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  1. Earthquake
  2. Car Buying !?!
  3. Death of Ted Kheel--Punta Cana resort founder
  4. Occidental Grand Punta Cana 1/2 price sale
  5. Photo equipment rental
  6. Emergency services in bavaro?
  7. Recommended sites for PC region rentals?
  8. Cheap hotel in Punta Cana/Bavaro region?
  9. Punta Cana, litter a big deal?
  10. baseball stadia near Punta Cana
  11. Los Corales Safey
  12. Moto/scooter hire in bavaro/punta cana
  13. Which of these is closer to the beach?
  14. Need help from anyone who has info on Punta Cana Princess
  15. New Year's Eve in Pt. Cana
  16. Where do beachfront resorts dispose sewage?
  17. Best place to buy a scooter, small motorbike?
  18. Guaguas between La Romana and Punta Cana?
  19. boats off Bavaro?
  20. Looking for People!
  21. Guest Friendly AI Hotels in Punta Cana?
  22. Supermercado Nacional Punta Cana
  23. Best saona island tour with catamaran
  24. Google satellite maps finally updated!
  25. Hooray - I saw Shell Gas Station Punta Cana
  26. PUNTA CANTA Xmas thru New Years Weather
  27. Looking for a place to stay in Punta Cana
  28. Grand Paradise Bavaro
  29. Wanting to make friends in Punta Cana. (Beersbee)
  30. Drug Bust? -
  31. Be Live Grand Bavaro in the Punta Cana area
  32. To Punta Cana from Cabarete
  33. Punta Cana Local
  34. Rancho la Cueva, Near Miches
  35. Cocotal Golf Club or Punta Cana Villas?
  36. Hotel for Destination Wedding - Need Help
  37. Fishing off Punta Cana/bavaro
  38. Renting a car in punta cana
  39. spring break 2011
  40. Transport to new Nactional Supermarket Punta Cana
  41. Help - Need Wedding Coordinator Info Dreams Punta Cana
  42. Best price flights from chicago to Punta Cana
  43. Punta Cana with young children: best resort, beach?
  44. after school tutoring in Punta Cana?
  45. Herb Plants
  46. Punta Cana - La Posada de Piedra
  47. Swindle at Costa Bavaro
  48. How ecologically clean is locally grown produce?
  49. New restaurant in Punta Cana area
  50. cigarettes
  51. Recommendation requested:Best Golfing and resort in the Punta Cana or La Romana area?
  52. texas hold 'em in Punta Cana?
  53. Booked Ocean Blue, need advice
  54. Hard Rock casino info?
  55. Canadian killed in Punta Cana
  56. poker rooms?
  57. Anastacio - how did it pan out in the east?
  58. places to stay near Hard Rock....
  59. Bar crawl advice?
  60. Establishing Electricity Account with CEPM
  61. 4guys, no budget!!!
  62. Pool/Billiard Tables?
  63. Cable...
  64. Cell Phone Service in Bavaro Area
  65. Transfer from Punta Cana to La Roma
  66. Car Hire at Punta Cana Airport
  67. Super Pola ??
  68. Looking to Buy a Car
  69. Comparing Dreams Palm Beach and Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana
  70. Slums taking over PC, Bavaro? Nah!!
  71. Couple in Mid-20's - Grand Paradise Bavaro...
  72. Fake Advertisement and Bad Service at Palacio Del Cine Plaza Palma Real
  73. Day Trip Help
  74. Paradisus Punta Cana Casino
  75. Acqua in bibijagua, bavaro, phone number? Or julie.
  76. Juanillo Beach Revisited
  77. Free WiFi?
  78. Before you rent condo in Bavaro-Corales,Punta Cana
  79. Police Corruption
  80. need help choosing a hotel
  81. Snorkelling
  82. Need advice-traveling with mother
  83. Looking for advice on tipping...
  84. Architect Needed
  85. Cap Cana - Aquamarina II ????
  86. Dreams PC
  87. Woman traveling alone to Punta Cana
  88. Help with Purchasing a Wheelchair, then Donate it.
  89. NJ Housewives cast brawls at Hard Rock Cafe Punta Cana lol
  90. Help! Need hotel near Be Live Bavaro
  91. Cost of living in Bavaro
  92. Spanish Lessons in Punta Cana??
  93. Punta Cana Marathon a Success!
  94. Casa de Campo or Punta Cana
  95. Must do excursions?
  96. The Cheap and the Free in PC
  97. anyone traveling from toronto/hamilton to punta cana???
