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  1. Taknless water heater
  2. Bonobo Lounge B-day
  3. Hotels for the budget traveler in Santo Domingo
  4. Looking for an Ophthalmologist
  5. Planning a destination wedding to DR
  6. Barra Payan
  7. Merenguefestival
  8. Dajabon to Santo Domingo- Bus Schedule Help
  9. Is this for real?
  10. im losing my hair IN THIS COUNTRY
  11. Review Hotel Villa Colonial SD.
  12. Dim Sum
  13. Firing Range
  14. First time in SD..help!
  15. Restuarants in Santo Domingo
  16. 2 Days in Santo Domingo - Help me do this!
  17. Hibachi restaurants??
  18. Marriage Councilor
  19. Stand Up Comedy in Santo Domingo?
  20. Public Hospitals
  21. Appliance Delivery to San Cristobal
  22. Tour "Isla Saona"
  23. Good Currency Exchange in Naco?
  24. Semana Santa Good Time to Visit Santo Domingo?
  25. Tres Ojos and botanical gardens
  26. gay night in Santo Domingo
  27. Sports stores in SD
  28. Holiday Inn, Santo Domingo
  29. Going from SDQ to Metro station besides taxi?
  30. Mellow Music in Naco?
  31. SDQ Airport Smoking
  32. I need a hotel in Santo Domingo
  33. party space for rent in santo domingo
  34. Taxi from SDQ to Bahoruco . . .
  35. Going out in Santo Domingo
  36. Taxi $ from SDQ airport to US Embassy
  37. Auto Insurance
  38. A decent hotel in santo domingo
  39. European or russian girls at strip in St domingo
  40. Anthony Santos @ La Base
  41. CODETEL CLARO No Facturas
  42. Kids Activities in Santo Domingo????????
  43. Formula 1 demonstration in Santo Domingo
  44. telephone headsets
  45. Juan Dolio- Inexpensive hotel?
  46. How easy is it to use American Express Traveler's Checks in Santo Domingo?
  47. Coral Costa Caribe Resort, San Pedro de Macoris
  48. Shooting at Panadería La Francesa
  49. Need some better toilet paper....
  50. Bullet Corrosion
  51. Dna
  52. just a plug for an excellent hostel
  53. US check
  54. boxing gym
  55. Car transport payment question
  56. Good/cheap hotel close to the malecon/zona colonial
  57. Travel store in Santo Domingo
  58. Dominican Childs Name
  59. Nelly Rent a Car
  60. Coata Verdi Vs Bella Vista?
  61. Good spot to watch the NHL playoffs in SD?
  62. The best walking neighborhood
  63. Chinese restaurant?
  64. I guess the lack of power...
  65. How modern is Santo Domingo and DR in general?
  66. I do not understand
  67. Crabs!
  68. Santo Domingo in July, advise and questions...
  69. Good spot to watch World Cup in SD
  70. Tourist Cards
  71. Americas’ Independence flotilla arrives in Dominican capital
  72. Electric out become very regular lately
  73. Dario Libre Advertisment
  74. where to cash a US money order?
  75. 3bdrm/2bath/$2500pesos:Where to start looking?
  76. Is the World Cup on "blackout" or something?
  77. Half Marathon - Santo Domingo
  78. Robbed
  79. iphones in santo domingo, deals?
  80. Places you´ve been lately and enjoyed in SD
  81. Recommend: Someone to mount an LCD TV?
  82. when it rains, it floods (picture)
  83. Music Fiesta this w/e in Santo Domingo
  84. Gym - Body Shop SUPER especial!
  85. Apartments to Rent
  86. recommend: rain damage on my roof!
