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  1. Cyrille Aimee Fiesta Sunset Jazz Concert
  2. Good Private Pediatrician
  3. Car dealer in SD?
  4. Fumagator in the Capital
  5. Vonage anyone?
  6. Why are they like this?
  7. Viagra in Santo Domingo?
  8. Guayacanes or Juan Dolio hotelito recommendation?
  9. Need Help!!...
  10. I will be there! First timer!
  11. Sol Melia becoming the Sheraton again
  12. latest, hottest nightclubs/bars
  13. O negative blood donor needed
  14. In search of quality meals in the Dominican Republic
  15. update on the city
  16. tuning up for carnival
  17. Decent budget hotel in Zona Colonial
  18. Dominican Today
  19. Is the area around Las Americas airport dangerous
  20. Sunny Bookings
  21. Recommend a dentist in Santo Domingo?
  22. Sleeping at Las Americas overnight
  23. HIV/STD testing in Santo Domingo
  24. SD Taxi Rate
  25. Metro Update
  26. Taxis at Las Americas
  27. Tipping cab trivers
  28. English Speaking Tour Guide
  29. Violent crime in Bella Vista
  30. Rush hour morning traffic in Santo Domingo?
  31. gringo bar in Santo Domingo
  32. Bus/Transit? San Pedro de Macoris to the Capital
  33. Translator Needed
  34. Nice Hotel near Gazcue?
  35. Doors and Gates in Santo Domingo
  36. Kingsize bed mattress
  37. Life in the jungle
  38. Any other tourists or Bachata/Merengue/Salsa dancers want to meet in Feb/Mar?!
  39. Cuban Son at Ruinas de San Francisco
  40. Starbucks at Magna365
  41. Charlie Chaplin Movies in the Zona...
  42. Getting around
  43. Van from airport to Zona Colonial
  44. Used appliances
  45. Carnaval - Santo Domingo
  46. Hospital Calventi
  47. Claro TV - Grandes Ligas
  48. Feria Ganadera in Santo Domingo
  49. El Milloncito area in SD
  50. Fixtures Bathroom etc.
  51. bastardo pop
  52. Activities for teen girls in SD
  53. Business In Malecon
  54. Caribe Tours office or ticket booth at Las Americas Airport?
  55. are there yoga studios in SD
  56. Apartment/Vacation Rental in Santo Domingo
  57. Rental Advice - Which neighborhood? Gazcue, Cuidad Universitaire?
  58. Guy dies in meat crusher La Cadena
  59. Suitcase scanners at SDQ airport
  60. travel companies
  61. North American Breakfast
  62. Looking for Russian tutor/teacher Please
  63. Driving Karma
  64. Plane crash at the Santo Domingo air show. 2 pilots missing.
  65. Dried Bamboo Rods
  66. Homelessness in santo domingo
  67. Gun Permit Renewal
  68. Inverter and Batteries
  69. Ground Transportation SDQ to Punta Cana
  70. Lavador y Secador washer and dryer
  71. hotels close to the US consulate?
  72. Your Island Office in Santo Domingo
  73. Paulaner Beer
  74. Villa mela
  75. Need Advice
  76. Dentist
  77. vertical blinds
  78. Tune up
  79. Nice little hotel, apart hotel..............? Santo Domingo
  80. Iglesia de la Comunidad Metropolitana for LGBT community Santo Domingo
  81. Best Route to Zona Colonial?
  82. seafood
  83. Looking for a psychologist
  84. Korean restaurants
  85. Daytime violent crime in Santo Domingo
  86. Richest Santo Domingo neighborhood?
  87. Good Autoadornos in Santo Domingo
  88. The book fair!
  89. boca chica beachfront
  90. Housing update Santo Domingo
  91. Reputable Nissan Mechanic (Dealer maybe?)
  92. Tile grout
  93. new franchise in SD
  94. Covering for parking
  95. Food by the bulk.
  96. Doctors.
  97. cleaner available
  98. Safety taking taxis from the SDQ airport?
  99. Breast Cancer
  100. Laser hair removal?
  101. Special Announcement For USA Visitors
  102. Food Store
  103. Santo Domingo Flights Cuts
  104. Car detailing
  105. BMX Race
  106. Imported Black Angus Steak
  107. Char Broil gas BBQ
  108. Making a trip from Santiago for lunch.
  109. Centro Cultural Banreservas
  110. training for a trucker's license?