  98. Anyone want to share a cab from Bavaro to Capital next weekend?
  99. Help, need cheap apartment in Bavaro
  100. Guest-friendly hotels in Punta Cana
  101. Bavaro/Punta Cana AI suggestions please
  102. Belly Dancing in Punta Cana area?
  103. Help!!
  104. Antique or classic car rentals with chauffeur service?
  105. Paradisus Palma Real
  106. Need a home for a dog by the end of today!
  107. East coast basic information
  108. Asesor Inmobiliario
  109. What to do in an Emergency??
  110. Conch shells
  111. I need a safe one way transfer from La Romana airport to Dreams Palm Beach. Any info?
  112. Punta cana DR
  113. Cheap Hotel Higuey
  114. bus from Santiago to Punta Cana Airport
  115. Which resorts allow day passes if we did NOT book a room there?
  116. What to expect for a summer job in the Punta Cana area?
  117. wireless internet in Bavaro
  118. death at a disco in bavaro in april
  119. La Pelota in Bavaro ... anyone ever been there?
  120. CEPM rates up almost 20% since February!
  121. Isla Saona Photos
  122. Need Advice on Sivory/Uvero Alto area!
  123. Airport Transfer Las Americas - Punta Cana
  124. Luxury Car Rentals in Punta Cana/Bavaro area
  125. Zip Line Canopy Tour
  126. Merengue or Bachata Bands
  127. Scooter / Pasola
  128. Best Resort to stay in punta cana?
  129. transport for moving around Bavaro area
  130. How to socialise in Bavaro area? & Public associations to make Bavaro a better place?
  131. Veron, Punta cana
  132. Dominican eateries, "dish of the day" and any cheap restaurants in Bavaro
  133. Hair extension - hair salon - bavaro / punta cana
  134. Occidental grand flamenco punta cana
  135. Cap-Haitien to PUJ (Paradisus Palma Real)
  136. Punta Cana Video
  137. How much money you need for living in Bavaro per month? (for a couple)
  138. After how much you need for living ... now ... how much you can earn in Bavaro! ;)
  139. Buying a radio for World Service broadcasts.
  140. Cable TV vs. Satelite TV in Bavaro. Pros and cons please
  141. Need a reasonably priced apartment for July!
  142. Fun things to do in Punta cana?
  143. Bus Punta Cana Airport to Santo Domingo
  144. Macao Surfing Pics
  145. Entering Customs
  146. Which direct flights from PC there are to any other caribbean or american cities???
  147. How much a taxi from PC airport to Higuey, BUT calling to one in Veron?
  148. getting from Barcelo Palace (PUJ) to Puerto Plata Fast!
  149. Moving to Punta Cana soon
  150. looking for a public notary and proffesional translator
  151. Punta Cana is growing
  152. Seņores advice on Punta Cana hotels please
  153. Getting to Santo Domingo....
  154. Non sea food Restaurant in Bavaro area
  155. Computer repair and maintenance in Bavaro
  156. Two US citizens arrested with weapons in Punta Cana
  157. Tricom Wimax Problem
  158. Camping in the East Coast
  159. Nacional in Punta Cana Village
  160. Good books to give away
  161. new and improved Punta Cana/Bavaro
  162. Condominiums fro weekly rent in Bavaro/Punta Cuna
  163. Occidental flamenco pc - wifi??key?
  164. How to obtain dominican cell number + internet without contract??
  165. Supermercado Alale
  166. What's the population in Bavaro?
  167. Fresh Fish
  168. US Cuban couple shot dead in Pueblo Bavaro
  169. Weather predictions for my first time in Punta Cana?
  170. Veron Bus station to Club Med
  171. Lisinopril anyone?
  172. Attn: Condo-Homeowners...Who has been beat out of Rental fees....
  173. Serai Restaurant in Friusa.... GOOD FOOD!
  174. Bavaro Softball Team
  175. Punta Cana to Rio San Juan - via air
  176. La Sirena is still expanding (hundreds of new job opportunities)!
  177. Super center's in Higuey, Bavaro, Punta Cana
  178. best internet provider in Bavaro area? please advice!