  87. Dollar store in Santo Domingo?
  88. Any roller skating rings in Santo Domingo?
  89. Body Shop Gym in Arroyo Hondo
  90. Canada Day July 1st-whats up?
  91. gym in the colonial zone
  92. hotel near the colonial zone
  93. Spiked drinks @ Hotel Aurora (night club)?
  94. Claro store
  95. mailbox in Santo Domingo
  96. men's clothing store
  97. Logistics/Hotel Suggestions near Ikea and Ilumel
  98. a late night place to eat in the Colonial Zone
  99. cheap dominican restaurant
  100. an apart hotel in the colonial zone
  101. Best Overnight Cabana in San Isidro or Santo Domingo
  102. Moving, high quality stuff, low prices, everything must go..
  103. Casa de España membership ?
  104. Best Hospital In S.Domingo?
  105. Adult Novelty Shop - Colonial Zone?
  106. Can I buy a box of cigars at the airport
  107. The river runs through it....Question
  108. electric in zona colonial
  109. Are we expecting someone?
  110. Ave Gustava Majia Ricart and Abe lincoln intersection
  111. Day Trips from Santo Domingo
  112. Safety in SD
  113. Manoguayabo
  114. Binding Court Document?
  115. German killed, girl badly injured?
  116. Am I being unreasonable?
  117. Can you say if this area is safe?
  118. El Dorado, where is it exactly, I can't find a zone, street, nothing!
  119. Gym in Santo Domingo
  120. Inexpensive Cabana/Motel
  121. Aparthotels in Santo Domingo
  122. spa in colonial zone
  123. Scary P.N. (?) experience in Sto Dgo
  124. Cheap place to stay for a month or so in Santo Domingo
  125. Pet Friendly Hotel in Santo Domingo
  126. Medical Equipment Rental
  127. aparta hotel roma
  128. Never sit in the front seat
  129. Billboard clubs in SD
  130. I just can't do it...I know I'll look weird
  131. Yamasa day trip and Taino art replicas
  132. How many days should one put aside to explore santo domingo?
  133. Jewler - Diamonds etc
  134. Spirit Air AM Flight on Thursday
  135. Not us!! Thanks God!!
  136. Folding Chair
  137. Business cards
  138. Lupes Mexican Restaurant in SD
  139. Lactose FREE milk
  140. Krispy Kreme is in the house!
  141. Yet another fire!
  142. Certificate Of Origin
  143. Chainsaw renting ?
  144. Who else flies from SJU to SDQ?
  145. Sunday Brunch - Meson de la Cava
  146. Question about New Jersey Dominicans
  147. Krispy Kreme - Santo Domingo
  148. What clothes to brings with me
  149. Looking for Short Term Rental - Santo Domingo
  150. My IKEA experience
  151. Agente de Cambio advice info?
  152. Curry house in Santo Domingo
  153. question
  154. Mechanic in Santo Domingo??
  155. A big circle around the moon in Santo Domingo tonight!!
  156. Bachata Dancing!
  157. My zoo experience.
  158. Looking for someone in Los Alcarrizos, Dom. Rep
  159. Track cars on the cities roads?
  160. Introducing myself
  161. Saturday Evening Airport (SDQ) Taxis?
  162. Pilates in SD
  163. early guagua from bavaro until santo domingo??
  164. Explosion in sd?
  165. Needing another family day out
  166. another day with no power
  167. Magicjacks selling cheap in santo domingo
  168. Give them a ticket, Problem solved!
  169. Laser LED Teeth Whitening
  170. flights to la romana?
  171. Cheap Hotel
  172. tricom
  173. Big Bikers Party in SDQ this Weekend
  174. Anyone been into town to see the bikes?
  175. apartment/casa rental for 3 weeks
  176. Worst tapon ever
  177. Entertaining free night out in Santo Domingo.
  178. DR1Guide Update
  179. Name of hotel across from cathedral?
  180. US Embassy and Consulate to move into new compound at Altos de Arroyo Hondo.
  181. National Aquarium; Worth A Visit?
  182. I need a car now! Quick hire will do!
  183. Worst traffic hours in SD - ?
  184. Manoguayabo, tell me what you know!
  185. Barrio San Carlos de Tenerife??
  186. Where are some used car lots to buy a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon in Santo Domingo?
  187. A Weekend in Santo Domingo
  188. Best fish restaurant?
  189. US Consulate Experience
  190. Great Political Cartoons On Fence Of Parque Independencia
  191. Take away restaurants with delivery in Santo D.
  192. Best hotel pool to use ?????
  193. where to rent a motorcycle
  194. Anything remotely interesting going on in the capital on Sunday?
  195. Dominican fiesta tel number? What a drama!
  196. Yoga and Martial Arts studios?
  197. Publico gaffa killed, not many publicos running today.
  198. DJ Tiesto in Santo Domingo.
  199. When to getting Involved
  200. National Palace
  201. Finding film processing place
  202. Help finding one-month accomodation in Santo Domingo
  203. ano nuevo recommendations ?!
  204. dipping tobacco
  205. Camerastore in santo domingo
  206. Weather in DR
  207. Zoo in Santo Domingo
  208. SDQ - Las Americas Airport arrivals
  209. Edesur - 700 kwh
  210. transportation
  211. Mini rave for mini cars n champs in the plaza!!
  212. Chinatown
  213. How to get from Santo Domingo Airport (SDQ) to Colegio Blingue New Horizons?
  214. Does anyone monitor the condition of horses in ZC?
  215. Mid-price to cheap Malecon night spot
  216. Driving around the DR on a Moped?
  217. how much is the permit to carry a firearm?
  218. Violinist for Rent
  219. Best Golf near SD?
  220. Indian Restaurants in Santo Domingo
  221. Best PC deals in town?
  222. How to avoid SD when driving B.Chica-Santiago/POP
  223. Construction Explosion at SD Cuidad de la Salud
  224. Toy Stores?
  225. Money Exhanging in Santo Domingo update
  226. Bavaro by bus, from capital.
  227. Karaoke dvd??
  228. any recommendations for some good english schools in santo domingo?
  229. Tennis Club or anyone for tennis ?
  230. Cigars in DR!!!!!!!!!!
  231. Santo Domingo Subway/Metro?
  232. Independence Day celebrations
  233. béisbol game...need to buy tix in advance?
  234. where can i find a pet shop in santo domingo?
  235. Best place for car window tinting in Santo Domingo?
  236. Help with best Malecon Hotel for New Years Eve
  237. Rumshopping in SD
  238. Santo Domingo - beaches???
  239. Where is a good place in Santo Domingo to study Muay Thai which is a martial art.
  240. Looking For Language School in Santo Domingo...
  241. sport fishing near Santo Domingo
  242. RT SD to Santiago de Cuba
  243. How can I thank Police who helped me get to airport?
  244. Need hotel near 27 de Febrero Ave
  245. Argentino Restaurant – Santo Domingo
  246. Jugettes de Mundo
  247. first time to SD
  248. Need help with planning visit for my girlfriend in Santo Domingo?
  249. Footwear store for children in SD
  250. Police Raids in Santo Domingo