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  2. Best Ribs
  3. Best Steak in Santo Domingo
  4. Best neighborhood in Santo Domingo
  5. Best Bookstore in Santo Domingo
  6. Best 24 Hour Restaurant In Santo Domingo
  7. Best Music Store in Santo Domingo
  8. Best Kids' Place in Santo Domingo
  9. Best Pork Sandwich - Street Vendor
  10. Best restaurant in Santo Domingo
  11. Best Cinema in Santo Domingo.
  12. Best Cafe Con Leche in Santo Domingo
  13. Best Nightlife Website
  14. Best Gas Station
  15. Best Supermarket in Santo Domingo
  16. Best Beach Bar on the South Coast
  17. Best Camerones in Cabarete
  18. Best Airport
  19. Best Italian Restaurant in Cabarete
  20. Best Pizza Northcoast
  21. Best Grocery Store in Cabarete
  22. Best Falafel in SD
  23. Best Doctor(GP) in Santo Domingo
  24. Best Pizza in Cabarete
  25. Best Surf Spots
  26. Best A/C Repair Men - North Coast
  27. Best Chinese restaurant in Santo Domingo
  28. Best budget Italian food in Santo Domingo
  29. Best Korean food in Santo Domingo
  30. Best vegetarian Taiwanese food in Santo Domingo
  31. Best Cabana
  32. Best flower & plant shop in Puerto Plata
  33. Best National Park
  34. Best Scuba Diving Site
  35. Best Golf Course along the North Coast
  36. Best Idea
  37. Best golf course on the South Coast
  38. How about a 'Worst' category?
  39. Best DVD rental in Puerto Plata
  40. Best Golf Course on the North Coast
  41. Best Tailor In SD
  42. Best mexican food in Santo Domingo
  43. Best/Worst overall customer service
  44. Best Place to People Watch
  45. Best customer service in the category of Restaurants
  46. best hospital in the dr ??
  47. Best small hotel in SD.
  48. Best Pizza Santo Domingo
  49. Best place to rent a car
  50. Best resort in the dr
  51. Best cake shop in Santo Domingo
  52. Rules change proposed
  53. Best-Value Sunday lunch buffet in Santo Domingo
  54. Best beer value in Santo Domingo
  55. Best small hotel in Boca Chica
  56. Best car mechanic in santiago.
  57. Best vegetarian restaurant in Santo Domingo
  58. A good doctor in Sosua
  59. Best prepaid cell phone provider
  60. Best Empanadas and Pinchos!
  61. La Ensenada Beach..
  62. Best restaurant in the Dominican Republic
  63. best way to get from Bonao to Samana (Las Terrenas)
