabacoa?
  48. Best bank for CD interest
  49. Kosher food in Santiago
  50. dentist in Santo Domingo
  51. Hot Air Balloon
  52. Best Steak/Bar & Grill?
  53. prettiest village
  54. Summer camp for kids
  55. pamela's bar and disco
  56. Trip tp the Mtns.
  57. Birthday Dinner
  58. Michelangelo Restaurant Eating Great and Spending Less
  59. beach..but not too many tourists
  60. Best pharmacy on the North coast
  61. What do you think about our MISS RD UNIVERSE...
  62. Best popular music
  63. restaurant NEPTUNO in Boca Chica
  64. Best Asian restaurant in Bavaro
  65. Opus X Punta Cana
  66. Fishing off the North coast
  67. What is your favorite Hotel?
  68. Best Restaurant in Jarabacoa
  69. Best place to Jet-ski?
  70. Now THIS really qualifies as one for "the Best of the DR"!!
  71. banana recipes needed?
  72. zoo---north coast
  73. hospital
  74. Best place to buy a generator?
  75. Some of the universities are free in the DR?
  76. New good value restaurant in Santo Domingo
  77. Best resort for food/singles La Romana
  78. Pet Shop
  79. Wendy’s Garage in Sabaneta
  80. decent but not pricey hotel option Santiago
  81. Advice sought re finding best coral
  82. what is a nice romantic restaurant in Santiago?
  83. Best place to watch ufc in Santiago?
  84. Best (cheapest) Calling Method to DR from States w/ Cell Phone
  85. the best repairshop for tv, beamer,video on the northcoast
  86. best carwash in vicinity of puerto plata
  87. Best pickup spot near universities in puerto plata
  88. Best MMA Gym in Puerto Plata
  89. Best City to Stay In Dominican Republic?
  90. Best Time Of The Year To Go To Punta Cana?
  91. s.f. de Macoris
  92. SUV tires and brakes in Sto. Dom.
  93. Best flower shop in Santiago?
  94. A plug for Los Muchachos Shoe Shop
  95. Must see in DR
  96. Great News For Women With DR Boyfriends!
  97. French onion soup in Sosua
  98. Best bookstore
  99. Santo Domingo - Place for a drink at Sunset?
  100. Any place to get a smoothie in Sosua?
  101. nightlife and boyfriend in DR
  102. Cafe Santo Domingo in Canada?
  103. Decent-Fun places in Santiago...
  104. The best dentist in the Puerto Plata area?
  105. Today is coffee day !
  106. The Best Songs of the DR
  107. ONLY in DR (add yours to list)...
  108. Looking for a 1 night get away
  109. Decent accomadation in santo domingo
  110. Best Fish 'n' Chips in Sosua
  111. Best hair transplant Doctor in DR
  112. Pictures of Zona Colonial and more
  113. Clown Bin Material
  114. What is the best beach closest to SD (the capital) that is NOT BocaChica???
  115. Gymnasium/Massage in Boca Chica
  116. best chinese food Santo Domingo
  117. The best Mero
  118. Best Pastelitos or Kipe in Santo Domingo
  119. Bachata Dancing!
  120. help any advice on Domincan republic vaction
  121. Hematologist / Oncologist
  122. Best Cellphone Service Provider?
  123. Best RIU Hotel?
  124. Good Contrator in Cabarete/Sosua
  125. I put this in the best of DR because it's Hillbilly's birthday
  126. The Best of Sosua
  127. Greek restaurant
  128. chiropractor in S.D ideally near Bella Vista??