  179. Punta Cana/Bavaro vacation without resort?
  180. Where to buy a webcam in punta cana?
  181. where to buy "hierbabuena" (mint plant) to make mojitos?
  182. any chance to swim with free wild dolphins?
  183. BEWARE the prices - Gas Station Punta Cana
  184. Best Public Gym in Bavaro?
  185. Good directions to IN and Out restaurant
  186. OUTSIDE IN BAR & RESTAURANT (International cuisine)
  187. Where to buy a bicycle in Punta Cana?
  188. German sausages???
  189. Where to buy antibiotics and other "non" prescription drugs in Punta Cana area
  190. No news about Alale supermarket at El Cortecito???
  191. My Laptop is about to DIE! :-(
  192. private schools in Bavaro? which options and prices do we have? and quality?
  193. Fishing Rod
  194. Miniature Cargo Vans
  195. Transportation in Bavaro/PuntaCana....does Public transportation exist?
  196. Restaurant Unknown
  197. Bakery? Veron?
  198. Dentist recommendation in Punta Cana / Bavaro
  199. Best place to get cigars?
  200. Where is a decent laundromat in Veron or Bavaro
  201. Seaweed awful smell
  202. Punta Cana and the Cubanos.
  203. Boxes & Packing Tape?
  204. Car Mechanic in Bavaro
  205. Gel Nails
  206. direct flight from Guatemala to Punta Cana?
  207. Passport photo in Bavaro?
  208. Cubano restaurants?
  209. One Day Non-Excursion Trips from Bavaro
  210. Internet "Orange box" and wind and rain ...
  211. Kitesurfing in Bavaro from November to January? Any Kitesurfer around here?
  212. No power in Pueblo Bavaro
  213. Wedding Photographer...
  214. Wedding Ruined by Incompetence and Mismanagement at Jellyfish
  215. Macao?
  216. Cocotel?
  217. I need to buy a TV, I need a Televison Store in Bavaro or Punta Cana
  218. Doctor Required - Punta Cana Med Centre vs Hospiten?
  219. traveling solo and air quality
  220. How's the situation after Irene?
  221. Leaving DR, where can I sell my trek bike in Bavaro?
  222. Tricom - Local number? Office location?
  223. Balicana directions
  224. Belgian shot in Bavaro?
  225. Driving from El Cedro to Punta Cana
  226. Boca de Yuma :(
  227. Anyone know where I can sell jewelry?
  228. Claro dongle vs Orange dongle vs Viva dongle (in Bavaro)
  229. Big Circus Show in Higuey!
  230. Colombian Food
  231. Middle Eastern Food
  232. Emergency Medical Care Punta Cana Area
  233. Starbucks!!!
  234. US cell phone works in Punta Cana???
  235. Safari Truck Excursion
  236. Open on Sunday
  237. Coral Highway / Autopista del Coral
  238. Hotels near PUJ
  239. Education jobs in Punta Cana area
  240. thieves or incompetents?
  241. It's time to advertise...hello!
  242. PUJ: Where's your Visa? Where's your return ticket?
  243. pleasant surprises during recent visit to Bavaro
  244. Restaurants that deliver in PC?
  245. Martial arts in Bavaro/Punta Cana?
  246. Having Female Guests at AI in Punta Cana/Bavaro...
  247. Looking to buy: Flatscreen tv and BBQ
  248. Almost there!
  249. public transportation
  250. East Coast Calendar