  111. Places to Avoid in Santo Domingo
  112. What happened to the dental students looking for guinea pigs?
  113. A new Apartment building going up in Santo Domingo D.N.
  114. Looking for Camping/ Hiking companions
  115. Fishing off malecon, santo domingo
  116. Occidental El Embajador
  117. New places for a Sunday afternoon?
  118. New place in the city
  119. Palacio de Jade in StoDgo
  120. suspect dominican friend being forced into marriage NEED ADVICE/HELP
  121. Shipping to UK
  122. Hotels in Villa Mella?
  123. What's up with the guides in Zona Colonial
  124. Can you recommend a good place/doctor who does botox and other rejuvenating injection
  125. Claro bricks, and morta location.
  126. Public transport users??
  127. How to avoid crime while on the road in Santo Domingo
  128. First Date, Friday Night in the Santo Domingo - Wanna Hit Multiple Spots
  129. Shipping a small package to Santo Domingo??
  130. The metro at 3.30pm on a Thursday afternoon
  131. Yokomo Sushi
  132. Passport photo cnear Av. Jimenez Moya ???
  133. Dance Classes In Santo Domingo
  134. Accupuncture and homeopath practcians in sto domingo
  135. Kon Tiki playing at Novo Centro
  136. Got wood?
  137. Landing fees
  138. New Tower on Anacaona Ave.
  139. Info on the Cancilleria in Santo Domingo
  141. Colonial Zone
  142. Electrician/inverter/Solar type guy
  143. Merengue festival from Friday through Sunday! Malecon.
  144. roller hockey league
  145. Brugal Merengue Festival 2013
  146. losting more parks for parking
  147. 0- Blood Needed in SD - EMERGENCY
  148. 1st. Free Dental Mission in Santo Domingo
  149. Any General Doctors in SD
  150. Don't go near the Mint...
  151. Tatto Artist in Santo Domingo?
  152. Santo Domingo Restaurants
  153. Aparta Hotel
  154. A good gesture but shortsighted...
  155. Dating sites in dominican republic
  156. Santo Domingo
  157. Traditional Salsa and Son music in Zona Colonial
  158. where to go to remove a keloid in my ear? (plastic surgery)
  159. Passport pictures
  160. Pentecostal churches In SD
  161. is there a kite shop in SD?
  162. Driver / taxi needed
  163. Boca Chica Tattoo Parlor
  164. Santo Domingo Advice
  165. Searching for a Pug
  166. Real Estate Negotations
  167. Cool sail shades for blocking sun and privacy for decks
  168. Round Up Weed killer?
  169. Collard greens availability
  170. Any other place like this
  171. Real Estate Agent
  172. Health Nuts!!
  173. Smart Phones
  174. Purchasing an apartment.
  175. Purchasing an apartment.
  176. Simon Bolivar Area
  177. Hotel Near JetSet
  178. Recliner resurfacing
  179. Salsa in SD
  180. Gym/Fitness Center Near Consulate
  181. Furniture Sought:-)
  182. Good WiFi in the Capital
  183. Hotel Santo Domingo Closing?
  184. Justin Bieber
  185. Video editing
  186. Internet stick and temp cell phone ?
  187. Need info on the Antiguo Hotel Europa...
  188. I can take a dog, child friendly and house trained!
  189. Upgrading iPad options?
  190. Santo Domingo pools?
  191. Apartment in or near Colonial Zone in December.
  192. Most Dangerous Area in SD?
  193. Acelga Verde Penca plant
  194. Point trekking santo domingo? I know, stupid question!
  195. Royal Navy in santo domingo last night, reminded me of why I left the UK.
  196. Constitution Day
  197. Black Friday in DR
  198. Funny Photo
  199. Anthony Santos - Jaragua Hotel
  200. Bus from Santo Domingo to Las Terrenas
  201. Metro map?
  202. Santo domingo metro
  203. Tarea autobus?
  204. Upstairs hotel right on el conde
  205. Is your Tricom down right now? (TV)
  206. Other dog rescue shelters besides Padela?
  207. Searching for this school, does it exist?
  208. Ticket prices for live kids' show
  209. Hotel Roma / Hotel Roma 2
  210. Hostel in Colonial Zone
  211. Don Pepes
  212. ENT doctor - Gascue
  213. Windows and Doors
  214. Questions about moving to Santo Domingo
  215. Areas of santo domingo
  216. Looking for Gym
  217. Santo Domingo for 3 full days
  218. New Years Eve 2014 Santo Domingo
  219. Tv show mil historias on homelessness in santo domingo
  220. Vacation Stay
  221. Driver and Hotel
  222. Another area of santo domingo
  223. Cameras, lights, action
  224. Place to buy cheap clothes in SD?
  225. Taxi Bus Gua Gua to Santo Domingo Airport Las Americas
  226. Heads up Ensanche luperon, Santo Domingo tonight!
  227. Xmas tree purchase?
  228. Parque de las luces
  229. turkey
  230. Romulo Betancourt / Nunez de Caceres
  231. contractors
  232. Santo domingo
  233. Its baaaaack
  234. Will a local company finance me a car if I am a foreginer
  235. 25th opening hours
  236. SDQ 5am flight..when should I arrive?
  237. Electric fence supplies in SD
  238. Centre of SDO to Las Americas
  239. swiss man murdered in SD in front of his family
  240. from SD airport to town
  241. Navigating around Santo Domingo with your iPhone
  242. pet friendly hotel in SD
  243. wedding in dr /paper work done from dr
  244. 1st time traveler
  245. Good GP Doctor in Santo Domingo
  246. Another area of santo domingo
  247. This area of the city
  248. bus to sosua
  249. Need a competent computer repair place in Santo Domingo. Suggestions?
  250. african student killed in SD