  129. Where can I find????
  130. Searching for cockjtail glasses for a new bar
  131. Searching for coursage maker (or similar)
  132. Searchinmg for cheapest & best supplier of liquors
  133. Need a name!!!
  134. Best Mamajuana?
  135. Travel advices for best beaches
  136. Aguas Termales
  137. Best Buffet Restaurants in the Dominican Republic?
  138. Affordable, yet good quality women's shopping?
  139. Cholera and Street Food Vendors
  140. were can i find a good supermarket for some great steaks
  141. Esto es un plan bueno o no?
  142. Buying good honey and other things
  143. Planning a trip to RD! :P
  144. Pig Roast in DR
  145. Rural Medical Clinic In Las Galeras for Donations?
  146. Best map of Cabarete
  147. Best Steak
  148. Is the neighborhood called La Loteria a place where people who has money live
  149. Mejor lugar para bodas en santiago?
  150. Best place to buy DVD & BluRay movies?
  151. Excellent Puerto Plata/Cofresi Restaurant - Los Tres Cocos
  152. HELP!! Reasonable Priced Hotels/Motels in Santiago
  153. Bachata - "Best of " compilation albums?
  154. Seafood Restaurants in POP (Cofresi)
  155. Ukrainian restaurant in SD?
  156. Panaderia Sum
  157. Art Galleries -- Artists?
  158. Best Panaderia in Santo Domingo
  159. Cable
  160. Pancakes, Waffles, French Toast, Bagels??
  161. Santiago: Mofongo and "US" food products
  162. Best oceanfront restaurant samana
  163. Paragliding / Parapente in Jarabacoa
  164. Paragliding Pictures
  165. Marathons in DR?
  166. Can someone recommend a good surgeon in DR for lipo escultura (lipo sculpture)
  167. Please give me Ideas for things to do in Santiago
  168. New 'BEST' spot in Las Terrenas
  169. The BEST MOFONGO in the Cibao area
  170. What do tourist like/dislike the most about the DR?
  171. Hard Rock, Punta Cana, worth it?
  172. Maimon Parada Seafood Buffet
  173. Travel agency
  174. best locations for a wedding on south coast
  175. Serai Restaurant in Bavaro
  176. Best Chicken Wings on Sosua Beach
  177. What is the best cable/satellite service company in Santo Domingo?
  178. New restaurant in Juan Dolio.. GREAT!
  179. Dra. Walkiris Robles, Plastic Surgeon in DR
  180. Good morcilla? short ribs?
  181. Best Spanish School in DR?
  182. Nathans at SDQ airport
  183. best chinese food?
  184. Street Food Vendors
  185. Hair Salon
  186. Live music!!
  187. Pizza where? NE coast
  188. Motorcycle
  189. need info about renting a car/motorscooter for the 2012 winter in Punta Cana area
  190. Cirque du Soleil
  191. DR1at its best and at its worst
  192. Samana !!!
  193. I FIX STORE in Santiago
  194. Internet
  195. Send flowers to someone in the Dominican Republic
  196. Revolving Eatery
  197. Restaurant Colibri
  198. Uvero Alto Punta Cana Horse Back riding
  199. Best place for new years?
  200. best coffee
  201. Best nightclub in Santo Domingo
  202. where to watch the new york giants football game? last terrenas or the capital?
  203. Ocoa Rancho Arriba
  204. How To Lose Your TV Show On Telemicro
  205. OK Motors
  206. New service for remittances Todays DR1
  207. best store for books about DR
  208. Best Place to install vehicle LPG kit in SD
  209. Plan B most friendly bar of Sosua
  210. Congratulations!
  211. Ships Chandler in Puerto Plata area?
  212. Buying a Motorcycle in DR
  213. Vacationing in POP in May. Do you guys know any good...
  214. Garden Centers in Santo Domingo
  215. US Businesses in the DR
  216. Eye Glasses
  217. Great Article on Jose Lima Today NY Post
  218. Hairdresser in LaRomana/San Pedro/Santo Domingo
  219. plastic surgeons?
  220. chinese food in Sosua
  221. Club 59 or Rumba?
  222. La semana en la musica
  223. Best movers in santiago.
  224. Palm Trees
  225. Any info on where to purchase a Hot Tub in D.R. In Punta Cana side of the Island.
  226. First Time for Everything
  227. cell phones stores
  228. Curtains, cushions and interior design, best direction in Sosua
  229. Hostel recommendations...
  230. Best legal assistance in the DR!!!
  231. A good cardiologist on the North Coast?
  232. Best scuba school in Sosua?
  233. Deep sea fishing near puerto plata
  234. Best Place to Buy Liquid Nitrogen....Sto. Dgo??
  235. Food tourism / agritourism near Punta Cana
  236. Best Shopping Mall
  237. Fantastic banking service
  238. Dominican won the Cannes Film Festival
  239. latest music
  240. Cheap hotels, clean and affordable (no cabanas touristicas pls)
  241. Best 5-7 days road trip
  242. Best place for 1st time visitor
  243. Bella Vista Mall
  244. Place to buy TV, Mini Fridge, and Art supplies in Santiago
  245. Street food
  246. In search of a decent dental office in La Romana.
  247. Artists galleries Santo Domingo
  248. A good print shop in Santiago
  249. where to buy new yamaha scooter
  250. The BEST Universities for Learning and Teaching English