  64. Punto Final (La Escuelota)
  65. Guavaberry
  66. Best Belgian cuisine in the DR
  67. Best Tacos on North Coast!
  68. Best RIBS in the Country
  69. Best Chocolate Cake in the DR
  70. Best Car Rental
  71. Best American Style Breakfast in Sosua
  72. Best Cinema In The Dominican Republic
  73. Best Happy Hour on Sosua Beach
  74. Best Place To Chill on Sundays
  75. Steak place
  76. Best Italian restaurant?
  77. Best bartender(north coast)...
  78. Best Bookbinder
  79. Best RE Broker In Las Terrenas
  80. In POP
  81. Best Beach Bar North Coast
  82. Best Chicken Wings near Cabarete/Sosua??
  83. Best Beach Playa Rincon ?
  84. Presidente Beer in Michigan
  85. Best City to Visit in DR?????
  86. Nice restaurants in Santiago
  87. Best Of Santiago
  88. Best French Fries on the whole island
  89. Best Happy Hour in the DR - Voodoo!
  90. kid's place in Santiago
  91. Best place to rent on and off road (dual sport) motorcycles in Playa Dorada area?
  92. Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Santo Domingo
  93. Best neighborhoods to live in Santiago...
  94. Best Steak House in Santo Domingo
  95. Best Place to Buy Art on North Coast
  96. Need House To Rent In Las Terrenas
  97. Best Sports Bar in Sosua/Cab and maybe POP
  98. Best Japanese restaurant
  99. Amelia Vega is the best
  100. The Best Restaurant on Plaza Espaņa
  101. Best (only?) Bagel in the country!
  102. Camp David
  103. Best Casino Payouts
  104. Best Clinica de Estetica in SDQ
  105. A delicious bakery shop in Santo Domingo
  106. Best Restaurant in Costambar
  107. Best Place to buy Cigars in Santiago
  108. Best places to get your nails done in POP
  109. Best Radio Station?
  110. martini bar
  111. Japanese Food
  112. Best place to take windsurfing lessons in Cabarete?
  113. Best dominican beer
  114. Best Dominican Music
  115. Travel in air conditioned comfort...
  116. The best port is....
  117. Neptuno's seafood in Boca Chica
  118. Best Auto/Truck Air Conditioning Installation/ Repair in Santiago
  119. Best Dominican Newspaper
  120. Best Craftsmen On The Northcoast
  121. Best quality+price restaurant value in Santo Domingo
  122. Old English Style Fish and Chips (PTO.PTA.)
  123. Best poker table in SD
  124. Best Mail Service on the North Coast
  125. Best rice/bean combination
  126. Great Italian Sandwhich in Santiago
  127. The Best Panificadora in Higuey
  128. Best Customs Broker
  129. Cabarete Restaurant "Marco's"
  130. Best Coffee In Cabarete?
  131. The best ''hangout'' = Rocky's
  132. Best drink in Sosua Caprianna Bar
  133. The best empanadas in Santo Domingo
  134. Jewelry
  135. Best Sports Bar in Cabarete -- Mitsi's
  136. Best Chinese restaurant in Santaigo
  137. Best New Restaurant in Cabarete ! pure BLISS
  138. Best Hot Sauce
  139. The Shark Bar
  140. best retail rip-off
  141. Help with exciting places to go staying playa dorada
  142. Best chicken wings
  143. Best Kite School in Cabarete
  144. Finally used some of my Dominican Vanilla yummm!!
  145. Car Rentals in the DR.
  147. Best Pet Store?
  148. The BEST Art Galleries
  149. money transfer service for the Domincna Republic
  150. Best AI nearest to SD
  151. Where is the BEST sunday brunch in Santo Domingo ?
  152. The best golf club "designer" in the DR....
  153. Decent hotel
  154. Does a place like this exist in the DR?
  155. Nursery Home-For 86 years old lady
  156. best night clubs in puerto plata
  157. fresh fish? Is there a bucher?
  158. Anything and everything about boats.....
  159. Best Chocolate Shops
  160. so many almond trees and no almond extract to be found
  161. Best Dry Cleaner
  162. cosmetic dentist in Santo Domingo?
  163. best Dominican Boleristas
  164. Best place for tent camping?
  165. The Best Desert in Santo Domingo is at
  166. The Best Chicharones are in Villamae
  167. Best dentist in Santiago
  168. Music!
  169. Best "GAS"
  170. Best Singles Online Internet To Meet Dominican Woman
  171. Best Hotel In Malecon Without Checks
  172. Hotel Vista Tropical
  173. the best night club strip bar in cibao
  174. best frituras santiago
  175. Acupuncture and related stuff...
  176. El Caucho Hotel in Boca Chica
  177. turkey
  178. Best Pork Chops in Santo Domingo
  179. Best Seafood on the East Coast
  180. Best Sushi in the Capital: AKA
  181. Dominican writer wins best book of 2007 award !
  182. Best Cakeshop in Mirador Sur/Bella Vista area (Santo Domingo)
  183. Plastic Surgery in Dominican Repulic
  184. Best Way to Call US from DR Codetel Land Line
  185. Best non-All Inclusive hotel on the north coast
  186. Best Night Club in Santiago
  187. Best Hotel and Beach
  188. Dominican restaurant
  189. Best Record Store for 'Old Skool' Bachata
  190. What is the name of this fish??
  191. Looking for Orthopedist to repair achilles tendon
  192. Best Sushi in Pueblo Bavaro, Punta Cana
  193. canoli
  194. Best Momma Popa Hotels on Santo Domingo Bch
  195. Best place to dance (only dance!) in Perto Plata
  196. BEST POOL GUY -J.Fitzgerals pools
  197. Best auto mechanic in Sosua
  198. Planning to purchase in Cocotal
  199. festivals in the Capital
  200. DR1 Best Dominican Republic Source
  201. Inverter battery charger
  202. reposterias en la zona oriental
  203. Best honey
  204. Trip to DR
  205. auto repair in punta cana
  206. Barahona! 5/2008
  207. pancakes
  208. whats for you the best Dominican Food?
  209. best dentist near Cabarete
  210. Best Auto/Rally Racing in the DR?
  211. Best (or any) Gym near Jaun Dolio..?
  212. Excursions in Samana
  213. Best Coffee in St Domingo, the Capital
  214. Builders, Architects, and Engineers
  215. Best Fishing?
  216. Finding books in English in Santiago...
  217. Best bbq sauce - Rocky's.. hands down
  218. Best "sastres" (tailors) for men. Best men's clothing stores in DR.
  219. Best PIZZA in Samanā
  220. Restaurants POP
  221. Best teacher of Spanish for foreigners.
  222. Best Spa
  223. What are the BEST DRINKS!?
  224. Safe Neighborhoods in Santo Domingo???
  225. Decent Hotel Near PUJ (Punta Cana) Airport
  226. Shoe Repair and services (Santiago)
  227. Dance clubs in the DR
  228. Blue Amber ?
  229. Best Dominican Music
  230. Brugal in the UK
  231. Car and Motorcycle Prices
  232. Spanish Classes; Sosua-Cabarete?
  233. Best Pizza In Sosua Is Found Where?
  234. best restaurant in punta cana?
  235. Best Hotel in Boca Chica
  236. Best Hotel in Bayahibe?
  237. My best of cars-hotels.....
  238. Salons in Santiago
  239. THE best car audio dealer in Santo Domingo?
  240. Tattoo Artist for make-up
  241. Best English Fish & Chips!
  242. best property maintenance co. Sosua??
  243. Whats the best romantic restaurant in santo domingo?
  244. Best place to buy cigars in Boca Chica ?
  245. furniture
  246. Mr. LU
  247. Best Acupuncture
  248. Best Salsa (dancing!)
  249. best restaurants from POP to cabarete
  250. Carnival in DR